This category includes listings for blogs of a personal nature, whose titles ironically enough begin with the letter H. All personal bloggers with sites that conform to the weblog format (Blogger, Xanga, Vox, WordPress, MovableType, etc.) are welcome to suggest a URL.
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Half Man Half Shark
Hoang Scott Nguyen keeps a journal of his everyday life transition to adulthood.
Hamid Sarraf
A nano-biomaterials scientist, start-up entrepreneur, photographer and envitonmentalist writes and posts photographs of his travels.
Hands In The Dirt
Notes and letters from an Episcopalian gardener in the townlet, a small wooded corner of Indianapolis, Indiana.
Hans Kellner Dot Com
Containing photographs, stories, bicycle racing, and other tidbits of information.
HanWorks Research
Aims to offer thought-provoking perspectives and bring the latest on technology, politics and social issues.
Chopped and blogged in nice little chewable bites.
Head in Knots
Travel, politics, general observation and life updates for Annie F.
Head Rambles
The life and thoughts of an Irish grandfather. Includes an awards page, 'reviews' and a section dedicated to his views on smoking.
Heart Crossings
A single mother writes about love, relationships and Information Technology news of interest.
Tales of two English girls.
Hello...I'm Your New Neighbor
A Norwegian lady writes about her life.
Henry's Webiocosm Blog
Photographs of his family's yearly pumpkin carving contest, his homelife and science videos.
Hidden Harmonies China Blog
Written by multiple authors. Gives social, economic and political commentary about the country. Includes a list of the country's charities and some recommended reading.
Hippocleides Doesn't Care
Thomas Roger Bissell III, AKA skillet shares his journal, musings, poetry, and photo albums.
House of MIke
Writing about hockey, geocaching, and humor.
How Was Your Day, Dan?
Advice and television reviews from a former cast member from MTV's The Real World.

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