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Shane Heenan and Sarah Bullions share news, entertaining stories and adventures, plus photographs, downloads, theories, and information on New Zealand.
Thoughts on life, spirituality, social issues, women and men, yoga, love, and philosophy from an Indian woman.
Saheli: Musings and Observations
News, commentary and original writing by an Indian-American journalism student.
Sally In Norfolk, UK
Detailing walks and rambles plus personal interest items.
Samsara Days
Writing about world news and technology.
Sara Smiles' Journal
Comments and poetry, and some art.
Sarah Leaps
Sarah left her career to follow a dream of becoming a full-time writer, chronicling pitfalls and successes and focusing on providing readers with inspiration and advice.
Sarayiah, Isaac
Writes on life issues and solutions.
Blogging from London about the things she loves because she loves to write.
Sassy Little Punkin
Thoughts of a writer, student, dreamer, improviser, artist, and all around fabulous woman.
Satan's Luau
Music and movie reviews and some pointless rambling.
Satisfy the Mind
Discussion of politics, art, music, books, atheism, veganism, culture, and Portland.
Not scary. Not a duck.
Personal weblog with an emphasis on efficient use of information technology.
Blogging to distract from back pain.
The Science of Awesome
On geekiness. Sharing tales of high school and her obsession with Harry Potter.
An interesting tale of poet in law school. The poet discusses not only poetry and law school, but personal notes of daily life.
Scott Smigler's Blog
Life of a twenty-something entrepreneur and internet marketing pioneer.
Scott's Soapbox
The world according to Scott.
Not quite an on-line journal, but a little more than a weblog - links to interesting things on the web with her own running commentary.
Life for one Alaskan family as chronicled by their chef, chauffeur, and CFO.
Scribbles of a Bunny Girl
Miaka, the Crazy Bunny Girl, makes friends with the ghost in her room, scares the normals, sings in Japanese, works her butt off at a fastfood joint, and does random stuff.
Peter Gaunt's scribblings, ramblings, musings, and rants.
Sea of Humanity
They are simple comment whores begging for attention.
Sean Bonner
Writing about politics, art, and design.
Sean Keener
Writing about anything and everything.
Sean Piotrowski
Thoughts of a self-proclaimed internet god.
Search for Divinity
A blog that aims to uplift and inspire, to guide and assist, to comfort and connect. Musings from a student of life.
Secretly Ironic
Thoughts on news and daily life.
Seeker Land
Features comments on politics, the paranormal and society.
A Brit living in San Francisco, a fairly with-it geek with no small opinion of himself, but hopefully amusing and informative all the same.
Observations of life and politics on the Internet and in Singapore.
Seven Colors
Writing about technology and world news.
Narrowcasting sexploitative messages.
Shake Gently
A technologist's view of advertising.
Shake that Cola Drag
Danielle provides her usual inanity.
Pictures, information, and personal thoughts from the author.
Inane ramblings of a Brit in Malaysia drinking, partying and SCUBA diving. With the odd sprinkle of travel and cooking in South East Asia.
Pseudo-interesting stuff.
Shawn, a Georgia girl at heart bouncing around the state, trying to enjoy this venture known as life.
Shazapp's Blog
The new adventures of a technology addict, self-proclaimed geek and freak magnet.
The Sheila Variations
Writing about theater and life.
Jason Shellen and family's opinions, links, technology news, music, and photographs.
Featuring the musical experiments and amusements of Mr. Shewmaker.
Damien, Barry and Dave provide blather, lies, hyperbole, and abuse.
Short and Sweet
Thoughts from an ex librarian-in-training who loves art films, books and re-watching episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
A Shroud of Thoughts
Collection of observations on books, comic books, movies, music, television, and other pop culture artifacts.
Mother of two shares photographs and commentary on current events.
Thoughts of Simon Jessey, website designer and web standards evangelist.
Random content by Brian Richardson. Video fu, personal journal entries, humor and travel diaries from multiple points on the globe.
Discussing technology, business, entertainment, and news.
Sillyness Spelled Wrong Intentionally
Chris J. Davis talks about life and computers.
Life of a walking contradiction in Australia.
Similar to
Student blogging from Sydney, Australia.
Things to say. Words to write. Dreams to live.
Simply Oasis
Journaling the roads of life through the twist and turns of family issues, teenagers, health, low carbing, spirituality, and armed services.
Posting eclectic web links, news stories, international arts events, and Toronto happenings.
Sinister Coffee
Discussing current news topics, movies, music, and food.
The Siroker Brothers
Identical twins share their work, projects, and adventures.
Personal sketch/ note-book
Six Kids and a Full Time Job
Internet commentary from a Jerusalem-based venture capitalist. In English and Hebrew.
Follow the life of Ryan, a slow transformation from the creative wide-eyed vivacity of youth into the disinterested monotony of adulthood.
An over-educated under-achiever, design and programming for news websites, can roll a kayak and make a cheesecake from scratch.
Skeptical CPA
A Texas, USA, Certified Public Accountant with an MBA from the University of Chicago writes about the economy and accounting.
Culture, politics, commentary, and criticism.
Thoughts of a freelance media designer/ editorial writer/ playwright in Austin, Texas.
The Slag Heap
Futurist news and irreverent commentary from a group of college students.
Politics, technology, and personal blather together at last.
Slice of Pink
Life of a newlywed substitute teacher in California.
Slightly North of Tomorrow
Shawn McClung's thoughts.
Slobokan's Site O' Schtuff
Safe surfing soapbox for the serious surfer of sorts.
Writing about knitting and music.
Small Hands
A soul sister single mom talks about her two main squeezes as well as movies, gardening, and being a lawyer.
Smoke 'n Ashes
The professional C# developer and hobbyist photographer talks about programming and presents photographies.
Sarcastic and anti-confessional thoughts on current events, culture, and philosophy.
Snapping Turtle
The fairly mundane life and times of one Mr. Parker in a waterborne, occasionally aggressive nutshell.
The Snark's Review
Comments on the news, politics, and the media.
Snarky wonderfulness.
Devoted to short fiction, comics, movie reviews, poetry, satirical prose, and whatever else comes to the creator's erratic mind.
So Yeah, Like
Personal thoughts, beliefs, randomness, and whatever else he can think of.
Social Design Notes
Notes and clippings about design and activism.
Sodapop's Blog
Rants about the world in general.
Solitude and Hope
Brief commentaries on social/cultural issues, eccentric personalities, and reflective thoughts about personal experiences.
Solly as a Rock
Dutch girl shares her life and thoughts with anyone.
Solonor's Ink Well
Random musings from the half-elf.
Something About Nothing
Amalgam of haphazard strokes.
Something Beautiful
Sharing beautiful photographs, quotes, and artwork.
Something to Say
Pictures and posts of a designer in Washington.
Somewhat Frank
Frank Gruber offers his candid perspectives on technology, business news, and other aspects of life.
Sonja With a J
Digital Wunderkammer of a girl who has an unusually spelt name.
Sooz - A Life and Its Times
Sooz is a Boston event photographer.
The Sope-Bocks
Place to read the random thoughts of a kooky conservative. No topic is off-limits.
Sort of a Protest Blog
Anton writes about political views, world events, and the intimate details of his life.
Soul Sphincter
Thoughts of Jim, an Australian living in Sweden. A student and practitioner of digital culture with an interest in narrative, especially in relation to eLiterature and 3D virtual worlds.
Portable portmanteau jammed with wry footnotes on societal trends, media coverage, humorous wonders, art, history, music, literature, and the internet.
Sparkwood & 21
Thoughts and photograph albums from a former waitress.
Rory Ewins writes about news and the world.
Personal reflections of Erica Tesla. Includes thoughts on arts, food, politics, technology and life in general.
Works in progress in comics and prose.
Spoken For
Tales of a woman trying to survive in a small town where everybody knows everyone else...except her.
The Spoonbender
Providing infotainment to the masses.
Spouse Notes
Collects the random slips of paper that communicate life’s little thoughts.
Spread These Wings and Fly to Clearer Skies
Covers a variety of topics, including books, freemasonry, photography, sport, and news.
Spygirl .dot. baka
This is how it feels to be both spygirl and baka, at the same time.
Talking about being an antihero.
The Squeaky Weasel Gets the Grease
It's how weasels get what they want.
Thoughts of Maureen, a law student and sad, sad punk wannabe (it will never happen) living in the nation's anthrax-and-explosion-ridden capital. With a lil help from her friends.
Stacy Munn's Weblog
American lass in London.
Stairway to Heaven
Hicham Maged shares his thoughts.
Stand By Your Statue
Pictures of people standng by statues and imitating them.
The Standing Room
Singing and parking in San Francisco.
Quentin Stafford-Fraser’s notepad.
Steel White Table
Talking about her kids and random thoughts.
Stefan Geens
Belgian man based in Stockholm and prone to peripatetic wandering. Writes about the politics of digital cartography and digital networks. Panographer.
Steph's Blog
Looking at things through a unique point of view.
Stephen Newton's Diary of Sorts
Stuff he's seen, stuff he has heard, and stuff he's read.
Steve Garfield's Off On a Tangent
Fertile entertainment source.
Steve Kwan
Musings of a Vancouver software engineer.
Steve Tucker
Observations about web design, accessibility, and general life.
Stop and Wonder
Personal musings, stories, and theories of Tao Weilundemo, world traveler extraordinaire.
Stop Here
Sharing videos and internet finds.
The Story
David Kaspar writes about photography, technology, travelling, and the internet.
Strange Fascination
Articles on popular culture, science, politics, and art.
Strizzt's Rantglass
Because that's how things are.
Stuff on the Internet
Sharing internet finds.
The stunned view from Dublin on art, the net, and whatever else seems relevant.
Stupid Evil Bastard
Rants, raves, and tidbits of useless information from the far corners of his mind.
Stupidly Happy
Blogging a dead horse - the control, alt, delete of life.
Subbrilliant Blog
All things to no people.
Life and thoughts of Khoi Vin, a graphic designer in New York City.
Subzero Blue
Writing about life, technology, politics, music, cinema, books, Tunisia, and news.
Writing about search engine marketing, the internet industry, traveling to industry conferences, and personal ramblings.
Sunny Breaks
Avant garde absurdity, tall tales, and tails. Pictures of strange things.
The Surging Waves
Collection of jokes and anecdotes.
Surviving God’s Woodshed
Personal weblog of Larry Vaughn. Features personal testimony and stories.
SwanShadow Thinks Out Loud
Musings from one of the most mercurial minds on the planet.
Sweet Blog o' Mine
Chronicle of life and times in sunny New York City. Alive and (sorta) kicking.
Sweet Southern Sass
Texas born and raised redhead with a passion for life, style, and fashion.
The Synchronicity of Indeterminacy
Combines found photos with one-minute short stories inspired by the photos.

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