Vampires or vampyres are people who need to feed off of prana or life-energy on a permanent basis in order to maintain a healthy existence. Some vampires suggest they feed on blood and not the energy contained within it. Most agree they are really feeding on energy, whether they call themselves sang, psi, pranic, sexual or emotional vampires.
AA For Vampires
Support with living the 9-5 lifestyle of the nineties. For mature eighteen-year-olds and over. The list is owned by a real vampire and Wiccan clergy who hopes to help others understand they are not alone.
California Vampires
Devoted to creating safe and anonymous communication between Californian vampires. Includes those involved in blood activities as well as psi.
Global Vampire Network
An attempt to provide a neutral ground for both members of different aspects of the vampire communities and factions and independent vampires who are not members of any factions or groups.
House Kheperu
Dedicated to those who approach their vampirism as something more profound than a mere lifestyle. Vampirism defines their spirituality. This is a place where vampires can come together and express that spirituality, exchanging personal experiences, ideas, and beliefs in a free and open forum with others like themselves.
House Of Nephilim
A group of vampires who are tired of being ruled over. They handle things in a democratic manner and listen to both sides of each story before passing judgement. They are family oriented in many ways.
House Quinotaur
Dedicated to general information and the free exchange of ideas from other groups.
Ontario Vampires
A social list for vampires or donors in Ontario, Canada. Donors and other vampires in nearby areas are also welcome to join.
For psivamps, energy wielders, and those with psychic abilities. Topics focus mainly on psychic vampirism and psionics, as well as related subjects and experiences.
Real Vampires
Support group for real vampires, donors, and vampire allies.
UK Real Vampires and Donors
A venue for blood drinkers, donors, and those interested in vampires to meet.
Vampire Donor Alliance - New Carthage
All are welcome, with an emphasis on equality and a general anti-established households mentality.
Vampire-Discussion Group
For discussion of vampires and vampiric people. Topics are different types of real vampires, blood-drinking, lifestyle, and community issues.
Devoted to the discussion of real vampirism and the vampire community.
For real vampires, blood drinkers, and those into the vampyre lifestyle. Members must live in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, or Kansas.
Vampiric Otherkin
For those otherkin with vampiric tendencies.
Dedicated to being an open forum, free of politics. Everyone is welcome to join.
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