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Pacific Highlander
Duncan Macleod on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia writes about religion and life.
François Nonnenmacher, Frenchman in Paris, writes about technology and news.
Page Word
Writes about technology, internet, software, mobile phones and gadgets.
The domain for all things Pete Johns.
Pamie the Pop Culture Princess
Los Angeles freelance comedy writer's experiences.
Ian Bertram writes about people, places, and what makes them interesting .
Paper Towel
David Nestor writes reflective essays about his days and his feelings. He also talks about work, cool gadgets that he wants, and various observations.
Paradigms - Where Shift Happens
Humor, commentary on current events, poetry and a few photographs.
ParamLowe.com: Sixth Sense Blog
Writes about his prophecies including earthquake predictions and personal views on news and current events.
Paul Frankenstein
All about politics, China, and photography.
Paul's Blog
New experiences in the new city.
Paul's World View
Personal view of the world pieced together from travels and life experiences. Photographs and forums.
Interesting finds from the web, sports and humor chat from Manhattan's Upper West Side.
All things Paxton.
A blog about social relevancy and current topics. Intended to make you laugh and point out the ridiculousness in today's American popular culture.
PCL LinkDump
Sharing entertaining web finds.
Peder E. Horner
Physician covers current events, social activism, Portland, Oregon, family life, road cycling, hiking, medicine, and other whims.
Pete Dudchenko
Man in San Diego shares links and pictures, and discusses current technical news and events.
Peter Dorsi
Posts on technology and entertainment.
Peter Ericson's Journal
Snippets from his personal life and web site news.
The Peter Files
Sharing parodies, puns, poems, jokes, ramblings and generally safe for work musings by Peter, named after the Saint.
Links, thoughts, and essays from Peter Merholz, about things like interface design, movies, and single-malt scotch.
Pettis Dot Org
Jason Pettis shares links, quotes, and thoughts.
The people's republic of lumps in oatmeal.
Phase Portrait
Ted Pavlic's thoughts.
Writing about Canadian politics and news.
Offering personal reflections.
Photographs and commentary by Phil Ritz.
Photo Matt
Covering advanced web development, PHP, web standards, music, and photography. Large photolog.
A Picture of Me
Postings of a single girl in the city.
Pretty pictures, holiday snaps, and the odd bit of computer graphics.
Pieter van Gils
All the things he's interested in. Entries in English and Dutch.
Mike Purdy, a graphic designer based in Tennessee, discusses a range of topics including design, typography, music, and Knoxville.
Pilot's World
Rambling misspelled view of his life and times.
Pink Mohair
Reflecting on anything related to creative living, such as knitting, admiring beautiful fabric, and fantasizing about owning a red Ford 150 truck with Hello Kitty doors.
Pixelcharmer: Field Notes
Pointers to stuff Tanya Rabourn finds interesting for work and life.
Random collection of semi-coherent thoughts and pictures.
He posts about planning for his trip down the aisle.
Planned Obsolescence
Novels, networks, and some stuff in between.
Ben Williams' personal weblog on vegetarianism, aikido, and technology.
Another weblog for odds and ends.
The Pod Bay Door
Stories from the life of Randy Reichardt, public services librarian at the University of Alberta.
Venture capitalist discusses technology, search engines, and science.
Pomp's Blahg
Reverend Pomp rants about technology, current events, and radio.
Ponderings of a Programmer
Discussing life and recent projects.
The Poosa Chronicles
Writing about life in Sri Lanka. Also includes posts on music, tv, books, movies, and news stories.
Pop Smear
Working as a Movable Type tech support provider from Auckland, New Zealand.
Popcorn and Sushi
Writing about travel, books, food, homeschooling, crafts, and cooking.
Popp Culture
Experiences and observations of Joe Popp.
Writer in Chicago discusses life and body issues.
Talks about politics, current events, pop culture, travel, food and other random thoughts. Don't let a catalogue dictate your sense of self, be your own self. Furnish your mind with more than cookie cutter ideas.
News, gossip and other self promotional nonsense.
Pranav Sharma
Thoughts about games and life.
The Preston Blog
Discusses internet marketing issues, internet retailing, and technology.
Pretending Sanity
Mother of young children shares her stories, photographs, recipes, and crafty projects.
Gee's online journal of fashion, love and poetry.
Life of Melissa from Real World, New Orleans.
Reviewing movies, books, hotels, and music.
The art of keeping up with yesterday's blogging
The Product
Barrett Chase's writes about life in Minnesota.
DJ writes about music and travel.
The Professional Lurker
Comments from an academic in cyberspace.
Programming in Tongues
Articles on computer language, science fiction, and random observations of the world.
Project Light to Life
A blog that explores happiness, growth, and the world.
A blog that includes poetry and photos.
Articles on news, ideas, and life.
Frank Boosman's irregular yet not infrequent thoughts on mobile wireless, interactive games, Japan, product design, and anything else that strikes his fancy.
Scaling vast new heights of overdisclosure.
Pure-essence.net: Miss Bunny
Ying Zhang's weblog with links and dynamic layout changes.
Purely Coincidental
Dear bloggary.
Putnam, Mike
Computers, video and the Milwaukee Makerspace.
Wild Webmink
Simon Phipps, computer industry insider and commentator, writes about technology futures and trends.

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