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Production diary of a science fantasy novelist.
Backup Brain
A joint project of writers Tom Negrino and Dori Smith. Views on technology and culture.
Writing about technology, politics, and other fun stuff.
Balancing Act
Steve Khou's thoughts and updates on family life, with articles on DIY and technology.
Gabriel Seah's assorted eccentric stuff and observations on life.
Freelance writer Brian Sack's website of original wit.
Erik Hare writes about politics.
Barnabee's Blog
Writing about random stories.
Small notes about the world in general and life.
Based on a True Story
Ramblings of a vegetarian, environmentalist, conservative, free thinking woman.
Full of linkity goodness.
Beans for Breakfast
Occasional photographs, notes, and anecdotes from Seattle.
Before 40
Following the life of a man who had forty things he wanted to accomplish before he reached said age.
Being Peter Kim
A digital yawp from an analyst, focusing mostly on social technologies.
Ben Werdmuller
Blog of freelance web strategist and developer, and co-founder of Elgg.
Bernie Zimmermann
Posting about the web and computers.
Betsy Devine
Humor writer married to a Nobel laureate nips at funny sides of life, travel, science, kids, memory, New Hampshire, politics, growing older, and blogging.
The diary of a New Zealander.
Bifurcated Rivets
Run by Lindsay Marshall. Each post contains one or more links with short comments with some.
The Big DumpTruck
Personal humor, comments and links to funny sites of note.
The Bigge Idea
Writes on politics, culture, entertainment, and the news of the day.
Pat St. Jean discusses harleys, HAM radios, astronomy, and other topics.
Birthplace of the Process of Illogical Logic
Mental mausoleum for web developer, full-time supermom, patriot, and part-time elusive dark angel: Shannon Nicole.)
Bits and Pieces: Real Life's Folly
Literary expression of the eclectic quirks of life.
Biz Stone, Genius
Journal of author, cover designer, and lecturer.
Black Phoebe
Jenifer Hanen's weblog on all things image, text, art, writing, and life.
Blank Baby
Scott McNulty, a techie with an English degree, shares random ramblings regularly.
Blivet 2.0
Weblog on computer news, science, archaeology, and some Zen from an archaeologist who also happens to be an ordained Zen Buddhist priest.
Blog Maverick
Maintained by Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks.
The Blog of Thog
Writing about anything and everything, with a bit of humor.
The Blog That Ate Manhattan
Authur practices medicine, cooks, and waxes prolific in New York City.
Tim Ireland discussing search engine optimization and viral marketing.
Totally brilliant commentary on pop culture, world events, and life in general.
Personal site of artist, musician, and writer Drew Vics.
Blood Mother
Features author's experience and her reviews on lifestyle, relationships and sexuality, Los Angeles, yoga, crones, and the occasional parakeet.
Blue Sea Urchin
Things she does when no one is looking. [Atom]
The tired rants of a former design god.
Cynical take on music and book reviews, news, and experiences.
The Boston Diaries
The ongoing saga of a programmer who doesn't live in Boston, nor does he even like Boston, but yet named his weblog/ journal "The Boston Diaries." Go figure.
Brad DeLong
A journal based around politics and literature.
Team Brendo is here with the news, movies, music, and whatnot, and also entertain and challenge. Also has a web board for feedback.
The Brian Alvey Weblog
A brief history of time: from the Big Bang to the Bangles.
Bruner Blog
Writing about New York City, culture, politics, media, and humor.
Sporadic source for cultural and technical tidbits. Features the musings and findings of a web professional who enjoys movies, music, technology, and humor.
Bunny Factor 10
Lifelog by Dutch journalist with opinions, links, and extra attention for the UK.
Burns the Fire
Writer Brenda Keesal from Canada, documents her life and thoughts.
Bury Me in This Dress
Occasional posts about a woman's life and thoughts.

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