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According to Jim Warholic
Jim's central Internet location for a wide variety of subject matter including: Internet, Marketing, Computers, Hardware, Software, and Products.
J-Walk Blog
Links and interests of a man in Arizona.
Jack Cheng
Jack of all trades, master of none. Writing about ideas, learning, and shaking things up.
Jack Yan
Personal site of branding author and publisher, including blog.
Jack's Blog
Blog of Jack Scott, a student and programmer from Tasmania, Australia. Tutorials, reviews and opinion, mostly on tech-related subjects, but covering pretty much everything.
Jacob Mathai
Trying to find the right balance.
Jade Ainsworth Gossip
Gossip blog mostly about the North West of England. Covering fashion, celebs and local businesses.
Random thoughts on city life.
Sharing interesting internet finds, scrapbooking projects, and shopping experiences.
A Jamaican who is a Japan enthusiast who is studying Japanese. Also includes his interests such as technology, music, anime, video games.
James Rambling
James Brunskill's rambling about news, definitions of words, and bible verses.
James Swanston
Personal blog of James Swanston, discussing politics, technology and other random issues of interest.
London based bloggage. Photography, skydiving, travel and the baby.
Jamie Dawn's Mindless Blather
Random thoughts, fun and games.
A woman writes about life in California, news, and computers as well as posting her photographs.
Janeane's World
A blog dedicated to discussing the thoughts, dreams and ideas of the modern woman dealing with family, work and life.
Janney Family
Writings and family photographs.
Personal homepage and digital portfolio for Jarrod LaRocco.
Jason Bagley
Jason is a proudly South African "I love the web" designer. Jason's weblog is a constant work in progress. In between all the dust, he loves to write about the web, marketing and everything and anything that life throws him.
Jason Conroy
Personal site of Jason Conroy. Founder of finding simple. A small web design studio based in Canberra Australia.
Jason Deane
The world according to Jason Deane. Stories, observations, photos and thoughts.
Jason Fleshman's Weblog
Jason Fleshman's occasionally-updated weblog
Jason Golod Blogs
Writings, thoughts, current events, and life updates.
Jason Remfrey
Thoughts, poetry, writing, downloads & general info relating to and created by New Zealander Jason Remfrey
Jason Sutter
Writing about art, technology, politics, and life.
Jason's Musings
His thoughts on life, technology, science, and even politics.
Jay Brewer
News and photographs.
Jay's blog of personal thoughts, comedic moments, observations on world events, expressions on the political process, travel photos, and odd miscellaneous bits.
Online blog about technology, Wordpress, Wordpress themes and plugins, gadgets, blogging news and tips by Jaypee Habaradas
Jeanna's Journal
Life of a former radio dj, whose life revolves around her husband, son, fun, and graphics.
Jed Fonner's homepage
Jed Fonner's personal thoughts, photos and other important information.
Jeff Hume
New media producer.
Jeff Kolker's Home Page
Jeff Kolker's personal web site, detailing somewhat the events that make up his life.
Jeff Lundberg's Homepage
Technology news, articles, jokes, and links.
Jeffers Pet Blog
Entertaining and informative articles written by "Max", an English Sheep Dog promoting health and welfare of pets and livestock.
Intriguing thoughts and opinions.
Jehzlau Concepts
Personal blog of Jehzeel Laurente where you can read about his daily ramblings, his sophisticated puzzles, his passion for Steganography, and love for the web.
Jen Gray
Photographs and thoughts of a creative woman.
Jen Leheny's Blog
Personal blog from Jen Leheny of Red Instead. Photography, Design, Craft.
Jennifer Friedman's Homepage
Tales of creative anachronism from a consumer health librarian in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
Jenny Rebecca
Pictures and thoughts of a woman in Orlando.
Jeremy B. Blevins
A blog about history, genealogy, heraldry, honor, and technology, presented from a young fogey's perspective.
Jeremy G. Schneider
Reflections of a man trying to be an involved Daddy with his twins, while working full-time outside the home.
Dedicated to synthesizers and music.
Jerin & Michelle Dobson
This is the personal blog of Jerin and Michelle Dobson. Our exciting lives.
Jerry Odom
Thoughts on projects, ultimate fighting, sports, and what's happening in the world.
Jersha & Dup
A married couple that writes about products and websites they love, geeky stuff, freebies and deals.
Jessica Gottlieb
The personal weblog of a mother in Los Angeles.
Jessica Zafra Rules the Universe
Jessica Zafra's reviews and rambling about books, Filipino fiction stories, art film reviews and her definitions of words and weird eyeglasses.
Jessy Delfino
Humorous stories, ramblings, and rants.
Jesus' General
Militia commander General JC Christian, patriot, comments on the news.
Jignesh Thakkar's Blog
Personal and professional thoughts.
Jillian Sands
Jillian Sands personal weblog about random thoughts
Jim Prince.co.uk
Mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence.
Jim Wickre
Writing about family,life, books, movies, music, politics, news, history, computers, sports, and the Oregon Ducks.
Jimlog 2.0
Jim Gilliam's tech, politics, and business log.
Everything from sports and music to family and friends.
Jims Got Web
Jim's website has short fiction stories written by Jim, reviews of books by Stephen King, Scott Nicholson, and others, and travel reviews and tips by Jim and guest writers.
Personal opinions and thoughts about things that she comes across and happenings in her life.
Joan of Arc
Ben D. Kennedy's blog for information relating to Saint Joan of Arc and his website dedicated to her MaidOfHeaven.com
Joe Duck
Rantings of internet entrepreneur.
Joe Grossberg
Ruby on Rails and JavaScript developer in Washington, DC, commenting on programming, pop culture and life.
Joe McDonald's Hidden Blog
Joe's 50 monthly posts on fun, leadership, and family.
Joe Spake
Commentary on Memphis, Tennessee history and current events, photography, social media and world view.
Personal blog of Joe Taiabjee with a look at technology.
John and Kristie
Photograph album and journal of their events, hikes, and projects in the Pacific Northwest.
John HikerBiker
Personal site of JohnH, a hiker, sports motorbiker (biker) and photographer based in Hammersmith, West London, UK
John P. Matthew
His daily thoughts, musings, links to his short stories, poems, and articles.
John Wise - Dreams, Moments, Travel
Sharing a daily photograph and travel stories.
John's Jottings
Thoughts, observations, commentary and links.
John-Michael Oswalt
Brilliant ideas, thoughts, goals, and things he learned about tech, life, stats, games, and really anything.
Johnny Fonts
A writer and band member writes about his life.
Joi Ito's Web
Moblog covering many current topics.
Jollier Me
A blog-site by Joe Miller.. The blog discusses favorite websites. Excel-based freeware is discussed and provided.
Jolly Princess @ World Wide Web
Blogger in Manila, Philippines writes about her life and her work at a call center.
Jon Dyer
Weblog of a Massachusetts geek who is 48% funny ha-ha and 52% funny strange.
Jonathan Dingman's Journal
a marketing and travel journal by Jonathan Dingman
Jonathan Farrington's Blog
Covers many aspects of business.
Jonathan Stewart's Blog
Provides insight into the workings of a technical analyst, with bonus photos and DJ mixes.
Jonathan Van Gieson
Weblog, autobiographical comic strip, and other endeavors.
Jonathans Blog
Blog about music industry news, record production, record production tips and news, mac stuff (software, tips, news) and music technology.
Jonny Rash Sandbox
Rants and raves about the web, design, development, art.
Joseph Christopher's Site & Blog
Tutorials on Modding SanDisk Sansa Players and a Personal Blog on Technology, Computers & Internet, Software, Gadgets and Linux.
Joseph Scott
Day to day musings on the world around him.
Josh Staiger
Thoughts on technology and miscellany.
Josh's Weblog
Josh Poulson shares comments and pictures.
Josh Zimmerman talks about life, Christianity, college, and friends.
All things Joshua and things that relate to Joshua. If you're a Joshua, contribute.
An editor, concept developer and project manager of internal communications solutions with a leading mobility company. He lists links on information technology, the web, current affairs, Finland, and the Netherlands.
Jottings By An Employer's Lawyer
Thoughts and comments about employment law issues in Texas, the Fifth Circuit and the world beyond.
Joy of Being Me
A place for people to learn methods and gain structure for living happy lives. Offers email addresses for a fee, and a blog.
Personal journal on life and technology as well as a photography gallery by Joe McDonald, a gay San Diego-based photographer and writer.
Weblog, including travelogues from Tanzania and New Zealand.
Collection of thoughts, drawings, with comment system and webcam.
Judith Meskill
Personal thoughts and photos of Judith Meskill
Just a Girl
Daily frustrations and happiness of a mother.
Just A Thought
This informative blog is a mix of recipes, craft tutorials, photographs, and ideas. It is full of daily thoughts on life, love, laughter, creativity, family & faith.
Just Jared
Celebrity news, pictures, gossip, and fashion weblog
Just Like That
Experiment in blogging.
Just Two Nerds
A glimpse into the life and adventures of Tony and Louisa, two nerds who enjoy travel, technology and photography.
Justin Blanton
Discussing life, technology, and politics.
Justin Hall
Freelance journalist and programmer writes about his background, work, travels, family, friends and leisure time.
Justin Rummel and Family
Writing about his family, animals, their house, and things that he finds funny.
Published by Justin Watt with topics including food, travel, technology, the outdoors and photography.
Justjoxy's Blog
My thoughts on life - as I see it.
JY's weblog
Pictures and posts of a Frenchman.

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