Weblogs (blogs) created by individuals. Content should include a combination of: Text, Pictures, Video, Animation presented in a chronological format. Should not be confused with general personal homepages, or personal journals/diaries.
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I am a Cheeseburger
Storytelling by humorist and author Cheeseburger Brown.
I am a Donut
Opinionated ramblings and nonsense from a leftie, veggie, baseball-loving Brit.
A weblog based on the daily life of a computer geek. Offers musings, projects, and news.
I Am The Rain King
Covering music, sports, politics, books, and whatever else he finds interesting at the moment.
I Intend To Escape And Come Back
Paul Stott examines class struggle politics, parapolitics, sports, and life in the London Borough of Hackney.
I Like
Little piece of web fluff with pictures and commentary about books, films, design, and other good stuff.
I Speak of Dreams
Liz Ditz's perspectives on parenting, learning disabilities, and early childhood education.
I Will Dare
Yes, there are still plenty of freaks on the internet. Among the annoyances of being a really, really tall woman, freaky men have got to be the worst.
I'll Stop Holding My Breath Now
Thoughts related to travel and living in Japan and elsewhere, being multicultural and multiethnic, and exploring art and life.
I, Me, Myself
Sidhusaaheb's world view
I.D. Flux
There's a thin line between love and hate.
Thoughts of Reinhard Kargl, science journalist and author.
Views, opinions, emotions, essays, and proper grammar from David Wertheimer.
Ideas Asylum
Jamie's thoughts, ideas, musings and utter drivel. Procrastination with a purpose.
Idiot Programmer
Web journal on technological idiocy by Robert Nagle, a Texas technical writer.
Idiots that Pisses you Off
A personal experience with difficult people and idiots.
If I Were President
Thoughts on everything - presidential or not.
Imogen Reclaimed
An exploration of self identity and self construction for one woman in the 21st Century.
Improving My Life
Personal development weblog based on an acual journey to an improved life.
Imthiaz Blog
Its about Imthiaz and his projects. Some articles about programming and software.
In a Dark Time
Focusing on poetry, literature, and photography and using the arts to explore and develop a personal philosophy.
In My Humble Opinion
Rants about what is happening in technology, science computing, and the Internet.
In My Words
Includes the opinions, ideas, observations, writings, links, and happenings of an ordinary person on an ordinary day.
In Palinode's Palace
Sharing inscrutable pictures and thoughts on culture.
Incidents and Accidents
Personal thoughts and anime style art plus poems and geeking.
Incurable Hippie
Ramblings and musings about love, peace, friendship, happiness, the state of the world, her life, and general ranting.
An Indian's Opinion: Life Inside the Ivory Tower
Mohit Agrawal, a student of Princeton University, discusses topics in higher education, American politics, and international development.
Editorial posts on business, science, technology, society, politics, police, and justice, plus life hacks and tricks, since 2003.
The Infinite Dia(b)logue
Endless discussion and debate on many topics.
Information Junk
A nearly daily dose of this and that.
Informationally Overloaded
The weblog about the man, Gordon McLean, covering everything and anything that floats by.
Infospigot: The Chronicles
The life, the times, the dribbling of an information spigot with stops in Berkeley, San Francisco, Chicago, and beyond.
Ingoal's Insight
Ingo Hildebrandt covers personal topics along with sports and computer-related news.
Rants about life, writing and whatever other crap comes to mind.
Innocent Bystander
A journal/weblog about NIN, computers, sci-fi novels, good music, office crushes, and the Ex.
Innocents Abroad
European weblog about politics (North American and European), economics, finance, and culture.
Insurgent Muse
Writing about life with her dog Fidel.
The way to a man's heart is through his weblog.
Matt Webb writes about science and technology.
Interesting, But Not Too Interesting
Tales from Leah Vanessa in Arizona.
Intermitent Stream
Conservative views on politics and news.
Into the Pagan Heart of Trillanie
Features a variety of topics including atheism, critical thinking, skepticism, human rights, religions, history, medical, collecting, and art.
Invented Usage
Writing about literature, linguistics, culture, and media.
The Invisible Library
Weblog of an Open Source Librarian, in which there is no shushing.
Journalish weblog of a gal with a passion for expression.
Sam Stein writes about American politics and entertainment.
Ironic Sans
Featuring innovative ideas, short films, observations on design, and an ongoing look at New York City in animation.
Computer resources and random babblings.
It's a Puzzle
Writing about books, science (including chemistry, nanoscience, and nanotechnology), running, and computers.
It's Always Something With Her
A thirtysomething geek girl's thoughts on things she's doing and seeing such as food, fitness, cool websites, video games, TV, movies, world events and whatever else tickles her fancy.
Andrew Barnett from Australia blogs on computers, comics, society and Australia.
Ivory Tower
Jim writes about entertainment and technology.
A software designer blogging, sharing photos, developing side projects.
Izzle! Izzle Ofaff!
Life of a stage actor.

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