Sites related to the rights of fathers specifically in situations of divorce, child custody and visitation.

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An offshoot of alt.dads-rights.unmoderated. For flame free, serious discussions.
Child Custody Rights Book
Record keeping log book for securing and protecting child custody and visitation rights during and after divorce
Divorce Reform and the Fathers' Movement
Testimony of Ronald K. Henry, Esq. concerning the divorce reform movement.
Fairness In Child Support
Brief statement inviting interest in an organization; part of a Web ring on the subject.
A Father's Plea
One woman's view of the unfairness of the joint custody system, as relates to her boyfriend and his son.
Fathers Custody Center
Organization dedicated to helping fathers to gain custody of their children.
Fathers Rights To Custody Homepage
Information to assist fathers in obtaining legal and/or physical custody of their children.
Fathers' & Dads' Rights
Pro bono hints to help fathers win divorce, child custody and support battles and defeat false allegations of domestic violence or child abuse.
Fathers' Rights Courtroom Tips
Offers products in video and book format providing tips and strategies for court hearings on custody, support, and false accusations.
Malicious Mother Syndrome
Paper defines the Divorce-Related Malicious Mother Syndrome.
National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights
Offers to sell a special report titled 'Fathers Rights Protection System' on winning legal strategies for fathers.
The Primary Caretaker Theory
Although the "tender years" doctrine of maternal preference has been widely repudiated by statute and case law, old prejudices die slowly. This is a review of the legal history and development of the doctrine.
Reform of Child Custody Laws
Resources for non-custodial parents, including discussion board, directory of family law information, and advocacy of reform for custody laws.
Save Theodora Now
The story of a young child who suffered at the hands of her mother, yet was denied access to her father.
Yahoo Groups: dadsinfamilycourt
Forum for proactive fathers seeking to reform family law; focus on sharing intelligence and substantive opinions.
Cynthia L. Ewing Testimony
Testimony of Cynthia L. Ewing on the subject of the child support enforcement system and the impact on parental responsibility. (February 06, 1995)
Preventing Parentectomy Following Divorce
Address by Frank S. Williams M.D. of the National Council for Children's Rights. (October 20, 1990)
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