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Live Here Learn There
A look inside the life of the McKibbens starring Leigh, Ken and Edie.
M's Survival Guide or How to Feel Better About You
By Michelle, in Manassas Park, VA.
MacDara Conroy - Self Aggregated
Thoughts of MacDara Conroy, a twenty-something writer and postgraduate student of journalism living in Dublin, Ireland.
Features software news, technology news, personal news, freeware reviews, and other things of personal interest (primarily Mac-related).
The Mad Hatter
Not the character from 'Alice in Wonderland' although they do share some traits, like a mixed up mental state. A geek (and proud of it!). Opinionated, not modest (just ask him).
Mad TV
Web designer sharing thoughts and information on various projects.
Mads Klinkby's Weblog
Life in general and technology in particular.
Commentary on life's events.
Mahmood's Den
Life and news from a man in Bahrain.
Weblog of a teenage indie-loving art student in New York.
Maison Bisson
Discussion and links ranging from academics to technology.
Major Disaster
Woman's thoughts and opinions.
Elizabeth Lane Lawley's thoughts on information technology, academia, librarianship, parenting, and other topics.
Marc Kermisch
Serving the world with bits and bytes.
Marginal Revolution
Two economics professors discuss the world and news.
Bill Stilwell's tidbits from Canadiana to books to technology.
The Mario Blog
Random, irrelevant, and hardly proofread.
Mark Ensslin Photographs
Photoblog with black and white and color images of people.
Mark J. Welch's Perspective
Writes about poetry, current events and internet marketing.
Mark's Blog
Focusing on Alfa Romeos, motorcycles, metalworking, and computers.
Martin, Edwin
Weblog of a freelance webdeveloper living in the Netherlands.
Marvin Hechanova blogspot
Contains information about personalized news dealing with different aspects in the work and some personal stuff.
Commentary on news, pop-culture, and entrepreneurship from a radio DJ and entrepreneur.
Massimo's Photoblog
Photographs of trips and the stories behind them.
Materialistic Disorders
Asma Shabab rants while traveling, thinking, partying, living.
Mati Rose
The projects and experiences of an illustrator.
Matt Gemmell
Thoughts on life, writing and software.
Matt Hobbs
Thoughts and writings from an internet entrepreneur and photographer.
Matt Metzgar
Commenting on current events, exercise, nutrition, and big ideas.
Personal weblog of Hollywood artist Matt Evans.
Max Thrane's CyberSpace
Writings about computers, life, and news.
Politics, economics, and public policy.
The Mayor Speaks
Joel Comm discusses politics, current events, religion and movie reviews.
Website of Joshua McGee, with news, stamp collecting resources, mp3s, and software.
Jewish life in Israel, written by a teacher and writer.
Media Culpa
Keeps an eye on media and public relations, in the Nordic countries and in the world.
Media Dragon
Jozef Imrich has his finger on the pulse of any irony of interest and shares his findings to keep readers in-the-know with the savviest trend setters and infomaniacs.
Always fresh, always raw. Commentary and photographs.
MediaWizard's Blog
Provides information about the author and domaining.
Opinions, links, commentary, and the occasional rant.
Thoughts on news and culture.
Meet John Song
A blog about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Stories about people around us in business, politics and neighborhoods.
General commentary, thoughts, and pictures from one woman's mind in San Francisco, California.
Melissa Bianco
Melissa Bianco, game designer and author of "Real Life".
Life of a UCLA library student, Aandrea Hull, wavering over whether to become an archivist or a librarian. Writes about knitting, crafts in general, Bolivia, recipes, Los Angeles, computer nerd-y stuff, book reviews, and lots and lots of cat photographs.
Links and thoughts on memetics, science, writing, bicycling, fitness, anarchy, geekery, humor, comics, science fiction, technology, politics, magick, and Berkeley.
Memoirs from a Loser's Thinking Chair
Prose, poetry, photos, despondency, melancholy and whatnot. Everything and anything occurring in the closet writer's universe. Maybe more, in this case maybe much less.
Mental Disorder
Blog sobre iconos, patrones, imágenes y personalización de Windows.
Mental Notes
Thoughts on life, music, and news.
Discussing Southpark, Rachael Leigh Cook, as well as game frequently asked questions, cheats, walkthroughs, and patches.
Metacrock's Blog
Intellectual refelection on faith and life.
Dinah Sanders' thoughts on news, life, web design and the documentation of the design process in online environments.
Metallman's Reverie
Video games, reviews, movies, and giveaways. Home of the Get a Life podcast with co-hosts Victor Salazar and Brian Alford.
Metaphysics N Stuff
Magick and philosophy topics by Cosmic Queen.
Semi–daily expository and exploratory on all things web, design, and typographic as well as a portfolio. Written by Dave Shea.
Michael Canfield's Knockout
Freelance fiction writer's ponderings.
Michael Suddard's Homepage
His musings on politics, life, and interesting internet sites.
The Middle of Nowhere Blogs
Thoughts from the edge of infinity written by four people who get together and work on creative projects.
Posts from Hong Kong to inform, entertain, and excite.
Midnight Factory
Synapses sometimes fire. Here are the results.
The Midwestgrrl
Expert on nothing. Opinions on everything.
Mighty Girl
From Maggie Berry, a magazine editor living in San Francisco.
Liberal blog discussing guns, politics, capital punishment, movies and music.
Michael Boyle's weblog on technology, the Internet, Montreal, International affairs and other topics.
Mild Insanity
Ramblings of the mildly insane.
The Milners
Discussion, comic strips, and photographs.
Milt's Page
Merrily blogging about anything that comes to mind.
There's lots of random stuff on the web and some of it is even worthwhile, plus some personal ramblings.
Mind Circus
Inside the mind of a young IT Professional.
A web developer's journal.
Mindless Drivel
Observations from a guy in Texas with too much free time.
Ming the Mechanic
Commentary, news items and articles from the founder of the New Civilization Network.
Miquel Hudin
Author and wine journalist.
Writing about food, archaeology, words, the Latin language, books, outdoors, and history.
Mish's Playground
writing about business, pleasure, and everything in between.
Mishka's Playground
Personal weblog for Michele Foster writing from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
A weblog about the politics of new and old media, foreign policy, tech, culture, philosophy, and photography.
Miss Fantabulous
Offers insight into the writer's life as well as advice, fashion and beauty tips.
Miss Milli B
Share vignettes of life: insights into the life of a contemporary African woman. Johannesburg, South Africa.
Step into the Nexus. Stimulating the mind, body, and soul with real life stories, comedy, poetry, and photography.
Contains resume and projects.
Modern Soapbox
Chronicles life in general as well as thoughts, dreams, personal philosophies, and other subjects revolving around existence.
Mofomon's Blog
She covers a wide variety of topics in pop culture, technology, music, lyrics, and anything else that may come to mind.
Features comments, videos, and photos.
Molly Lafferty
Molly Lafferty's web site, used for keeping her friends and family up to date on her life.
The Monkey Puzzle
Posting about his musical tastes, photos he's taken, and (very) occasional geek doings.
Art, photography, writing, and grousing.
Monster Town
Life of a mother and artist.
Literary news and commentary, plus the odd cultural or political link.
Nine people. One weblog.
Entries about life experiences.
Random links to interesting topics.
A Mother's Jourmal
Lynn does not travel very far from her own little yard most of the time, but her mission is great. Raising four souls to send out into the world to make their own homes.
Mott's Island
Observations on families, life and housekeeping.
Mount Sutro
David July's journal, forum, gallery and other goodies.
The Mountaintop
Dedicated to the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. An attempt to further his legacy by addressing issues of justice, democracy, and morality in an age of technological change.
Mousemusings Weblog
Music, mutterings, musings and magic from her mousepad, including rm files, mp3 files, news links, and links to other weblogs.
Moyen Âge
Thoughts of an aspiring medievalist.
Mr. Random's Blog of Randomness
Ken Fletcher's thoughts, news, and links.
mrry - Derek Murray's blog
Thoughts of a twenty-something Scottish computer scientist.
Ms. N. Drew's Journal
Journal of a mysterious librarian from Richmond, Virginia.
Nick Momrik writes about technology, books, and movies
Muddy's Mind
Concentrates on Open Source news, military news, politics, and rants.
Greg Fox in Victoria, British Columbia writes about work, current side projects, and mountain biking.
Describing her life, adventures, and thoughts in one handy location.
Muffin Mumblings
Personal weblog on life, the universe and everything
Muhammad Khalid: Reality & Fun
Deals with a range of topics covering health, Pakistan, technology, television, and business.
Illustrated weblog of a stay-at-home mother, an earnest artist, designer, and a reasonably happy and not-at-all-desperate but slightly neurotic housewife of a slightly mad Englishman.
Rajkumar Dhanasekaran shares his thoughts, suggestions, and feelings.
Murder She Writes
Ezine blog with topics that include cooking, fashion and fitness as well as thoughts, commentary and industry news from a group of women mystery writers.
Covers mainly politics and current affairs. Delves into sports, music and books from time to time.
Musings and Migraines
A mostly political weblog from a female liberal, with literary leanings, and a bitter Democratic streak.
The Musings of Oz
RAndom thoughts.
My Adventures in the US of A
Explore America through the eyes of a Malaysian Chinese, beginning with Abilene, Texas.
My Blog
A place to share his experiences in life with the world and hope it helps someone somewhere. It offers insight into the life of a teenager and what he goes through.
My Fork-n-Life
A look into the strange everyday occurrences of a corporate geek in Houston, Texas and his weird and wacky friends.
My Harmless Hobbies
This website chronicles activities to keep busy and stay out of trouble.
My Island Adventure
The struggle to fight and survive in a savage land... ok maybe he's exaggerating just a little bit.
Jason Lewis' views of the world, his life, and general rants about life, love, and the universe.
Journal of an insomniatic inkslinger and crafty person.
Personal blog of Minter Dial
Musings of an American living in Paris, featuring commentaries on a wide range of subjects including personal, political, social and international.

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