An international network of 75 independent clubs with a combined membership of over 17,000 women in 34 countries worldwide. It serves as a support network for American women living and working abroad and is particularly active in the fields of U.S. citizens' concerns, education, environmental protection, and women's and children's rights.

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The American International League of Florence
FAWCO. Club history, activities offered, special events, and membership.
American Women of Berkshire and Surrey
FAWCO. Club history, membership information, and social and philanthropic activities.
American Women of Surrey
FAWCO. Club history, activities, neighborhood groups and membership information.
American Women's Association of Rome
FAWCO. Promotes friendship through community service, cultural and social activities. Calendar of events, membership, and photos.
The American Women's Association of Vienna
Assists American women living in Vienna, Austria.
American Women's Association Singapore
Based at the American Club. Includes information on moving to Singapore, events and activities, and membership information.
American Women's Club in Sweden
FAWCO. Information on life in Sweden, club membership and activity groups.
American Women's Club Malmö
FAWCO. Brings together American women residing in Sweden for the purpose of gaining companionship, support and friendship among their fellow countrywomen.
American Women's Club of Antwerp
FAWCO. Contact information for the AWC in Antwerp. Help and information for American expatriate women and links to other useful sites.
American Women's Club of Bern
FAWCO. Nonpolitical organization sponsoring social, cultural, and charitable activities in and around Bern. Includes bulletin board for members, interest groups, and publications.
American Women's Club of Brussels
FAWCO. Engages in welfare and cultural activities which will contribute to closer Belgo-American understanding. Departments, membership, business directory, and calendar of events.
American Women's Club of Central Scotland
FAWCO. Club information, activities, philanthropies, and Glasgow and Edinburgh happenings.
American Women's Club of Dublin
Social and philanthropic activities fostering a connection to Irish culture and community. Information on membership, activities, and relocation.
American Women's Club of Düsseldorf
FAWCO. Members from the US, Germany, and many other countries. Includes membership information, newsletter, and links to area resources.
American Women's Club of Gothenburg (Göteborg)
FAWCO. Includes reports on activities, photo album, relocation resources, and book club selections.
The American Women's Club of Hamburg
FAWCO. Club history, activities, and membership, with resources for relocating to Hamburg.
American Women's Club of London
FAWCO. Provides social, cultural, educational and philanthropic activities for US citizens and persons with close ties to the United States who are living in London. Includes calendar and upcoming activities.
American Women's Club of Luxembourg
FAWCO. Upcoming meetings, calendar of events, activities, and photos.
American Women's Club of Oslo
Provides an opportunity for expatriates to become better acquainted with other Americans in Oslo. Includes a history of the club, message from the President, tips on living in Oslo and schedule of upcoming meetings and events.
American Women's Club of Thailand
Support group for American women living in Bangkok, Thailand.
American Women's Club of the Hague
FAWCO. Club activities, calendar of events, and resources for relocating to Holland.
American Women's Club of the Taunus
A non-profit and volunteer based member organization for American women living in Germany. Offers a mission statement, services available, activities of the group and an online membership form with terms and conditions.
American Women's Club of Zurich
FAWCO. Program for being introduced to living in Zurich, membership information, and links to family resources.
American Women's Group in Paris
FAWCO. Board and officers, activities and interest groups, and Paris newcomer links.
Association of American Wives of Europeans (AAWE)
FAWCO. Nonprofit organization of American women married to Europeans living long term in Europe, primarily in the Paris area.
Association of American Women of Aberdeen
FAWCO. American and Canadian expatriates who meet for social and cultural exchange. Includes links to community resources, relocation tips, and membership information.
Benvenuto Club of Milan
FAWCO. English-speaking group welcomes women by providing opportunities for them to make friends. Activities, membership, calendar of events, and help for Americans and Orientals living in Milan.
Chilterns American Women's Club
FAWCO. Club history, special interest groups, membership information, and links for women planning a move to the UK.
Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas Inc.
An international network of independent clubs. FAWCO serves as a support network for American women living and working abroad.
North American Connection
FAWCO. Serves the West and East Midlands (UK). Information on membership, activities, and support resources.
US Women's Club of Fyn [Denmark]
FAWCO. Information on meetings, holiday activities, and monthly newsletter.
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