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the deplorable word
A blog by Tom Martin.
Take the First Step
Dwight Shih writes on journalism, weblogging, sports, software development, and content management.
Talent and Social Business
Gautam Ghosh's thoughts on organizations, work, people, strategy, learning, knowledge, innovation and high performance. focused on India, but spanning the globe.
Taneya and Kalonji
Family blog includes videos and details about daily life, including progress working toward a Master of Public Health degree.
A Tattooed Blog
Everyday life of Noel Boyd.
Teachers' Lounge
Pointers to and discussion of sites which should appeal to the discriminating "Renaissance men and women" of the world.
Teaching And All That Jazz
The life and adventures of a high school Anatomy and Biology teacher. Pet rescue and adoption, hobbies, and other interests are also included. [Atom]
Team Murder
Continual commentary with a focus on integrating technology, personal point of view, and cranky ass opinion.
Dealing with a range of issues from politics to technology and things in between.
Matt Williams, former Linux fanatic turned Microsoft technology specialist, shares photographs, travelogues and personal thoughts.
Reflections on getting older in cyberspace.
Digest of technology trends, new gadgets, and cool toys.
Ramblings about technology from Scott Fiddelke, a multimedia developer.
Tedalog Lite
Not the popular news, more like off-the-wall with a slant.
Tempus Fugate
Another outlet for simplistic insights and prose, random news and verbal spews. Covers technology, consulting, travel, software development, parties, friends, and family.
Tenth of June
Ramblings from Ian Fitter.
Terra Nomad
Thoughts of a Minneapolis resident that watches too much television, works for an evil corporation, and doesn't watch her carbs.
Tesla Wall
Blog by Mory Keita with poems posted.
A Texan Abroad
Rhianna's take on the world and anything else that takes her fancy to comment on.
That Canadian Girl
Canadian woman who married a lovely English man and lives happily in a small English village north of London writes about gadgets and technology, everyday life, and other random things.
Random musings.
There Is No Cat
Exploring the interests of Ralph Brandi, including radio, international affairs, web site building and information architecture, the Internet in general, movies, and music.
Things Fall Apart
Sheep rants about everything from politics to pop culture.
Thinking as a Hobby
Derek James writes on all sorts of things.
This is Depression
Humor, commentary, and short fiction.
Words and more words unstrategically combined with guerilla literary alchemy to produce shambles of a weblog.
Mcbride fell fifteen stories, hitting the pavement like a Hefty Bag filled with vegetable soup.
Dealing with all forms of media and comedy.
Thought Alarm
Social and political commentary by someone who should be hard at work.
Thoughts to Blogs
X-tina's thoughts, feelings, experience and observations illustrated with photo shots. [Atom]
Three Forces of Evil
Bizarre humor weblog about urban family life, driving, and social issues.
Through One Dad's Eye
Writing about family life in small town Minnesota.
A spirited discussion of politics, religion, and culture.
Tibby's Bowl Entertainment Magazine
Covers books, movies, television, and multimedia.
Tidbits And Treasures
Conglomerate of bits and pieces of news and happenings that appeal to the owner - both Christian and secular. [Atom]
Tim Ellsworth
Discussing sports, culture, religion, politics — all from a Christian worldview [RSS]
Tim Ellsworth
Writing about sports, Christianity, culture, and parenting.
Time Wasted
Living in the now. Writing about life, travel, flying, food, drumming, and taking advantage of the time he has right now.
Titus Barik
Glimpse into the life of a computer engineer.
TJ's Weblog
Writing about actual developments in high tech and venture capital.
TK Here
Ideas, thoughts, comments or whatever crap that goes through his mind with help from digg, slashdot, techdirt, and betanews.
Today's Snowman
The world's only online snowman magazine. Includes news, cartoons, snowman contests.
Toivo Lainevool's Random Thoughts
Technology, movies, music, food, and other random leakage from his brain.
Snapshots and blather from a shoe-loving girl stepping out in Tokyo.
Tom McMahon
All kinds of unusual information and off-the-beaten-path links.
Tom Moody
Thoughts of a New York based artist. Exhibition reviews, links to art online, and descriptions of works in progress.
Tom Nguyen
Photographs, thoughts, and things.
Tomorrow, a Book
He's like one of those losers that can see auras. Except he sees comedy. And he's a loser.
Tony Pierce
Random photographs and posts on current events.
Travis and Jonda
The life of a married couple, their daughter Carissa, and dog Turtle.
Pictures and posts on life and pop culture from a comedian.
Trenchant Daily
Not really that blue any more. The useless personal weblog of Adam Mathes.
Writing about the latest youth targeted consumer goods and services. Highlighting innovation in art, music, design and technology.
Trickle and Thrum
Alan Stuart posts on music, art, comics, and the occasional tantrum.
True Stuff that I Made Up
Selections from the Kumpster.
Trying to Catch Up
Working mother shares stories and internet amusements.
Tsure Dzure
Unique perspective of a Canadian living in the United States and working in American politics.
Tuna Girl
The every day rants and raves of a simply complicated woman.
Turmeric N Spice
Offers recipes and information on photographic techniques.
Turnip Top
Irreverent and cheeky observations on politics, current affairs, life and pop culture.
Twisted Thoughts Within My Four Brick Walls
Thoughts on the complexities of the human mind as well as artwork and poetry.
Twists and Turns
Musings and oozings by Michael Gates.
Two Loose Teeth
Two sisters in Salt Lake Citywrite about books and the library, television and movies, work, dreams, and rants.

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