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Babiak, Clive
Pictures of life, and other family members past and present.
Babin, Anne
Includes genealogy, family and historical photographs, interests, favorite links, and GFWC Tennessee Federation newsletters.
Babu, Suresh
Biography, picture, home, education, contact information, and links.
Bacia, Bartosz
Includes philosophy, martial arts, and politics.
Backman, Anthony
Anthony's acting and business resumes. Links to Everquest and his ongoing campaign there.
Badger, Jason
Personal information and photo gallery, with voice-over demo downloads and lighting portfolio.
Bahadur, Nitin
About Nitin, music and his photo gallery. Also, information on how to study abroad, and links about IT-BHU.
Bain, Scott
Family pictures, renovation projects, innovations, challenges, scenery, cows, how to be really cheap, getting good value, and self reliance.
Bajracharya, Sharad
Includes a resume, photographs, pictures, and family.
Bakarbessy-Brower, Marga
Poetry, pictures and recipes.
Bakhsh, Rizwan
Brief personal information and links.
Balaa, Talal T.
Includes a resume, research, and links.
Balasundaram, Sarath
Provides personal information, research, resume and photos.
Balding, Kevin
Kevin's thoughts on balding, his autobiography, music and film reviews and his favorite sports.
Baletti, Roger and Andrew
Links to space exploration and things that interested them.
Ball, Richard
Offers family and vacation photos, pets, and book excerpts.
Ballam, Chris
Includes a photo, his resume and contact information.
Ballard, Matt
Movie reviews, personal information and links from Matt.
Bamford, David
Pictures, news and personal information.
Banack, Cory
Includes a resume, friends, activism, and links.
Bandopadhyay, Tushar
Includes personal information, a resume and a photo gallery.
Banerjee, Sandeepan
A listing and links to his recent publications and research.
Bangoy, Mary Grace Chavez
Personal information, news, and a guest-book.
Bansal, Sachin
Contains personal information, family, and friends.
Barba, Gabriel
Includes politics, religion, and links.
Barbaresi, Laura
Includes cosplay, pictures and artwork.
Barkataki, Sharad
Sharad's resume and journal with pictures.
Barker, Graham
Contains cow photos, 3D photography, poems, parables, navel fluff collection and survey, true stories of a cave adventure and finding peace, and a cow screensaver.
Baroody, Michael
About Roody and his photo album. Also home to the Finger Lakes Fantasy Football League.
Barrington, Rebecca
Offers seventies style drawings and photos.
Barth, Christopher
Includes personal information, a resume, and a portfolio.
Bartle, Richard A.
MUD related material, both game play and technical writings. Also Richard's original fiction and amusing bits.
Barz, Bob
Includes photographs, nutrition, a resume, and links.
Bashirov, Novruz
Includes personal information, photographs, family, and karate.
Basini, Justin
Offers information on work, family, current projects, latest news, recent photos and articles.
Basu, Uttiya
A biography, his interests, photographs of his travels to Southeast Asian countries and of family and friends, and a weblog.
Batchelor, Bob
Provides information on his books, current projects, and past work.
Batty, Peter
Includes information about his home town, photo albums, information on events and reviews of gadgets and toys.
Baumann, Jürg
Highlights personal information such as the author's hobbies and experience in software development, as well as family photographs.
Baylor, Mark and April and Friends
Details about Mark Baylor, fiance April Wible, college pictures, family pictures, and computer related topics.
Beagley, Jeffrey - Jeffman
About Jeff, his family, pets and friends. Includes a photo album and his favorite links.
Beale, Darren
A web designer and developer living in Leytonstone, East London, UK. Contains personal information and photographs.
Bear, Bill
Essay about checks and balances among people, society and industry.
Beart, Pilgrim and Sarah
Offers contact information and resume.
Beasley, Amber
Personal home page about the author. Contains pictures and links to her favorite television shows, and movies.
Beauregard, Patricia- Pattycakes' Home Page
Includes personal information, cross stitching, recipes, game walkthroughs, and links of interest.
Beaver, Jennifer - Swedish Beauty Online
Information and pictures of friends.
Beck, Lebart
Stories about his life.
Becking, Sarah and Jason
Contains photos including wedding photos, information about local sports events and weather and some jokes specific to the university of Kansas as well as links and contact information.
Bedi, Vickram
Includes personal and family information, photo, and resume.
Bednarz, Eric
Professional jazz bassist and amateur Linux programmer from the Netherlands. Contains weblog, binaries and contact details.
Beharie, Alf
Information on film collectibles, ham radio, science and technology, and robot wars.
Behnke, Mike
Offers information on family, animals, and job.
Behrendt, Aaron
Includes photographs, thoughts, and links.
Beishline, David
Photos of travel and living experiences in Europe, interests, and links.
Beitelspacher, Joshua
Contains personal information, java games, sample computer programs, and papers on a wide variety of subjects.
Belakhov, Dmitry
Includes resume, project information, photography, poetry and stories.
Belin, Gilles
A soccer playing, movie going, international sort of guy.
Ben-Nun, Avi
Provides personal information and links.
Benites, Luis
Includes a resume, anime, music, and software.
Benke, Lachlan James
Includes personal information and pictures of this baby.
Benner, Tim
Resume and information on cats, work and interests.
Berenholtz, Jim
Includes personal information and links.
Berents-Weeramuni, Heshan and Lindsey
Includes personal information, summary of a dissertation on Buddhism, and links for building Japanese gardens.
Bering, CB
A journey through topics that CB Bering studies and is interested in.
Berjikly, Armen
Includes personal information, a weblog, photographs, and links.
Berkman, Jacob
Includes personal information and news.
Berna, Tracy
Includes essays, pictures, personal information, and links.
Bernard, Halsted Mencotti
Includes personal information, a journal, travel, photographs, and favorite books.
Bertagnolli, Lee and Julie
Offers pictures of places around the country, and special events.
Berthiaume, Jeffrey B.
Contains personal information, case studies, and resume.
Besch, Tobias
Personal information, photos, detailed resume, interests, and links.
Best, Lonnie Lee
Lonnie's pages, including personal information, chess links and Tau Kappa Epsilon.
Beswick, David
A diverse collection of interests in church and public affairs, family history, higher education and psychological research, Australian native plants and general information.
Bethlehem, Hayo
Dutch web designer and photography enthusiast shares his interests.
Bevin, Pete
Includes photographs and recipes.
Bey, Ajeenah
About the author's life, things that get her mad and links to her favorite pages.
Bhargava, Rishi
Information on themselves, friends and family, pictures, and links.
Bhasin, Sachin
Contains his biography with images and activities. Mumbai, India.
Bhaskar, Rajnish - Lord of the Moon
Thoughts on the peace process in Northern Ireland, science fiction, annual reviews, general discussions, some downloads and the Amiga computer.
Bhat, Vinayak
Personal information, resume, course work, and projects.
Bhatti, Munir
Includes writing and cooking.
Biemann, Ursula
Includes personal information, art, and videos.
Bierschbach, Jeff - BierPub
Includes personal information and pages on his cars.
Bilinski, Joe
Pictures of his house, family and friends, office pools, and Playstation 2 information.
Billesbach, Chris - The Place
Personal information, pictures, and links.
Bills, David F.
David's web designing projects, his portfolio and photographs of his life.
Bink, Kristi
About Kristi, her friends and pets. Includes pictures and her favorite links.
Binning, Caitlin Wright
Personal information, thoughts, pictures of friends and family, favorites, a guest-book, and links.
Birn, Martin
Provides a short profile, contact details and personal links. Also available in Dutch.
Biroschik, Steven J
Home movies, pictures of his daughter, his dog's diary, and games written by the author.
Bittencourt, Ricardo
Updated research information, some main interests, and the all-new recursive link with role playing information.
Blackey, Robert
Photos of Omega Institute staff members, trips to Bali, and friends.
Blackwell, Clay
Includes artwork, pumpkin carving, patriotism, genealogy, Christianity, Malcolm X.
Blade, Zoë
Describes her reasons for being vegan, music theory and files, and basic web design information.
Blakey, Derrick
Details of the board game and t-shirts promoted by this man.
Blanc, Pierre - Teutoburgo
Contains open source java applets and applications, and chess games.
Blankenbehler, Greg
Includes personal information, pictures, and links.
Bliss, Mike
Provides personal interests on board games, computers and music.
Blommers, Nicole
Art, culture and a blog. Contains biography and portfolio.
Blyler, Andy
Pictures and brief personal information.
Boake, Garry E.
Contains drawings and animations of dragons, personal information and contact details.
Bobadilla, Mike - Mr Kleen's Hideaway
How he got the name Mr. Kleen, links to Yosemite, the Claudia Springs Winery and photos.
Bodenburg, Reto and Olive
Includes New Zealand, photographs, and family.
Boeger, Jack
Weblog, photographs, and links.
Boggus, Kevin
Includes a journal, calendar and photos.
Boileau, Troy
Stories of a Canadian dating coach, aka Troy Fawkes, traveller and entrepreneur.
Bolivar, Al
Includes humorous stories, photos, a web cam, and links.
Bollapragada, Rajesh
Includes photographs, personal information, and a resume.
Boltz, Ingo
Contains resume and personal information.
Bonavolta, Claudio
Includes personal information, photographs, and motorcycling. [English and French]
Bonnel, Céline and Hervé
Includes news, adventures, and their wedding. [English and French]
Book, Matthias
Provides personal and contact details, features written travel reports and papers.
Boon, Tony
Contains pictures, illusions, aerogel, and tricks.
Booth, Rob
Contains work, politics, computers, and news.
Bora, Sameer
Includes personal information and photographs.
Borger, Faith
Includes pictures, personal information, and links.
Borino, Ron and Rhonda
Includes links to their respective professional pages.
Bornstein, Laurie
Profile of entrepenurial woman who co-founded Just Buds Footwear.
Bose, Mayukh
Programming in several languages, including free downloads, with picture album and links to friends, news, sport and entertainment.
Bosman, Guus
Daily weblog and links.
Bossom, Andrew
Contains pictures, personal information, and web diary.
Bottaro, Andre
An overview of the author's scientific and technical work in Grenoble Research labs as well as a descriptive list of web sites he currently maintains.
Bottieri, Jr., Joseph B.
This web site is a compilation of Joe's personal thoughts on business, work ethics, attitudes, manners, morals, taxes, RVs and camping, relationships, equal rights, comics, religion, and his careers.
Boucher, Katie - My Internet Place
Personal information, favorites, pictures, and quotes.
Boussarhane, Mohammed
Personal information, resume, pictures and regional information about Morocco.
Bouton, Nick
Nick's photo, video and DVD albums.
Bowie, John and Jessica
Jordan and Bowie genealogy, their golden retriever, Greek life, their school Louisiana Tech and lots of pictures.
Bowker, Alan
Offers information on world travel, family, friends, Stanley Kubrick and Dolby labs.
Boyes, Jim
Provides information about the family and personal and professional interests.
Boyle, James
Includes personal information, essays, and links.
Braastad, Richard
Includes information on extraterrestrials, space, genealogy, as well as a nature sanctuary located in the lower peninsula of Michigan.
Brandon, Ron
Photo galleries including scenic pictures, arts and crafts, Brandon ancestors, and three galleries of current Brandon Family members.
Brannan, Stuart
An internet newsletter/journal/scrapbook.
Bratcher, Carl
Biography, news, weblog, and photo gallery.
Breathwick, Martin
Contact details for Martin Breathwick
Breckenridge, Alan
Information about the author and his family.
Breet, Hendrik Waander
Presents weblog-like thoughts, interactive design and programming. Flash art and javascript games.
Breitenbach, Zach
Includes personal information, photo galleries, opinion on God, spoof sound files, a word unscrambler, a weightlifting calculator and games.
Brej, Charlie
Includes pictures, open source projects, links and lego.
Bremer, Jeff
Jeff's favorite links, games to play, words of wisdom and a search engine to search the site.
Brenig, Karin
Includes photographs, personal information, and links.
Brennan, Ann - LadyAnn
Includes resume, poem, Microsoft Windows resources and links.
Brenton, Daniel
Weblog on the meaning of the universe, biography, articles, and links.
Bress, Alan
Detailed resume and pictures.
Brewbaker, Matthew
Includes autobiography, photos, information on family and friends.
Bridgland, Shawn and Wendy
Brief personal information, interests, photo gallery and links.
Briggs, Kim
Photographs, songs, poems, biographical and computer-related information and links.
Brimhall, Laura
About the author and her friends.
Brinner, Benjamin
Offers pictures and stories from world travels.
Brofft, Andi
Click presentation of personal photos through musical slideshows.
Brogan, Chris
Contains information about the author, four sample short stories, a monthly zine, a link to the author's personal journal, and his wedding registry.
Bromberger, James
Includes personal information, a Curriculum Vitae, and links.
Brondel, Laurent
Audio and video files. [Requires Flash]
Brondsema, Dave
Information, pictures and links.
Brooke, Tony
Includes a resume, articles, personal information, and photographs.
Brueckmann, Rob
Information, related links and pages on Star Wars, biology, health, and tree frogs.
Brueckner, Scott
Tips on C programming and Java programming.
Brumme, Stephan
Includes personal information, programming, games, and links.
Brundage, Matt
Web developer presents his resume, blog, essays and publications, photographs, and music.
Bryant, Lewis C.
Pictures, friends, links and top ten listings.
Bucila, Cristian Ioan
Personal biography, links to Cristian's school and his friend's pages and a photo gallery.
Buckingham, Will
Includes personal information, web design, philosophy, and creative writing.
Buckley, Charles
Includes drawings, paintings, and family.
Buell, Randy - Campfire on the Web
Pages about the US Army, Boy Scouts, social work, and graphics.
Buemi, Antonio
Includes a resume, picture galleries and family tree with biographies.
Bukhari, Syed Ali Hasan
Includes resume, picture gallery, ringtones, songs for download, an article on Islamic banking and an introduction to ecommerce.
Bullard, Geoff
Features information and links relating to musicians and performing artists, guitars and amplifiers, audio and vinyl, and other personal interests including web design.
Bullen, Peter R
Travelogues from his trips in India, links to other Bullen's around the world. Also some web pages he's designed and a resume.
Burghardt, Krzysztof
A Computer Science student from Muszyna, Poland. Includes his free software projects for download, curriculum vitae, articles, and photographs.
Burkhardt, Curt Hermann Lutz
Includes pictures, myths, darts, and recipes. [English and Czech]
Burley, Richard
Includes a Curriculum Vitae, pictures, personal information, and links.
Burnett, Marisa
Personal information, bands, jokes, and links.
Burnside, Lee - Page of Infinite Sadness
Texas Tech physics department systems administrator. Pictures, news, links, free software information and Linux.
Burwell, Nick
Includes photographs, personal information, and links.
Buten, Bobby - Bobopolis
Home of Letter People, Cincinnati Reds, the Big Giant Tree from Hell, Mario Butts, and Chunks.
Buten, Max
Pictures from visits to Bali, Boston, Cambodia, Crete, France, Malaysia, Maui, Morocco, Thailand including thumbnails, enlargements, and commentary.
Butler, Bill - Durango
Contains information on the origin of the Grand Canyon, evolution of the Colorado river and mathematical analysis of popular games.
Butler, Sean and Kelly
Information and photos from trips and races.
Butt, Sajjad
Includes his history, Circum Vitae, portfolio, photos and contact details.
Byrne, Katy - The Hairball
Includes chat and personal information.

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