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C-O-I-N-S: Communication Opinions, Insights and New Strategies
Perspectives on public relations, media, health, science and politics.
A young widow writes about her life and grief.
The Camel's Nose Blog
Political commentary on Israel.
A Canadian Lefty in Occupied Land
Personal and political musings from a Canadian activist and writer.
Carol's Little World
Carol's very own corner of the internet.
Caroline's Miscellany
A woman shares her love of old buildings and faded signage in pictures and words.
Casa Laguna
A student in Enschede, Netherlands offers photos and views. [English and Dutch]
The Cat's Meow
Writing about her efforts to learn Spanish, her trips to Mexico, and working toward her retirement goal of living in Mexico.
Caterina Fake, cofounder of Flickr and Hunch, founder of 2bkco, Inc.. blogs about startups, online culture, poetry, literature, society, homeschooling, art, psychology.
The Chaliceblog
Politics / religion weblog written by a young woman living in Washington DC.
Chase Me Ladies, I'm in the Cavalry
Tales of a person teaching English in Hong Kong.
Cher Cabula's Mindbox
Personal insights on games, food, movies and books as she goes through life.
Chirag Mehta writes articles on computers, philosophy, economics, and anything else.
Chris Abraham Blog
Writing about news, life, and pop culture.
Chris Marsden
Blogging about life's purpose, success and marathons.
Posting whatever clever things can be found on the web.
Christy the Writer
Musings, pictures, short stories, travel commentary and pulpit preaching.
Consumer product reviews, movie reviews, recipes, clip art gallery, links, and articles about film, computers, art, and jokes.
Citizen of the Month
Humorous personal essays about travel, love, sex, and neurotic behavior.
Richard Rutter's observations with a decidedly web design slant.
Clever Title Here
The life of a seminary student: random, fun, odd, the church, politics, life, friends, school, and everything else too.
Climb to the Stars
Tara's weblog focuses on net culture, web design, India and the West, as well as her personal writings (essays, creative pieces and a detailed travelogue of her year in India).
Cloud Hidden, Wherabouts, Mukilteo
Artist shares illustrations, photographs, and gardening news.
Clover Sunshine
Provides motivational and inspirational posts alongside family life and travel.
Codewolf Systems
Covers interesting things found on the internet, news, humor, entertainment, current topics, and programming.
Coffee With Summer
Posts about daily life and mental illness. With surveys.
Paul Yasi's comments about open source software, web development, and other stuff.
Colleen Hofmann
Writings about internet marketing, travel and other random musings.
Composed Volcano
Musings around locales, restaurants, movies, events, articles, travelogues.
Connor's Conundrums
Connor Boyack, a 20-something husband, web designer, Latter-day Saint, constitutionalist, paleocon, classical liberal, preparedness practitioner, budding philanthropist, and master's student of political economy writes about politics and government.
An annotated bookmarks page, a scratchpad for thoughts and ideas, a place to post photos and somewhere to experiment with web design. To keep in touch with friends far away.
Tales of a woman in New Jersey.
Corbin's Treehouse
Writes about his interests, which include mountain unicycling, woodworking, rock climbing and building things.
Coyote Blog
Dispatches from a small business.
Creative Generalist
Weblog and community for curious divergent thinkers who appreciate new ideas and the wide mix of sources needed to generate them.
Creative Type Dads
Small bits of fatherhood life mixed with design, tech, business, entertainment, culture...and all things in between.
Covers life, television and computers.
Crooked Timber
Wide-ranging philosophy weblog.
Cruel Kev's Scuttelbutt
Conservative views and comments.
Curious Type
Thoughts and observations of life on and offline.
Curmudgeonly and Skeptical
Thirty years of public schools and Dan Rather, have taken a toll.
Cyanbane's Hall of Bouncing Souls
Discusses movies, marine/ tropical reef tanks/ aquariums, and programming concepts and languages.
Cybertoad's Corner
Movie and book reviews as well as random thoughts.
Cynical-C Blog
A cynic's view on life in general from politics to sports.

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