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Life and times of Gary Brewer as he travels the world and does things.
A Gamer's Wife
A blog about a lady's husband's crazy adventures in the gaming industry, interesting crafts for geeks, and other random nerdy topics.
Garry's Blog
Sharing interesting facts and links. Special focus is on knowledge management and graphic design.
The Geekbox
On a soapbox of nerddom.
Geekman's World
Collection of geeky news, culture, and creations.
Random ramblings of a full-time employee, part-time student, daughter, sister of two, aunt of nine, friend of few, and enemy of many.
Geoff Fox: My Permanent Record
A running commentary on his life.
Get It All Down
Illinois library cataloger Amy writes as fast as she can.
Ghost in the Machine
Conjuring political, cinematic, and cultural arcana.
The Girl In The Cafe
Tales of Dutch girl chasing her dreams. Writings about life, the universe, and everything. She'd rather be happy than right.
Girls are Pretty
Telling readers what to do every single day.
Glenn's Log
Often daily musings on wireless networking, the Mac, and blogging life in general.
Glimpse of Sonshine
Recipes, humor and more from a homemaker woman
Glitz & Glamour Makeup
Kathy offers opinions, photos, makeup tips and advice.
Matt Godbolt covers his personal life, comedy web links, C/C++ development, and the odd rant.
Goldman's Observations
Perspectives on law schools, lawyers, and life as a law professor at Marquette University Law School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Got Marko?
Web, woodworking, and whatever.
Denver, Colorado woman documents her life and the local music scene.
The Green Ribbon
News, opinion, and analysis from London Irish journalist Tom Griffin
GreenEgg Page
Collection of YouTube links, plan strange and quirky items spotted around the Internet.
Greg's Soapbox/Therapy Couch
Greg Evans shares the many things either irritate or amuse him.
The Groove
Story of a (fairly new) dad, living (sort of) abroad (it's only England), trying desperately to learn to play the banjo.
A collection of thoughts, projects, photos and other things from Andrew Rowson.
Grrl Still Kickin'
On a weird quest to be sort of famous - like an indie movie star that only the hip people like to chat about over lattes.
The Gurgling Cod
Discussing food and current events.
Gutt Feelings
A lady writes about her life in Minnesota.

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