Remote Viewing is a term coined by the psychic Ingo Swann, who developed a method or protocol consisting of a multi-stage process which allowed anyone to be trained to perceive information about a target using his or her innate sixth sense while being fully conscious. A properly trained person could access details about a remote location, written down in the form of words and sketches, while being kept completely blind to the name or nature of the target.
The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing
Corporate and personal remote viewing consulting, personalized coaching and remote viewing certification. Provides course information, articles and a student discussion forum.
Dale E. Graff
A physicist, author and a former director of project Star Gate, the government program that investigated remote viewing phenomena, offers seminars and consultations on ESP, remote viewing and dreams. Includes articles and events details.
Farsight Institute
Promotes the use of scientific remote viewing. Includes articles and video.
Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection
Featuring discussions, transcripts, FAQs, and an interview with Joseph McMoneagle, remote viewer in the US Government programs now collectively called Star Gate.
International Remote Viewing Association
Promotes scientifically sound research and ethical standards and provides educational information to the public. Includes membership information and articles.
Psi Tech, Inc.
Provides products and services, live discussion forums, free newsletters, and streaming video presentations.
Remote Viewing Consulting Services
Offering professional remote viewing consulting. Includes the history of remote viewing, testimonials and team qualifications.
Remote Viewing Unit
Research and training based in Western Australia. Profiles, information about the courses and a contact form.
Provides a free associative remote viewing course and research examples. Provided by Greg Kolodziejzyk.
Provides remote viewing links, history, participant profiles, and downloads.
Russell Targ
Remote viewing and spiritual healing workshops by Russell Targ and Jane Katra, Ph.D. Includes articles, events and recommended books.
Remote viewing training and consulting by Major Paul H. Smith (ret.), a veteran of the Star Gate program. Includes remote viewing sessions in .PDF format, and information on courses and fees.
Ten Thousand Roads Remote Viewing and Dowsing Project
Forum. Includes discussion on theory, and psi practice.
Viking Remote Viewing
Presents remote viewing as a means of exploration, social psychotherapy, and a path to enlightenment.
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