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Abada Abada
Librarian and caretaker Jessamyn West's online journal.
The life of a computer programmer from New Zealand. Sometime it's even interesting.
Absolute Uncertainty
Uncertain postings about life.
Acts of Volition
Written by Steven Garrity, Rob Fletcher and Matthew Dorrell. Comments on technology, music, and politics. Occasional podcasts available.
ADHD Librarian
The rants and howls of an ADHD boy who grew up to become a librarian.
Adirondack Almanack
Blogging from behind the Blue Line of the Adirondack Park on local and regional politics, culture, and history.
Adirondack Chick
Cooking from an Adirondack kitchen, featuring mostly vegetarian, vegan and gluten free recipes. Also contains reviews of restaurants and wine.
Aigoo-Chamna Net
Aigoo Chamna means "good grief" in Korean.
Ailish Sinclair
A woman living in Northern Scotland publishing her thoughts and photographs of lochs, mountains, castles, cities and art.
Aisling Beatha
A British woman shares her life, from hair wrapping to Christianity and recipes.
Ajay - On the Road Called Life
Ajay D'Souza's thoughts on life, computers, technology, and blogging. Download plugins, hacks and themes for WordPress created by the author.
Alaa Khreis
A PhD Student and engineer in France writes about his travels, art and music.
Alan Hinchcliffe
A game developer living on the Isle of Man writes about his latest gaming purchases and whisky.
Written by a British man in Hove, UK, covers subjects like life, childhood and music.
Alex Leonard
Writings about technology, photography and comics.
Alex's World
Born in Singapore, resident in Britain and travelling all over. Writing about photography, life and travels.
Thoughts, reflections and anecdotes from Al talking about mothering, moving, mores, myths, music, and movies.
All About Chris
Thoughts from a British doctor and website designer. Includes his ongoing website projects.
College room-mates Doug and Travis sharing observations, anecdotes, political commentaries, and jokes.
Commentary concerning politics, law, and popular culture from Ann Althouse, a law professor.
Amanda Not in Abu Dhabi
A Canadian woman writes about and photographs her travels.
Random musings, updated far too often.
Amidst a Tangled Web
Sort of a semi-weblog of occurrences and opinion on things. Activities/ interests include programming, Linux, web design, philosophy, humor, motorcycles and life.
The thoughts of an Indian man as he writes about toll booths in India, his mothers addiction to Vijay TV and the lamentable decline in service at his favorite unisex salon.
Caustic and witty. Hoosier-born creativity coach and web-head in Chicago, Illinois.
Angelheaded Hipster
Cotton candy for the brain. Pop culture, television, films, writing, and the life of the author discussed in scintillating soundbites.
Biography, photographs, and instructions for various crafty projects.
Antony's personal weblog about entertainment and current events.
Weblog on computing, content management, and tennis.
Antti Vilpponen
Experiences and thoughts.
Antworten zum Universum
Contains very weird political thoughts and philosophy.
Written by a parisienne residing in Malta. A commentary about life and home-drawn illustrations.
An Apple a Day
Aileen Apolo's personal weblog on life, travels and her job at Google.
Personal website and weblog of Aquarion.
Arcana Imperii
Commentary, news, analysis, and fun from a bright's perspective.
General commentary and thoughts from London, United Kingdom.
Arnab's World
This is the online journal of Arnab Nandi, a music crazy computer science undergrad at Delhi University.
Autarchy of the Private Cave
Personal notes on web-development, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and science in general.
Like everyone, her life could be summed up by suffering, impermanence, and non-self.
Azrael's Merryland
Azrael Coladilla's thoughts on life, movies, comics, and video games.

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