To be listed in this category, sites should at least in part be focused on streetkids or street children and contain information about street children, information about programs working with street children or both. There are separate categories in the directory for programs relating to child poverty, orphans and orphanages, child soldiers, child abuse, etc. Street children, by my definition, are children who live in the streets without any adult care or supervision. Since these number about 100 million there is not really much point in splitting hairs about "children of the street" "children in the street" "community children" "working children" If a submitted site relates to street children it will inevitably deal with some orphans, some working children, abused children, etc., but a site about orphans or an orphanage that has no direct reference to street children and no program focused on street children, does not qualify for inclusion in this category and should be submitted to the Orphans and Orphanages category. Similarly with sites whose main concern is child poverty. Unless there is a distinct component focused on street children the site should be submitted to the child poverty category. There are many poor children who are not street children. Street children have problems in common that are specific to their circumstances and work with street children has distinctive characteristics and challenges. This strict definition should not be interpreted as derogatory to sites and programs that are thereby excluded. It simply serves to make this category meaningful.

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Railway Children
Charity working for the runaway and abandoned children who live in or around the world's railway stations.
Baal Dan - Helping Children in Need
Baal Dan helps children in need. Street children. Orphans. Baal Dan provides food, clothing, medicines, books, toys, and blankets for street children in India and Africa.
Consortium for Street Children
The Consortium network consists of 37 UK based organisations dedicated to the welfare and rights of street living and working children and children at risk of taking to street life. Worldwide programs.
Street children worldwide resource library.
Street Children - SOS Children Projects
Street Children projects in Bolivia, Colombia, Kenya and Zambia.
Street Children - The Prevalence, Abuse & Exploitation of Street Children
Prof. Martin Patt Street Children Website. Country by country reports focused on children who make their homes in the street, including street children, street homeless children and rough sleepers
Streetkids Net
Street Kids for Christ, links to organizations that rescue and help children on city streets around the world.
Students Supporting Street Kids (SSSK)
A registered UK charity promoting awareness of the needs of street children in Ecuador, Colombia, Ethiopia and India. Money is raised for local groups who provide support and education.

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