Animal communication involves the telepathic communication with both living and deceased animals as well as channeled communication with animal entities or spirits. Animal communicators can work with animals in person or from a distance, and many also offer a variety of healing services such as reiki.

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Amelia Kinkade
Author of books on animal communication. Features biography, news articles, FAQ, and video interviews.
Angel Hand Ranch
Animal psychic and medium Toni Trimble offers readings, riding seminars, books and horoscopes. Features testimonials, describes a seminar, and personal profile. Gonzales, Texas.
Animal Communication
Offers details about the consultation, prices and biography. Shillington, Pennsylvania.
Animal Communication Plus
Barbara Martin offers telephone sessions for pet and pet owner, specializing in animals who are ill, and animals who have crossed over. Includes biography, press and workshop details. Napa, California.
Animal Communications by Anita Curtis
Offers consultations, lectures, a newsletter, and workshops. Contains fees information and testimonials. Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania.
Animal Communicator Eileen Leskovec
Aims to improve the relationship between pets and their humans. Based in Ohio, USA. List of services offered, rates, FAQs and testimonials.
Animal Connection
Animal communication services provided by Danielle Sender. Includes FAQ, memorial tribute page and fees and session details.
Animal Echoes
Provides remote healing and animal communication seminar recordings and workbooks and teleseminar information.
Animal Feedback
Located in northern Illinois. Also teaches others how to talk to their pets. FAQs and contact information.
Animal Insights
Carole Devereux resides in Washington state and provides retreats, workshops and consultations. Includes videos, workshop calendar, and details about the book, "Spirit of the Horse".
Animal Muse
Cathy Currea is an animal communicator based in Pleasant Hill, California and offers consultations and workshops. Includes profile, how to prepare for a session and events calendar.
Animal Talk
Offers classes, wild dolphin swim tours, whale journeys, animal behavior healing, and telepathic communicating with animals. Contains biography, interviews, and stories. Prescott, Arizona.
Animal Translations
Maureen Harmonay describes communication sessions, and gives details on reasons for communicating, testimonials, rates and e-newsletter. Sterling, Massachusetts.
Animal Voices
Dawn Baumann Brunke explores human-animal communication in her two books.
Animals Connect
Based in California, USA. Article about telepathy and the benefits of a consultation. Biography, resources and testimonials.
Animals In Our Hearts
A multi-faceted site belonging to Teresa Wagner. Features publications, workshops, retreats, grief counseling and energy healing.
Animals Speak to Me
Uses Reiki healing on both pets and humans and offers general consultations to pets.Testimonials, gallery and contact details. Based in California, USA.
Annette Betcher
Animal communicator and intuitive consultant who welcomes all animals, including missing animals and those in spirit, specializing in horses. Contains articles, testimonials, photos and biography. Washington State, USA.
Barbara Shor DVM
Barbara is based in Ashland, Oregon and is a veterinarian who does animal communication consultations, workshops and presentations. Includes profile and testimonials.
Basanda Animal Communication
Based in Tehachapi, California, USA. Profile, resources, testimonials and contact form.
Brigitte Noel
Based in San Diego, California, Offers workshops, consultations and custom blended flower essences.
Bruce Butcher
Works with all types of animals. Also offers Reiki and workshops. Includes personal profile and quotations. Ohio.
Caroline Leroux
Caroline conducts workshops and conferences and offers consultations. Contains consultation information, profile and testimonials. Quebec, Canada. [English and French]
Catrima Gabrelle
Also offers human therapy, workshops and remote viewing. Provides service details, rates, testimonials and FAQs. Located in London, U.K.
Cindy Smith
Offers conversations as well as workshops in animal communication training. Features client comments, class descriptions, profile and newsletter.
Danielle MacKinnon
Also offers readings and life coaching for humans. Profile, FAQs, contact page, shop and blog.
Debbie McGillivray
Speaks to pets through the use of telepathy. Includes workshop information, how to set up a consultation and details about her books. Florida.
Dolphin Connection
Hawaii based Joan Ocean offers seminars, retreats, and several books. Includes seminar schedule, dolphin and whale messages and photos.
Elaine DeCarlo
Animal communicator, intuitive and Reiki Grand Master. Consultations in locating lost animals, as well as help with behavioral and health issues. Features services and fees details and photo gallery. Connecticut.
Georgina Cyr
Offers animal communication sessions and also workshops and correspondence courses. Includes FAQ, course details, and fees. Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada.
The Gurney Institute
Author of the publication "Language of Animals", Carol Gurney hosts consultations and workshops. She is based in Agoura, California. Includes teleconference and workshop schedules, testimonials and personal profile.
Healing Heartstrings
Lori Wright is an animal communicator and Reiki Master-Teacher. Features consultation information, testimonials and some session results. Upper Lake, California.
Heart 2 Heart With Animals
Located in Newfane, New York, USA. Also teaches pet to human telepathy. Blog, profile, calendar and contact form.
Heidi Wright
Animal communications, workshops and lectures. Heidi Wright is featured in the book, "The Language of Miracles". Contains lost pet information, FAQ, fees details and biography. Malin, Oregon.
Hilary Renaissance
Offers compassionate help solving animal behavior problems and locating lost pets.
Horse Whispers
Cass Martinez offers services in animal communication and energy healing, as well as aromatherapy and flower essences for horses and pets. Features details of a communication session, a sample report and articles. Australia.
Hummingbird Farm
Tera Thomas offers consultations and workshops in animal communication, and is a Reiki Master offering Reiki attunements, and hands-on and long distance healing to animals and people. Includes course details and animal conversations. Pittsboro, North Carolina.
Insight With Animals
Based in Colorado and offering consultations for pets (living or not) by telephone or Skype. Testimonials, booking page, blog and podcasts.
Interspecies Inspirations
Based in Oregon, USA. Also consults nature. List of services and a fees schedule, profile, testimonials and contact form.
Jann Howell, Animal Communicator
Acts as a translator between human and pet. Provides information about her services, prices and workshops. Also offers chaplain services. Based in Greenville, South Carolina.
Jenny Key
Based in Colorado. Aims to strengthen the bond between humans and pets. Offers psychotherapy to both. Biography, testimonials, description of services offered, rates and contact form.
Joan Ranquet
Washington state based animal psychic offers consultations and energy healing. Contains profile, events schedule and pricing.
Joyce Leake's Animal University
Includes information about Joyce and her services, as well as details of her Interspecies Communication Certificate Program.
Julie Brown Intuitive
With sessions focusing on relationship issues between owners and animals including passing and passed animals. Includes biography, fees and class details. Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Katalyst For Animal Wholeness Inc
Kathleen A. Berard offers animal communication, Bach flower essence and holistic animal care consultations. Features FAQ, articles and biography. San Antonio, Texas.
Katie Heldman
Located in Colorado. Focuses on the pet-human relationship. Description of services and contact form.
Leta's Herbs and Animals
Blog, articles and code of ethics.
Linda Thomas
Translates the telepathic language of the animals into English. Includes biography and phone consultation details. Moline, Illinois.
Lydia Hiby
Talks to animals using a non-verbal technique called picture talking. Features forums, FAQ and details of services. Escondido, California.
Marla Steele
An animal psychic, Reiki Master, flower essence healer and "sole" coach. Includes biography, services details, testimonials and memorial page. Petaluma, California.
Marta Williams
Offers a general overview of animal communication, workshop details, newsletter and details of services offered. Middletown, California.
Mary J. Getten
Offers consultations and workshops. Includes profile, information about consultations and client comments. Olympia, Washington.
Nancy Windheart
Based in Arizona, USA. Offering consultations for pets and humans, Reiki, special trips, classes and workshops. Profile, blog, programs offered, resources and contact form.
Paws and Claws
Gina Palmer offers classes and workshops teaching animal communication, as well as private consultations and animal care products, including flower essences for animals. Includes profile and mission statement. Vista, California.
Lisa Larson is an animal communicator, Reiki Master and Kahi practitioner. Includes a forum, description of sessions and fees and personal profile. Encinitas, California.
Peaceable Kingdom
Cindy Wenger offers support for animal companions overall well being, and alternative healing techniques. She is available for consultations, lectures and workshops. Features the benefits of a session, biography and information on how a consultation is done. Hershey, Pennsylvania.
Terri Diener describes her practice in Baltimore, Maryland, and offers details of her book "The Pets Speak", communication session information and client feedback.
PS Animal Communications
Patty Summers is the author of "Talking With the Animals". She offers consultations, workshops and lectures in Evington, Virginia. Includes events calendar, what to expect in a session, and animal communication stories.
Raisa Stone
Located in Canada. Also offers healing for pets and humans and spirit contact with pets. Contact details, testimonials, biography, workshops details and booking form.
Reiki Dogs
Lisa Shaw is a Florida-based animal communicator and Reiki master, offering consultations and intuitive readings.
Shirley Scott
Located in Oregon, USA. Consultations with pets and humans. Offers testimonials and sells her books and CDs.
Speaking to Animals
Specializing in lost pets. Services also include talking to pets in spirit, transition preparation and Shamanic work on humans. Profile and testimonials. Located in Winconsin.
Species Connection
Jacquelin Smith is based in Ohio and offers consultations, workshops, an apprenticeship course and a prayer line for animals. Features workshop schedule, book excerpt and personal profile.
Spirit Of Horses
Catherine Lynn Ceci travels and give lectures and private readings. Features testimonials and some session conversations. Monticello, Florida.
Spring Farm CARES
A nonprofit corporation and interspecies communication center offers workshops, publications, and videos and offers sanctuary to hundreds of animals. Clinton, New York.
Stephanie L Brown
Working with all species including human, to improve the relationship of souls. Contains biography and testimonials. Sherman Oaks, California.
Susan Deren
Based in Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA. Contains interviews, events details and client testimonials.
Suzanne Fisher
Located in Virginia, USA and offers services in person and at a distance. Also available for events and arranges pet funerals. Consultation and event fees, biography, testimonials, funeral information and articles.
Suzi Dalling: Connect in Harmony
Based in California.Offers help to find lost pets and general pet readings. Also offers readings to humans. Testimonials and links.
Talk to Animals
Marty Meyer is based in Independence, California. She offers workshops and consultations. Includes profile, FAQ, stories and testimonials.
Suzan Vaughn is an animal communicator, and psychic medium. Includes a profile, types of services provided, pet stories, and information on classes. San Luis Obispo, California.
Tellall Communications
Karin Hidber is an animal communicator, TTouch practitioner, and also offers flower remedies as well as workshops. Contains biography and details about each treatment. British Columbia.
Trusting the Heart
Includes services, rates and background.
Two Bear Healing Arts
Healing facilitator for animals and their people. Phone sessions, house calls and classes. Testimonials. Serving Nyack, NY and nationwide clients.
Val Heart and Friends
Animal behaviorist for performance horses and companion animals. Articles and information about workshops. San Antonio, Texas.
Wagging Tales
Animal communicator Tim Link offers consultations with all types of animals, living or deceased. He is also the author of "Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has a Tale". Features biography, lost pet information, and services details. Cumming, Georgia.
Wild Insights
Sarah Messina offers online animal communication courses and animal healing courses. Contains FAQ, articles and testimonials. Melbourne, Australia.
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