This category is for personal home pages that begin with the letter "N" especially those, whose owners' last names begin with "N."

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Nacion, Kalika
A simple guide to the uninitiated, activities, wedding information and a collection of photos.
Nagy, Joel
Creations in web and graphic design, music, writing, and digital art.
Naik, Mayur
Software developer based in Mumbai, India. Specializes in Object Oriented Design (OOD) and system/network programming in C/C++ on Unix/Linux. Worked on network security and protocol analysis.
Nairne, Laura
Some personal information, photos, cars, rugby, friends, music, and links.
Nakov, Svetlin
Contains his resume, articles, software products, and a photo album.
Nambiar, Siddharth
Pictures from school, and music lyrics.
Nasby, Graham
Includes biography, work, play, school and CV.
Nason, Kim
Offers information and photographs of the family, a resume, feedback form, links, funny pictures, and jokes.
Nath, Vijay
Resume, list of sites he's created or worked on, and contact information. Also includes complete links to current clients and demo portfolio.
Navalinskas, Ramūnas
A biography, curriculum vitae, a list of his projects, information about his interests, photographs, and contact information.
Nawfal, Wissam
Pictures of family and friends, with an assorted collection of superhero and fantasy art.
Nay, Annette, MS
A broad range of articles to help with personal, family, and group problems. Also Annette's thoughts on spirituality and her experiences with the Boy Scouts.
Nayan, Snehal
Includes pictures, games, and links.
Nedelchev, Vulcho
Perl programmer offering pictures of his cat and links.
Nedry, Larry
Provides pictures of trips, a small movie, favorite books, and links.
Needles, Jennefer
Links to things like; games, music, and graphics. There's also a few photos and a forum.
Nef, Marco
Collection of pictures ranging from vacations to home, personal information, and links of interest
Nelisse, Martin
Includes readings, software, photography, traveling, scouting, outdoor adventure, CV, home and family history.
Nemeth, David
The travels of the author, and some of his friends.
Nepal, Rajan
Includes family and photographs.
Nepveu, Kate - Elsewhere
Contains a book log; a paired reading pages indicating SF novels which make interesting reading together, as submitted by readers; and some book reviews.
Neshanian, Gary
Includes personal information, a weblog, a resume, and links.
Neth, Hansjörg
Includes personal information, pictures, and links. [German and English]
Newell, Ash
Photography, a personal profile, diaries and thoughts, "The Who", and links.
Newport, Mike
Alumni of windham high school. Sergeant in the United States Army, medical air ambulance crew chief. Includes pictures and personal data.
Newton, C. J. - Utility in a Personal Website
History, photos and videos, stories, poems, essays, and songs. Includes tools and useful web resources for the fishing, kayaking, or unicycle-obsessed.
Neylon, Michael F.
Michael's tips on everything from surfing to leprechauns and Neylon's throughout the world.
Nicastro, Nick
Personal information, photos, favorite bands, and a collection of links.
Nichols, George
Features a portfolio that includes published writings and press quotes from CNBC, Morningstar, Chicago Tribune, and other media outlets.
Nichols, Mark and Michele
About their life, with insight into their beliefs and journey towards the Tao.
Nicolas-Stegall, C.L. -
Personal information, pictures, a weblog, and a community site in development.
Niederlander, Ned- Die Fishy Die
Includes a weblog and thoughts.
Nightpaw, Luna - SinCat Studio
Includes artwork, pictures, and links.
Noetzelman, Bethany
Information about Bethany, her friends, and family. Also contains photographs, pets, music, and a guest book.
Nordeen, Ross
A collection of pages and links on topics that are of interest such as the Constitution, economics, The Great Depression, Thomas Sowell, and libertarianism.
Nordman, Erik
Personal and professional information, resume, guestbook and a webcam.
Norris, Alexis
Reports and literary analyses, intended to help those looking for information on Plath, Marquez, Conrad, and Shelley.
North, Knox
Wildlife pictures, tropic hunt stories and links to technical articles.
Northcutt, Todd and Marla - Powered by Steam
The Northcutt clan in California (Todd, Marla and Emma Grace). Also home to many steam-powered robotic monkeys.
Novich, Alisha
Contains photographs and a weblog.
Nugent, John J.
Includes soccer and autism.
Nunes, Nuno
Includes personal information, links, and programming.
Nuss, Christian
Features news, weather, and quick links and searches.
Nutt, Ryan
Contains news and articles that interest the author. Includes Computers, Christianity, photography, medicine, and sports.
Næss, Petter Askø
Pictures of Petter doing karate, links to his movie production company and information about him and his co-producer.
Nørvåg, Kjetil
Contains travel pictures, cumbia music, and papers related to database research.

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