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Keith Novak Blog
Personal blog of Keith Novak, a multi-instrument music creator.
Writing about politics, current events, history, philosophy, and other stuff.
Namely Marly
Resources for a well-lived life including vegan recipes, interviews via podcast, and inspirational tips covering a range of topics from photography to writing.
Nancsue's Blog
Eclectic collection of baby boomer nostalgia and humor.
Nancy Nall
The personal weblog of Nancy Nall, with her personal opinion through several topics.
Nate Klan - The Website
Nate Klan writes about several topics, family life, technology and photography.
Nathan Lee
Technical content as well as travel stories and life in general.
Naturally Stellar
An urban natural and lover of life, style and beauty, on a mission to conquer the balance between business ownership, motherhood, music and blog life.
Navarino UnInCorporated
A humor based site promoting computers, laughter, current events and random ranting. Not for the sarcastically challenged or humor-impaired.
Naveen Blog
A personal weblog related to several topics.
Nelio Guerson & Carlos Guerson
The personal blog of Guerson brothers, artists from Brazil.
Person in Minneapolis writes about technology, web design, development, and daily life. Photos, links, and an obligatory web cam are included.
Nepal sites
Weblog about society, technology, humor, politics, Nepal.
Never Yet Melted
Personal blog of David Zincavage, sharing his opinions in several topics
A New Perspective
Random but philosophical thoughts on everything in life from an Asian/Australian university student.
News, life, and poetry.
Devoted to web design, sciences, and reviews of other weblogs.
Nick Curran
Personal writings, and his wedding cover.
Nicu a Personal Blog
Life, linux, graphics and personal opinions.
Sports, software, and mashups.
Debian, Internet, weblog, and tech tips.
No Sense of Place
Thoughts of Jens Christoffersen, an e-worker living in Copenhagen.
Nocturnal Malevolence: Tales From The Road
I'm an international flight attendant. Follow me around the world. From Kazakhstan to Alaska with a quick layover in Hawaii.
The obstacle is the path.
Nofie Iman
Blog of Nofie Iman, a business consultant, and strategic management issues.
Stepan's online musings.
Norman Geras blog
The weblog of Norman Geras. His personal opinion about several topics.
Northeast of Eden
Free expression gone wild.
Not a bob
A personal weblog from Bob Blakley, about internet security, privacy, and risk.
Not Calm
Four kids, two adults, zero peace.
Not Just Another Blog
A blog containing articles related to software, internet, and politics.
Not Martha
Daily finds, stuff to make, and sites to go to.
Not the Country Club
Observations on current affairs from a progressive perspective and intended to provoke discussion.
The Notebook
Fanfiction, reviews, politics, and art.
Notes from a Different Kitchen
Writing about current events and music.
Notes from a Messy Desk
Graeme Mathieson witters about the usual bloggy things - photography, Mac OS X, life in general, his upcoming wedding, and media.
Notes to Myself
Banal rantings interspersed with lifes going on's.
Nothing, Exceptional
Personal blog of a English educator.
Now More than Ever
Blogging while Rome burns.
A log of whatever catches Steve Bogart's attention sufficiently to provoke a response - computing, web design, pop culture, comics, music, and ethics.
The psychology of daily life and the ramblings of a Mac user, professional, and geek.
Personal opinions from Wouter Van daele.
The Null Device
Current events, culture, resources, ideas, oddities and the odd random thought.

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