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Macgirvin, Mike
Software developer and music store owner. Includes personal information, photographs, a diary, music, and politics.
Mack, Simon
Includes computer science degree projects, personal details, and contact information.
MacKenzie, Ken and Anne
Includes hobbies, personal information, pictures, and links.
Mackey, Marvin
Information on Georgia, Wendy, Jerry and Sherry and granddaughter Amber from Ventura County California. Trips, events and vacation photos plus hobbies and collectables.
MacMichael, Ryan A.
Over 450 pages of Laze and nothing but Laze. Music, culture, and a good dose of "whatever else."
Madary, Paul
Includes photos, family tree, jokes and links.
Maden, Paul
Contains personal information, employment, and links.
Madge, Andy
Includes news, Trance music, and links.
Maes, Michael
Abstracts on depression and health issues.
Magri, Lawrence A
Singer, song writer, and guitarist. My home on the web. Interests include music, sports, and computers.
Maher, Sean
Video game art, on-line portfolio, gallery 3d pictures, Palm and Visor software, files for classes (gibbs), personal pictures, information on body piercing.
Mahfouz, Mohammad
Information on general and endoscopic surgery, health, and diseases.
Mahle, Mark and Sandhya
Contains personal information, photographs, and links.
Main, Richard
Hockey, political views, computers and Final Fantasy.
Maira, Scott
Includes a resume and a portfolio.
Majcher, Roman
Photo galleries of his journeys to Africa and Asia, information about his hometown of Nowy Sącz, humanitarian organizations, and links to friends' websites and blogs.
Majzoub, Omar
Personal information, and project on conservation of number, mass, and weight using a nine year old.
Mak, Lisa
Includes personal information, technical skills, and links.
Makar, Magdi Z.
Pictures and information on her daughters.
Malachi, Guy - guymal
Includes chat, technical reference documents, and online music sharing.
Malcolm, Brandon
Links, pictures, news.
Malicdem, Ervin
Poems, pc reviews and tips, pictures, Panasonics barkada, e-mail a friend, and resume.
Malkani, Vijay
Information and photos of relatives and friends.
Mallabon, Chris - Home of Reality's Successor
Raytraced graphics from the collection Mental Terraforming (Ver 1.0) and Windows wallpapers by Reality's Successor Software.
Maltese, Dave
The Meat Locker, Home of Big Meaty Dave. Johns Hopkins student extraordinaire.
Mamedova, Milana
Includes cartoons, humour, and fiction.
Man, Hin
Insight to the life of Hin Man. Photo weblog covering events in Fremont, California, United States.
Mandal, Bhupendra
Profile, people who have influenced him, games, humor, and links.
Mangum, Nancy and Walker
Includes photo gallery, biographies and information on vacations.
Manoharan, Mayuran
Student from Sri Lanka. Includes personal information, and his favorite links.
Manoogian, John III
Resume, biography, and weblog from an entrepreneur from San Francisco, California.
Manthos, Dan
Includes personal information and pictures.
Maraist, John - JM's Web Site
Includes a variety of personal information.
Marchetti, Carla - Sheets and Leaves
Images and thoughts from Liguria, Italy.
Maresca, Sydney
Includes games and thoughts.
Marie, Amber L.
Poetry, short stories, an introduction to doodle creation Cylence, and a fun list of what if band names.
Marinakis, Philippos
Images from "The Pillow Book," animations, photo galley, resume, and links.
Marine, Deborah
The HeartLine. A personal site reflecting family, friendships, causes, and fun endeavors.
Markham, Gervase
Includes personal information, photographs, writings, and software.
Markowitz, Robert
Includes a resume and railroad information.
Marriott, John
Pictures, jokes, games, and information on the 2002 World Cup.
Martynov, Ilya
Weblog, resume and information on some open source projects he maintains.
Marzic, Kresimir
Includes personal information and links.
Mascarenhas, Terence
Dedicated to his life and interests. Resume, a picture gallery, and a section on hip hop music.
Masinter, Larry
Contains personal information and activities.
Maslov, Eugene
Aeronautical engineer. Information, history, images, movies from flights.
Masone, John
Resume, portfolio, photo album and music.
Massey, Larry
About his girlfriend, school, karate, and favorite links.
Matei, Catalin
Catalin Matei, nuclear physicist, experiments, publications.
Mathew, Aji Issac
Includes personal information, projects, and a Curriculum Vitae.
Mathews, Ben
Categorized pictures, thoughts, and links to friends.
Mathur, Abhay
Indian software engineer. Resume, information on his life and schooling, interests, photo gallery, news, and links.
Matlock, Jere - JMBlog
A weblog covering a variety of topics, short stories, and a sample of poems from his published book.
Maunders, Paul
Contains details of his education, interests, and jobs.
May, Thor - Passionate Skeptic Site
Diaries from China and Korea, ideas and opinions, essays, articles, poetry, drawings, personal information, resume, and links.
Mazhuvanchery, Gorgis Aby - Home on the Net
Information on his school life, friends, and links.
Mazur, Eric
Harvard College Professor at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
McAdams, Robert - Robert's World
Poetry, writings, computer information, music, science fiction and fantasy, and links.
McAllister, Neil
Features technology writing, illustration, and comics.
Mcalpine, Daniel
Photographs of friends and family.
Mcarthur, Arthur
Pictures, links and content about their family and daughter, Madison.
McCleary, Valerie
About her life experience in vegetarianism, Ayurveda, meditation, India, travel, diet, her new CD and ask her questions.
McColm, Gregory
Leads to material on mathematical research - games and logic and mathematics education.
McCoy, Ken
Personal interests and hobbies with links.
McDonough, Marie - Marie M Music
Information on piano teaching, graphic design, photo repair, technical drawing, and several other hobbies.
McElroy, Douglas B.
Includes pictures and links.
McFarland, Nathan
Includes pictures, a resume, and a travel weblog.
McGath, Gary
Includes philosophical essays, filk music, and a weblog.
McGreevy, Michael - My Name is Michael
Photo album, resume, rants and opinions, and links.
McGurrin, Mike
Includes personal information, quotations, and pictures.
McKay, Cory
A Ph.D. student at McGill Universiy in Canada. Includes his research interests, publications, current research, software projects, classes taken, teaching experience, and links.
McLain, Evan
Biography, resume, picture, humor, and links.
McLain, Evan and Jami
Information about the couple and their dog, pictures of their wedding and house, resume, and the story of how they met.
McLeod, Kembrew
Music critic and University of Iowa professor. Includes his music reviews, art, academic work, and sound collages.
McMillen, Stuart
Music collection, pictures of his room and stereo, links, and downloads.
McNamara, David R.
Retired Chief of the United States Coast Guard. Features biographical information focusing on the author's career, with photos.
McNeil, Gretchen
Former coloratura soprano opera singer, singer with LA-based circus troupe Cirque Bezerk, unpublished author and voice over artist. Includes news, biography, and weblog.
McPherson, Emily Mae - The Girl Has Got the Touch
Biography, photos, thoughts, poetry, and links.
McSpadden, K. B.
Mickey Spee. Many photos from the Indiana section of the McSpadden family. Also some personal history.
Meade, Doug
Webcam, photo album, links and personal information.
Meakes, Simon
Includes personal information, pictures, and links.
Weblog covering developments in entertainment delivered on computers and online.
Meehan, Jason
Resume and information on software and website development.
Meerwald, Christof
Software developer with strong interest in component frameworks and distributed/concurrent programming. Also contains Open Source projects and a digital photo album.
Meighan, Matthew
Poetry, Meighan genealogy, master's thesis on James Joyce's Ulysses.
Meijer, Berend
This personal site relates to various subjects, a.o. software, electronics, travels, books and games.
Meilach, Sam
Photographs and videos of Pachino. Spiritual materials and spiritual quotes.
Meissner, Ted - Oakring
Biography, web design gallery, designing tips and hints, resume, and links.
Meldrew, Erskin L.
Includes games, personal information, and a resume.
Mellgren, Johnny
Profile, portfolio and links.
Mendenhall, Brent
Photographs, contact information, and links.
Mendoza, Jeff - What Jeff Thinks About
Contains articles and personal journal related to Magic: the Gathering, the NBA, and other interests.
Mercer, Graham
Contains images of a selection of art, personal information, ceramics links and contact details.
Meredith, Paul - Finraer's Library
Information about badminton, mathematics, books lists, graphics work, Photo album, Warhammer and Baldur's Gate.
Merfield, Charles
Contact details, genealogy, research work, and organic agriculture information.
Meriweather, Jerome
Home away from Home. There's TV to watch, planes to fly, games to play.
Merrick, Thom
Contemporary Sculpture. Current artwork and C.V. by an American, New York City artist.
Merritt, Rob - Moon Base Tycho
Biographical information, including personal and family photos. Toys, games and comics.
Mery, David
Articles and projects.
Metzgar, Robert
Robert's journey to Nashville's bright lights.
Meulie, Evert
Weblog, personal information, and curriculum vitae. From Sarpsborg, Norway.
Meyers, Robert G.
Selected publications from the Professor of Philosophy, University at Albany, New York.
Mezei, Jean-François
Features material for the VMS/openVMS operating system, documentation and utilities for the PSION EPOC/Sibo range of personal digital assistants (PDAs), letters to the CRTC with regards to throttling and bicycling and aviation photos and stories.
Miall, David
Publications, essays and personal information from the University of Alberta researcher.
Michaelides, Andreas
Includes pictures, a weblog, and links.
Michalowski, Martin
Photo album, resume, and links.
Michaud, Scott: The Michaud Barn
Information on writing, places, family and area histories, genealogy, and stories of interest to the author. Includes a history of the Aroostook War, and the Civil War, as it affected the author's family.
Mician, Michele
She is a singer, activist and poet. Her homepage includes personal information, her resume, and links.
Middlemiss, Perry
Contains links, literature, and software.
Mihalcioiu, Adrian, PhD.
Contains news, contact information, and information about his profession and personal life.
Miles, Rob
Computer Science lecturer at the University of Hull, United Kingdom. Includes diaries of his travels, details of systems he's interested in, and a weblog.
Milken, Michael
Homepage of financier and philanthropist Michael (Mike) Milken, including biography, speeches, articles, photo album, and links.
Min, Hui
About her, family, friends and places that she has been.
Minhaj, Muhammad
Islamic links, flash animations and movies, and photographs.
Minns, Owen
Professional and personal facts, a curriculum vitae, images, descriptions of current projects, and contact information.
Mira, Nuno
Includes a weblog, tutorials, and personal information.
Mitchener, Joe
A site to get his life on the highway, a small site that tells the world who he is.
Mitz, Roman W.
Information on the "All Your Base" craze, humor, Japanese resources, resume, schedule, photos, and links.
Mojtahedi, Leila - Lila's Lair
Information about and photographs of Leila, her life and her ferrets.
Mok, Sam
Excerpts of Marcel Proust and other authors. Plus words by myself.
Molina, Hender
Wedding photos, travel memories, and information on favourite music.
Mon, Steven - Losertown
Collection of recipes, his musical interests, and computing.
Monbourquette, Dennis - Feste's Funhaus
Personal information, a page about Tolkien, lists of the MP3s and DVDs he has, and contact details.
Monde, Lea - Gundam Skywolf
Tripod based chats and message boards.
Mongiovi, Jai
Pure Royalty's Poetry Castle. Poetry, experiences, humor and life.
Mongrolle, Philippe
Contains internet information, cars, and hobbies.
Montejo, Quentin
What he has contributed to the net.
Montieth, Ruth
Includes personal information, family, pets, and hobbies.
Montoya, David Lee
Entertainment news, optical illusions and personal information.
Moody, Rob
Fat Bob's Place. A personal homepage.
Mook, Brett and Michelle - The Pharm and Rants 2
Farming in Batavia with pictures of wildlife, family, and friends, along with Yahoo photo album.
Mora, Juan- My World
Information and thoughts on his life, friends, pictures, and links.
Morash, Russell
Resume and contact details.
Morgado, Leonel Caseiro
Consultant and translator researching computers in pre-school education, software localization engineering, and web development. Site offers published papers and CV, as well as favorite links.
Morin, Blake
Pages on sports, pictures of Blake and friends, and links.
Morrow, Ed
Includes personal information, a resume, friends, hobbies, and links.
Mosher, John C.
Experienced Manager of the operational, administrative and business aspects of engineering, project and field offices in Phoenix, Arizona. Owner/Operator of Moon Valley Computer Mosher - Johnson Genealogy
Mosqueda, Krisette - Troubled
Troubles, worries and woes of the webmaster.
Moss, Steve - Cheap Homepage
Win Amp skins, illustrations, computer graphics, and links.
Moulton, Fred
Brief description of career and interests, a list of books, and some links.
Mouse, Jace
Personal site dedicated to his interests, including: digital photography, professional, technical, personal, and Christian resources.
Movahed, Hanif
Presents information, photographs and links concerning his life and friends.
Moyers, Suzanne - Bebe Snout
Collection of essays, resume and published articles.
Mroueh, Malek
Travelogue, photos, genealogy.
Mubeen, Siradj - Mubeen's Gallery
Information about Siradj, his home town, chat room, and links.
Muffitt, Adam
Includes personal information, music, and movies.
Muffley, Eric personal web site.
Mulcahy, Paul
Includes downloads and dogs.
Mullins, Angelee
Contains personal information and links.
Munn, Tim
Stories and favorite links.
muPe, Mathilde
Digital images, personal information, and links.
Murken, Joe
Pictures, webcam and guestbook.
Murnane, Aeneas
Biography, interests, business, and contact information.
Murugan, Dr. L.
Neurosurgeon at the Christian Medical College Hospital in India. Home, work, family, and links.
Musser, April
Family and friends photos along with personal information on College Park, Maryland.
Musson, Jim
Photographs from events and travels, resume, and weather statistics.

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