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Book Of Life
Provides a technique for reading the Akashic records, as well as book excerpts.
Coping With Sensitivity and Empathic Gifts
Explains the role of the empath and how to cope with the gift. Includes personal profile and a forum.
Divine Cosmos
David Wilcock is a lecturer, filmmaker and author. Includes articles, events calendar, and information on books.
Glow of Hope
Reflections on mediumship and psychic ability.
Ingo Swann
Artist, author and paranormal researcher. Provides an archive of remote viewing information, articles, and an online book.
The Life Intended
Stories, guidance and observations from a clairaudient spiritual seeker who seeks to uncover and fulfill his highest life goals and lessons. [RSS]
Michelle Jones
Biography and information about her current job as an angel card reader in a magazine and her past artistic creations. Includes media qualifications and contact details.
Psychic Junkie
Blog, guidelines for readings and submitted reviews. Information about the Tarot and dreams.
Psychic Realms
Extract from "Unlock Your Psychic Powers" by Dr. Richard Lawrence discusses psychic ability as a manifestation of intuition.
Second Sight: A Paranormal View
A blog that covers many paranormal topics, including historical and current hauntings, ghost hunting, supernatural mysteries and psychic predictions and interpretations.
Spirit Realms
All about her beliefs which include mediumship, meditation, auras, reincarnation and tarot teaching. Features biography, photo gallery and memorial pages for persons and pets.
Spiritual Inspiration
Provides articles covering subjects such as self improvement and meditation. Offers consultation services and a profile of the author.
Uri Geller
Official site. The collected thoughts, writings and experiences of this paranormalist.
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