Groups and organizations working on issues related to the rights of fathers.
ACFC - American Coalition for Fathers and Children
Help with your divorce problems and register your voice in Washington.
Alabama Family Rights Association (AFR.A)
Resource for fathers and other non-custodial parents in Alabama; includes articles, census data, links.
Children Fathers Together
Web-based educational organization that offers fathers rights' resources and links; based in Massachusetts.
CPF / Fatherhood Coalition
Working to promote shared parenting and to end the discrimination faced by divorced and unwed fathers; information on chapters throughout Massachusetts.
Dads NOW
Dads NOW is the focal point for organizing national boycotts and public protest against antifamily business and governmental practices.
Provides resources to assist fathers with U.S. family law and child custody issues; articles, discussion board, guides.
Fathers Are Capable Too (FACT)
Canadian fathers' and children's rights organization dealing with custody and access which supports children's right to have a relationship with both parent.
Fathers for Equal Rights
Group provides hands-on services to fathers, grandparents, and others who have a current or future case in the Dallas or surrounding areas, or who have children in this geographic area.
Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange
Member-supported, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the premise that parenting is a 50/50 proposition.
Fathers' Rights Association of Long Island
Information about and articles by an educational organization that promotes equal parenting rights.
Men's Educational Support Association (MESA)
Registered charitable organization whose main objective is to help families, fathers and children caught in the turmoil of domestic crisis.
The National Fatherhood Initiative
Working to improve the well-being of children by increasing the number of children growing up with fathers; includes information, state and local resources, advice and chat.
SoS Papa Net
Large association of fathers in France for Rights of Fathers and Children
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