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[AM] Orran
NGO established in April 2000 in Armenia to assist at-risk children and elderly.
[RO] Care and Relief for the Young
Romania street outreach. Casa Robin Hood western-modelled residential home for street children in Bucharest.
[RO] Children's Relief Network
Nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring the lives of Romania's hurting street children and orphans.
[RO] Oaza - For The Protection of Street Children
Oaza is a charitable organisation working for the protection and development of Street Children in Romania. Residential and outreach programs in Arad.
[RO] Street Children of Romania
Operate outreach and residential programs for street children in Bacau.
[RU] Voice of the Children
This project offers residential and outreach services to the street children of St. Petersburg, Russia.
[UA] Orphans and Street Children in Vinogradov
Residential program for street children in Ukraine
[UA] Streetkids of Ukraine
Let's go with 80 m³ of humanitarian aid to the streetkids in Ukraine...
[UA] This Child Here
We work with street children in partnership with the Odessa Charity, The Way Home.
[UK] The London Connection
Day centre for young homeless or unemployed people near Trafalgar Square in central London UK.
The Children living in Underground Bucharest
Northstar Gallery. Documentary photography of children living in the underground tunnels and sewers of Bucharest, Romania and information about street children in Russia, Moldova and Romania.
The CoMission for Children at Risk
The CoMission for Children at Risk exists to equip, resource and network Christian leaders, organizations, churches and individuals to minister more effectively to orphans and street children in Russia and Eastern Europe.
[UA] Prevention of addictive behavior among street children in Ukraine
The purpose of the presented work is to analyze the system of prevention of child homelessness and of addictive behavior among street children in Ukraine. (January 01, 2002)
[RU] And Now My Soul Is Hardened
History of Abandoned Children in Soviet Russia, 1918-1930 (January 01, 1994)
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