Sites about life in middle age -- the years after people stop being considered "young" but before they become "senior citizens" or "elderly." This roughly corresponds to the years between the ages of 40 and 65.

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Website and community created by middle-aged men for men in mid-life transition. Topical content covers mid-life health, relationships, finance and lifestyle choices.
The ADDiva Network
Supports women 40 and better with attention deficit disorder. This is accomplished through teleclasses, retreats, workshops, private coaching and most importantly, connection with other midlife ADD women.
Aging Inferno - Aging ain't for sissies
All about middle age and beyond.
Alive at 45 Forum
A message board with questions and answers about being 40 something.
Country Wives
Talk about life, their children, and reviews and recipes for women over 50.
Fabulously 40
A sorority of women who aspire to look and feel their best, regardless of their weight, height, race, or nationality.
Fifty Plus Talks
A site for anyone over 50 to contribute a true and successful life story.
A site dedicated to the potential of middle age, not its limitations. It also deals with "midlife crises" and retirement planning.
Midlife Club
Features a forum of men and women supporting each other through midlife crises. Registration required for the forum.
Midlife Joys
Articles about health, career and family issues in midlife.
Midlife Metamorphosis
A normal life stage that forces a person out of a limited ego state into spiritual and psychological wholeness.
Midlife Moments
Columnist Mike Bellah features funny, practical, and upbeat articles on mid-life issues, including career changes and the mid-life crisis.
Midlife Research
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Successful Midlife Development.
The Mutton Club
An online magazine and community site to inspire and amplify the voices of amazing women, and share ideas.
No Blue Hair - Aging with Attitude
Reflections on aging with attitude, gratitude, creativity and humor.
Third Age
Web community and portal with articles, discussion boards and workshops for the over 50 crowd.
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