Ghost Investigators of the United States.

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Anthony Duda
Based in Boston, Massachusetts. Profile of the team, pictures, guest book and articles on ghosts, UFOs and cryptozoology.
Bi-City Paranormal
Covers parts of Alabama and Georgia. Case files, gallery and contact form.
Black Hills Paranormal Investigations
Covering the Dakotas and parts of Wyoming, Montana and Nebraska. Profiles of team members, case history, FAQs and contact details.
Carolina Paranormal
Based in North Carolina, also serving South Carolina and the southeast if needed. Profiles, equipment list, video and audio evidence, media mentions and contact request form.
Cody Barnes
Wisconsin paranormal investigator.
Complete Paranormal Services
Based in Pennsylvania, serving the surrounding states. FAQs, team member pictures and contact details. Also provides their audio and visual evidence and some articles about the supernatural.
Elite Paranormal of Kansas City
Based in Missouri, also serving other states. Includes case files - some with videos, profiles of their team members, links, photographs, contact form and a collection of EVP.
Four State Paranormal
Serves Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Past case history, contact email address and articles.
Garden State Ghost Hunters
Serves New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Case history, EVPs, team biographies, videos and contact form.
Gettysburg Ghosts Paranormal Investigations
Serves Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Contact form, videos and EVP.
Ghosts of Louisiana Paranormal Society
Also covering southern Mississippi. Includes pictures and EVPs.
Grimstone Inc.
Located in Michigan, serving the Great Lakes region. Contact request form, testimonials and links.
Hunters of the Unknown
Based in southwest Chicago but covering other states. Profiles, contact request form, upcoming and future cases and equipment list.
International Paranormal Reporting Group
Covers Idaho, Oregon and parts of Washington state. Contact form, testimonials, profiles, case files with pictures, in memorial page and some archived radio shows they hosted.
Midwest SPECS
Covers Omaha, Iowa and South Dakota. Shows equipment used and details and pictures of previous cases.
Minnesota's Beyond the Veil
Also covers Wisconsin and North Iowa. Team profiles, contact details and links. Provides information about haunted public locations and ghost hunting tips and checklist.
New England Anomalies Research (NEAR)
Includes photographs, news, forum, and research results.
New Jersey Ghost Investigations
Covers New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Case files, general information about hauntings, glossary and FAQs.
The New York Paranormal Society
Covers the tri-state area. Profiles of team members and a contact form for them. Includes pictures of their equipment, details of their media appearances and articles. Case studies and field reports.
Oregon Paranormal
Serves the Pacific Northwest. Contact request and client forms, a team page, case studies and details about their equipment.
Located in Omaha, covering most of the Midwest. Offers detailed case files, images, EVP, video and an equipment list.
Paranormal Pulse
Based in Utah, also covering Idaho and Nevada. Lists past cases along with EVP and visual evidence. Discusses their equipment and lists their team members with a short biography. Contact form.
Paranormal Research Society of New England
Offering services to those experiencing a haunting. Includes photographs, EVPs, and reports of past investigations.
Philadelphia Area Paranormal Society
Provides free services covering their home state, New Jersey and Delaware. Includes information about their investigation protocols.
Serves Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Case files, profiles, equipment list, information about their methods, contact form and an investigation request form.
Professional Paranormal Investigations
Serving Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. Links, FAQs and contact form.
RISEUP Paranormal
Based in Rhode Island and covers Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Studies hauntings, UFOs and cryptozoology. Contact details, team profiles, glossary and evidence.
S.I.G.H.T. Paranormal
Covers Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and other nearby states. Audio evidence, links and contact email address.
Second Sight Ghost and Paranormal Investigation
Serving Kansas City, Missouri - and surrounding areas. Profiles, contact form, links, case files and glossary.
South East Paranormal Investigators Association
Investigates ghosts and cryptids. Based in North Carolina also covering the tri-state area, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Audio and pictorial evidence, contact request form and case history.
Southwest Ghost Hunters' Association
Case files, articles, FAQs and contact email address.
Tri-State Paranormal Research
Profiles, FAQs, case files and links.
West Sound Paranormal
Serves the West Coast and parts of the South East. Includes contact form, case files, gallery and profiles.
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