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Labrinidis, Alexandros
Personal information, publications, resume and links. Member of database research group at the University of Maryland.
Ladnier, Beth
Many things happen in MesBeth's world.
Lafleur, Tom - Tom's Territory
Includes opinions, personal information, and links.
Lafontaine, Jennifer - A Journey Through Jen's Grey Matter
Profile, her interests, research, photos, poetry, artwork, mythology, and links.
LaFrance, Matt
Includes personal information and links.
Lagasse, Jillym - Young Future Actress
Until she hits big, she'll have to settle for internet fame. About Jilly and her favorite things.
Lai, Jikon
Contains biography, and curriculum vitae from a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of International Relations of the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies at the Australian National University.
Lail, Jack
Includes personal information, news, and quotations.
Lajides, Shakirat
Photographs, personal information, diary, writings, and links.
LaLumiere, Tom
Dedicated to the Marines and the 1980's.
Lamkins, Jake
Contains interests, hobbies, JJ and work.
Landgre, Jens
Information about the author and her interests. Also material regarding Victor Schauberger.
Lang, Tom
Includes personal information, pictures, and links.
Langkamp, Christian
Stories about friends and teachers from school, resume, and links.
Langston, Michele
Eclectic Bunch of Stuff. Information about interests, music, English, creative writing, paganism, and sexuality.
Lapelazzuli, Gianni
Includes a diary, writings, personal information, and travels.
Larabell, Joe
(aka: Hagios Xao). Contains information on Thelema, Aleister Crowley, and the abuses of Scientology.
Larkins, Leslie - The Pretzel Link
Includes Disney World trip diary, Babylon 5 comments, and links.
Lastine, Nick - Nick's Place
Some personal information, games, message boards, and links.
Lathi, Mahendra
Includes resume, photos and personal information.
Laursen, Mike
Grand Canyon backpacking, Seville Lake, Mission Peak panoramas, Madrid and Soria, rats, personal photos
Layne, Sarah
Information about the family, vacations, and Barbados.
LeBlanc III, H. Paul, PhD
Educator and researcher in human communication studies specializing in relational and family interaction with links to published and presented articles and college level course materials.
Lebrun, Jerome
Includes chat, a webcam, and links.
Leep, Kristen - Fabulous Adventures
Updates the author's travels and adventures. Uses flash.
Leese, Martin
Includes a resume, pictures, and links.
Lefebvre, Mike
Includes hobbies, games, and pictures.
Legato, Jeff
All about outdoor activities you can do in San Luis Obispo, California.
Legg, Michael
Information on The Tick, literature reviews and criticism, the NHL, Diablo II, tropical fish, and his pet tortoise.
Lehner, Patrick
Contains personal information and photographs.
Leib, Sascha René
Includes a Curriculum Vitae, articles, and software.
Lennartsson, Anders
Includes research and pictures.
Leschyn, Wade
Includes family, news, and links.
Lessard, George- Media Mentor
A biography, resume, festival work, portfolio, production credits, contact information, and links are included.
Letterman, Doug
Portfolio of 3D computer graphics.
Lewis, Michele
Concise writing for deeper thinking on culture, tech, and policy.
Liao, Frank
Includes personal information and a weblog.
Lidl, Kurt
Biography, humorous quotations, word games, and database information.
Lightbody, Rob
Includes sections on the Mini car, Ocean Liners, and Scotland.
Lightner, Bruce D.
Biography, press coverage, computer projects, and links.
Lillie, Kyle
Double Page. PlayStation, N64, Dreamcast, and what ever else you want.
Lilly, Rick
Contains personal information and links.
Lindahl, Greg
Articles, facsimiles and links relating to the Renaissance and the Society for Creative Anachronism.
Lindenberg, Brian
This site contains artwork, poetry that I have wrote and also photos of family, friends and cars.
Lineback, Dave - Off The Wall
Barbecue, golf, and the fine art of living. Annotated links to subjects of interest.
Lingard, Jason
Some personal details and favorite links.
Linville, Aaron
Includes personal information, photographs, a resume, and links.
Lionheart, Robin
Gaming information, HTML test, censorship, journal, resume, and biography.
Lipkin, Jonathan
Presents his photographic work, images of his baby, and information his digital media courses at the Ramapo College of New Jersey.
Lister, Dave - Brother Dave's Home Cave
Original sketches, songs, personal information, horoscope, and links.
Livingston, David
Ex-gang member currently in Los Angeles Men's County Jail. Biography, photos, and contact information.
Llampayas, Josep Burcet
Personal and professional information, including background and views on paradigms.
Lloyd, Carolyn
Includes resumes, 80s music, handbells, Bryn Mawr College, and Bryn Mawr College Traditions.
Lo, Alex
Includes personal information, photographs, a resume, and experiments.
Lo, Fred
Surf The Web With Fred with daily news of his favorite Macintosh.
Locklair, Deanna
Includes photographs, recipes, links, and images.
Loftus, Brooke
Includes personal information, poetry, Buddhism, and photographs.
Logan, Pamela
Includes Asia and personal information.
Logan, Rob
Contains pictures of friends and family, including personal biographies of each. Links of various places in Ohio, and Logan Airport in Boston.
Longden, Sean
Profile, interests, friends and family, and travel photos.
Loo, Lindsay - Independent Outlook
Online journal including essays, poetry, critiques, book reviews, and famous quotes.
LordElph's Ramblings
Paul Dixon's blog.
Lorenzen, Michael
Blog of this librarian who works at Central Michigan University. Includes links to his online articles and other sites of interest.
Louisiana, Emily
A homepage with written and collected thoughts. Includes links.
Lovergine, Joe
Family history, motorcycle racing, and links.
Low, Spencer - LowTek Creations
Home of CopyFaster for Windows 2000 shareware utility software, the Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES Web Site, MaxRAM, and MacYack Pro.
Lowenthal, Craig
Contains personal information and presence in the news.
Lowey, Kevin
Includes pictures, readings, and projects.
Lug, Matthew M.
Includes writing, photography and personal information.
Lusk, Catherine
Travel photos from England, Korea, Canada and the US, as well as other photography. Also information about her research/studies in law.
Lyall, Simon
Biography, resume and links. Also information on current projects, FAQs, and interests.
López, Nancy
Information about Nancy and her family, New Mexico, and cats. Photographs and links.

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