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Rabbit Blog
Heather Havrilesky offers advice and rants.
The Rabid Librarian's Ravings in the Wind
Commentaries on the news, musings, and some personal details from the life of a Kentucky librarian.
Ragayano's Lair
Personal blog site of Ragayano (native of Ragay, Camarines Sur, Philippines).
Rajesh Sharma's Fat Loss Plan
A blog with experience about Yoga, weight loss.
Mostly covers marketing and interface design with a heaping helping of links personally found interesting.
Rambling Rebuilder
Discussing charity work, conservative issues, and personal notes.
Rambling Thoughts Blog
Personal blog of Neerav Bhatt. Covers diverse topics such as Outdoor Activities, Book reviews, Interviews, Photography, Politics & Environment and Web Development.
Ramblings of a Luddite Geek
This blog depicts the love/hate relationship we have with technology. The focus is mainly on computers and software. Douglas Adams is highly revered.
Ramblings of DarkMirage
The excitingly boring life of a teenager in Singapore.
A full-time RV'er who plans to spend her life traveling, Ramona writes about her interests in art, organizing and her travels.
Daily journal of random bits of observations, news bytes, famous quotes, and general dry humor.
Random Gemini
The personal weblog of one geeky girl set loose upon the world.
Random Jane
Not-so-random thoughts from a not-so-random Jane.
Random Musings of an Irishman Abroad
When an Irishman leaves Ireland, he leaves blessed with a mind that is both open to new adventures yet also a mind that is still closed enough to retain the attitudes and humour of a childhood spent in Ireland
Random Quirkiness
Jokes and phrases.
Random Thoughts
Allen Hsu shares his ponderings.
Random Thoughts of Ebenezer
Links, comments, and news from Sydney.
Brian Arnold's shares his insights as a young married guy in the southwest.
Randumb Madness
Celeb and stupidity bashing, humor, entertainment, gossip, pictures, technology, cricket, and anything wacky.
The rants, and occasional raves from a guy trapped in today's world.
Sharing comments and pictures of all kinds of artwork from movies to sculptures to paintings.
Commentary on whatever.
Rated Top Ten
Reviews of top rated products and websites.
Rattus Rattus
Devoted to self-contradiction, the liar's paradox, and other paradoxes.
Random garbled stuff comprised of interesting links, boring ramblings, and glyphs in the old parts, antihaikus in the new.
Ravings of a Looking-Glass Princess
Musings on raising a new puppy, marrying a workaholic, working in a library, reviewing books, writing a novel, and all the other insane things that pop into a girl's head when she is falling down the rabbit hole.
Various commentaries, links, and book reviews.
Ray Stuckey
His thoughts and meanderings.
Rafe Colburn provides daily commentary on the computer industry, media, and whatever else suits his fancy.
The Real John Doe
Artificial intelligence, poetry, web design, and theology.
Provides resources on different types of niche topics like gardening, judo, bowling, etc.
The Rear Admiral's Table
In all his greatness even he has fallen pray to narcissism.
Rebecca's Pocket
Writing about news, gothica, and web design resources.
Rebelpixel Productions
Markku Seguerra's weblog on web design, photography, and other things of interest.
The Red Ferret Journal
Gadgets, games, trivia, and interesting web sites.
Red Sneaker Blog
Thoughts of Brian Matthews from Mandan, North Dakota inspired by Red Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars.
Reflections of a Prodigal Daughter
A wife, a mother, a friend, and a daughter. She was also a lost child who has returned to her Father. She thanks God daily for allowing her to walk away from him, and through His grace and mercy, allowed her to come home to Him.
Relative Strangers
Exploring Identity and Relationship in the New Media age. Deiren Masterson's stories of people, projects, and inventions that bring people together.
Representative Expression
Discussing whatever issues for the day.
Results of Restlessness
She's always restless, with a mind that's always thinking, and she's always on the Net. This is the result.
Rett Martin - Blog
Self-described designer and dreamer presents weblog along with web design and graphics portfolio.
Review Central
There are many products, hotels, games, services and so on out there. Get reviews of these and just about anything else worth reviewing.
Rhys Wynne
Welshman from Colwyn Bay writes about his personal life, sports, and technology.
Richard Brunton
Social commentary on everything from movies to life in Scotland.
Rick Rouse
My thoughts and opinions on life, our Creator, and the world in which we live.
The Rising Comic
Writings, stories, and rants of an aspiring comedian
Risky's Raves
Risky's take on television shows and some discussion on general current affairs.
Ritwik Agrawal
Personal blog of Ritwik Agrawal. Student, activist and writer in Delhi, India, writing on politics, current events and media.
Rizwan Ashraf
Career, business, TV channels, current events, technology, reviews, politics, religion, reviews, Internet, society, politics and personal commentary.
The Roach Family Blog
Bringing you news and opinions.
Road Less Travelled Blog
Focused on topics of interest to Australians not covered elsewhere.
Roaming, Free the Speech
Views of human kind from a kind of human.
Rob Mello's Blog
Musings of Boston, Massachusetts-based recording engineer and software engineer.
Robert Peake
News and poetry.
Rockers World
Life of Karla Redor, blogging live via Paranaque City, Manila. She's an amateur photographer, graphics, and layout artist.
Rocksea and Sarah
Includes genealogy and Kerala Christian family trees, hand embroidery, articles on adoption in India, poems, insect photomacrography and nature photography, physical oceanography and monsoon research, and weblogs on daily life in India, Italy and Japan.
Rocky's Mom
Journaling and quirky commentary from a mother of two.
Roger's Ruminations
Sharing strange, bizarre, interesting, humorous and just plain silly links.
Roguish Thoughts
Bits and pieces from a confused brain.
Rohit Tripathi's Blog
All about him and his country, India.
Ron Stauffer
Technology and marketing buff based in Colorado Springs. Contains a blog, and random trivia.
Ron's Log
Dealing with technology, libertarianism, photography, gay issues, cycling, and health.
Ronin Knives Blog
Ryan is an aspiring Bladesmith and journals about his homemade knives, and leaning how to build and use a forge.
The musings of a German man.
Root Cellar
Do not use while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment.
Rory Brown
Thoughts on the evolution of media, search and social media marketing.
Writings about productivity, technology, and other geek stuff.
Rose DesRochers - Ramblings of a Mad Writer
She rambles about current events, family, daily life, design, writing, and anything else that she wishes to ramble on about.
Ross Mayfield's Weblog
Markets, technology and personal musings
The Royal Kingdom of Tallmania
The official Kaedrin weblog, maintained by his royal highness, tallman. His sovereign court includes the topics of movies, web design, and books among other various subjects.
Chronicles of a silly girl.
Personal blog of Ruchir Parikh a student, I.T., and poetry enthusiast.
Rob Guglielmetti's commentary and chatter on his life, and interests including aviation, computers, lighting design, humor, and bacon.
Run Your First Five
Offers trivia and lists on a number of topics.
City-dweller adjusts to life in the country.
Russell Beattie Weblog
Covering topics about technology, mobility and his life.
Ryan Boren - Personal Blog
Atheist, libertarian, skeptic, cranky optimist. Not so much into piña coladas. Must be in the mood to get caught in the rain.
Ryan Brill
Ranting about the world, pondering technology, and sharing his thoughts.
Ryan's Hub
My life, web watch, reviews, tech guides, and anything cyberspace.

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