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The personal works of individuals within the area of furry fandom.

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1st Avenue
Furry art of the animator and ex-Disney inbetweener Tania Walker.
Aimee Ray
Fantasy, furry and wildlife art by Aimee Ray.
Funny animal, fantasy and fine art by long time anthro artist Amy "Amara" Pronovost.
Amisay's World Furry Art
Personal arts and comics online.
Anthrofurry Infocenter
General information site for the furry fandom, links to other information resources, by Xydexx.
Costuming and animatronics from Kevin Kelm (Triggur).
Art by Oldrabbit
Drawings of rabbits, raccoons, foxes, skunks, and others.
The anthropomorphic art of Rhiannon "Ashalind" Mclachlan.
Ask Papabear
An advice column geared to furry fans, created by Grubbs Grizzly.
Athalon the Ferret
Furry literature and music, personal hobbies and interests.
Furry art by Heather Riesen and information on commissions.
The Belfry Archives
A collection of anthropomorphic stories by Watts Martin.
Collection of art and writings by BlackWolfe Coyoten, including the comic Conrad & Connie.
Original artwork by Halo. Furry artwork with an anime/manga style.
Bob Drake's Website
Musical projects, photography and artwork.
Cheerful Madness
Nathalie Jean-Bart's anthropomorphic art, cartoons and animations.
Cyyeun Studio
Manga-style furry comics, with a sci-fi twist.
Boomer the Dog's anthropomorphic canine-related artwork, photomorphs, media and links.
Personal site of a Canadian furry and Pokemon artist and animator. Shading tutorials and commission pricing.
Fenris Designs
Artwork and ramblings of a furry graphic and web designer.
FoxWolfie Galen's Plushie Page
Plushie and fursuit resources and links.
Foxwood Studios
Contains anthropomorphic artwork and an ongoing fantasy story, "The Foxwood Chronicles."
A small collection of art from Todd W. Pewsey.
Furry Humor Archive
Repository of newsgroup-era furry humor, by Colm McSky.
G. Howell's furry stories
Personal collection of science fiction and fantasy writing.
Ghost Circles
The anime, furry, comic, and just plain strange art of Mike Vega, Matt Holmberg and Diana Sprinkle.
Goldenwolf's Den
A mixture of were art done in traditional media.
Silverblue's gallery of gothic furry art.
Heather Bruton, Illustrator
Animal-based and anthropomorphic artwork, plus personal and biographical information.
Cute furry art; main characters include seals, rabbits, and foxes.
Blog with news and reviews of furry-related works, by Rod O'Riley
An Intimate Exploration of Furry Fandom
Article on furry people, art, "lifestylers" and sexuality, and details of the UK and LondonFurs scenes, by Vexen Crabtree.
J.C.'s Dump
Fantasy and anthropomorphic animal artwork by a cat from Taipei.
Joerg's Carnivore Pages
Jörg Reuter discusses furriness, werewolves and transformation.
Katarina's Page O' Wenches and Stuff
Furry/anthropomophic art, TaleSpin fan art, commission information and other works.
Khromat Kompendium
All about the Khromatai, a race used in the "Other Suns" RPG, plus some general information on Other Suns.
Were art in traditional and digital media.
The Ligers Den
Dedicated to ligers of the furry fandom. Also includes some data and a FAQ regarding ligers in the real world.
Light Beasts Saga
Information on the anthrpomorphic novels by Mina S. Kitsune and Rebecca "Lyarea" Evertt
LizTail Studios
Anthropomorphic and fantasy artwork, including drawings, fiction, lizards, and game demos.
Luna Miakoda
The character profile of Furcadian and furry Luna Miakoda (or Flutter-By).
Lupinia Studios
Photography, writing, web development work, and creative works by Natasha Lockhart.
Poseidon's World
Artwork and information centered around an island inhabited by a race of dragons, by Poseidon Simons.
Puma's Lair
Furry and anthropomorphic information, web pages, local/regional mailing lists.
RedDog Art
A variety of anthropomorphic, wildlife and fantasy art by Chrissy Neff.
RiverWolf Studios
Shadow Blackscar's anthro and were art.
Personal art and blog of a furry fan. Technology tutorials and video guides.
Fantasy fiction from David Fields, including Rhiann of the Sauk and the stories of Tracker, a bionic fox construct in a human world.
SDF Universe
Wolfy's science-fiction furry art and stories, plus information on the Trephi and the characters of the SDF Universe.
Detailed art of reptilian and furry creatures, by Christiana M. Yen.
SkieBorne Art
Anthropomorphic/furry and gryphonic art. Mostly wolves and winged creatures. Prints and shirts available.
StarShadow's Lair
The anthromorphic stories of Nathan Cooper aka StarShadow, plus poetry and links.
Steel Jackal Graphics
Anthropomorphic animal art by Saqqara.
Swandog Studio
Fantasy, wildlife and furry art by Xenia Eliassen.
Swiftwing's Place
Original artwork and colorings.
Sythyry's Journal
In-character journal for a long-lived Zi-Ri sorcerer in the World Tree RPG setting.
Tim Kangaroo's World
Cartoons, art, web-cam archives, music, a dash of politics, and links from Timothy Fay.
Xan Steel
Furry art and stories by Xan and friends.
Yamer's Art at deviantART
Cute, anime-style furry art.
Zaxtor's Anthro Furries
Cedric Lutes's photo-manipulations of real-life animals.
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