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The Daily Apple
Posts on trivia, life and politics.
A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm
Soapboxing from a domestic deity-in-training.
Dan Lipka
Thoughts of a revolutionary philosopher.
Dana Blankenhorn
Politics and technology, and their intersection on the internet.
Dancing on Colette's Grave
One woman's journey through life, love and beyond.
Dangerous Meta
Daily links in reference to art and applied digital technology.
Danny Yee's Pathologically Polymathic
Covering politics, science, travel, and books and literature. Modeled on the Robot Wisdom weblog.
Daryl's Home Page
Daryl Lang's personal web site includes a daily journal.
Daryn Nakhuda
Thoughts, pictures and commentary on life.
Dave's Word
Music, pictures, videos, tweets and writings about his life and thoughts.
Weblog and photoblog for Dave Parker and family of Tracy, California.
A thorn in the side of the A-List. Read, laugh, get on with life.
David Bau
Topics include software, robots, politics, food, and other amusing things.
One man, one site, many weblogs: David Gagne posts about himself, football, music, and, yes, Hemingway.
A Day in the Life of Wayne Ward
Blog about music - macintosh, life and linux. What else is there?
Dear Diary - Stuff in my Life
A sixty-something year old married, childless cat-lover, writes about her life, her cats and her troublesome washing machine.
Random comments from a geeky, cheese-hating, librarian-type girl.
Indian engineer writes about his life and thoughts.
Debs Random Writings
Posts about all sorts, from family and pets to health and general well being.
Creative nonfiction, fictive fractured narrative, the up-to-date daring, and the dangerously fake. Prepare to get your head stomped.
Delaware Law Office
News about the law, Delaware, and the world.
Covering several topics, from politics to pop culture, from society to cinema, and from music to personal memories.
Des - A Pig in a Wig
A Swedish man studying in England, with a great interest for the Swedish royal family.
Writings from a digital rockstar with a passion for rock music (especially South African), motorcycles (especially Superbikes), and life hacking (especially nmap).
Diary of a Wonderfully Wacky Ex Wife
Humorous and serious sharing of life experiences mostly related to marriage and divorce.
Thoughts on life with quotes.
Distractions, Reflections
The web persona for David Ing. A photoblog of life and travels.
About a Malaysian family at work and life.
Dogged Blog
There's a lot here about dogs, but more about politics.
A slightly quirky view of the world, from the person known as the Domesticat. A journal, photos, writings, and other snippets.
Writing about photography, technology, news, and sports.
Don't Shoot
Iraqi giggler laughs at the luncy of the world.
Dong's Journey
Writings from a Chinese guy who's currently living in Switzerland.
The trial and tribulations of a plain, spinsterish girl living in Philadelphia, dreaming of Germany.
Talking a lot about poop, boobs, her dog, and her daughter. Dooced: to lose one’s job because of one’s website.
Doug's Views
Musings and ponderings about events and life in Ohio.
Dougal Campbell's Geek Ramblings
Ramblings of a southern geek. Links to various things: the bizarre, the important, and the sublime. Computers, art, politics, and the stupidity of everyday people are just some of the topics likely to be seen.
Down the Avenue
Weblog about technology, business and life, from a woman's perspective.
Down to Earth
Posts about the home and cooking.
Dr. Dave's Blog
Chemically-enhanced neural rewiring on a semi-regular basis.
Dream Tree
Cerebral garden and curiosity shop.
Drop of Ether
Writings on ethics and contemporary issues, and poetry.
The Dust Congress
Writing about news, politics, poetry, and everyday life.
Girl to go.

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