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[BO] Bolivian Street Children Project
Residential, educational and drop-in services for street children in La Paz, Bolivia.
[BO] Nacer Ministries
Christ-centered homes where abandoned street kids in Bolivia receive spiritual guidance, get an education, participate in physical activities, and learn about responsibility.
[BR] Children At Risk Foundation
Portal site for the Children At Risk Foundation - CARF with programmes in Norway and Brazil, directed at street children, community children and young people at risk.
[BR] Children At Risk Foundation - BLOG
Weblog with latest illustrated updates from The Children At Risk Foundation - CARF Brazil, working to defend the rights of street children and other children at risk.
[BR] dreams can be foundation
Supports street children projects in Brazil.
[BR] Hope Unlimited
Comprehensive residential and education programs in Campinas, Brazil. Background information on Brazilian street children.
[BR] The Abandoned Street Kids of Brazil
A UK based charity providing support and a loving environment for street children and pregnant teenagers in Brazil with projects currently running in Rio de Janeiro.
[CO] Children of the Andes
Building a future for street children at risk in Colombia.
[CO] In Ministry to Children
IMC seeks to provide relief for children at risk through poverty, neglect or abuse in Colombia through feeding, residential and educational programs. Background information on street children in Colombia.
[CO] Let The Children Live!
Colombia's street children. Care for the street children, giving them love, education and a future.
[PE] Bruce Peru
Extensive, innovative programs for street children in Peru.
[PE] Centro Shama - El Centro Shama
Residential and outreach programs for street children in Lima, Peru. The site has background information on street children and is tri-lingual - Spanish, English and German.
[PE] Mundo de NiƱos
Outreach and residential programs for street children in Trujillo, Peru.
[PE] Sacred Family (Zapallitos)
Residential care for abandoned children exposed to drugs, violations, prostitution in Zapallal, Peru. Education and vocational training.
[PE] The Ninos Hotel
Hotels and restaurants support programs for street children in Cusco, Peru.
Works with innovative projects throughout Latin America. Extensive background information and discussion on many projects throughout Central and South America.
[BO] Bolivia: Abandoned Street Children Turn To Drugs
The economic realities of stark poverty are forcing children out of their homes onto Bolivia's city streets. (December 31, 1998)
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