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Crops circles are geometric patterns, some very intricate and complex, appearing in fields, usually wheat fields and usually in England. Some crop circles may be due to pranksters. Some people believe that crop circles are messages from aliens trying to communicate with us.

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Crop Circle Connector
Resources and related information including an International database.
The Circle Vault Project
Attempting to test if researchers are able to distinguish between genuine and man-made.
Crop Circle Archive
Has an interactive database of formations. Also includes articles. (Macromedia Flash required)
Crop Circles
Suzanne Taylor's page on the subject, articles, reconstructions, reports and interviews with researchers.
Crop Circles - Their Meaning and Connections to Dreams
Articles by Joseph E. Mason and Dee Finney. They believe that the formations are related to dreams and human consciousness.
Crop Circles and the Key to the World Order
Article about the science, nature, politics and spirituality of the phenomena.
Crop Circles Corner
Photographs of both known hoaxes and those considered genuine. Articles on subjects such as peculiarities observed and the author's theories.
Crop Circles: The Real Picture
Archived pictures and videos.
Crystalinks Crop Circles
An introduction to the subject with images and links to latest developments.
Dutch Crop Circle Archive
Database of formations dating back to 1590. Articles and other resources. Both Dutch and English.
Paranormal World
A guide to all those things, from aliens to crop circles, from spontaneous human combustion to disappearances, from ghosts to ley lines.
Quest for Truth
A feature-length documentary of interviews with leading researchers and scientists. Crop Circles
An explanation of the phenomena as prophecies of Book of Revelation events.
Swirled News
A rolling news service for the phenomena.
Temporary Temples
Image library, shop of stock photos and a selection of articles.
UK Crop Circles
Provides views at ground level, using photographs, first hand reports and observations.
Unified Field Objection
Information about a graphic novel that will incorporate the phenomena.
What on Earth?
Documentary movie. Details about the film makers, links and general information about the phenomena.
BBC News
Questions and answers with George Bishop (August 09, 2000)
BBC News
Magnetic 'solution' to the puzzle. (August 09, 2000)
BBC News
There is no mystery, says our science editor Dr David Whitehouse. (August 09, 2000)
BBC News
Tis the season to be silly (July 14, 2000)
BBC News
Crop circles mystify Russian farmers (June 24, 2000)
BBC News
Former US Congressman Laurance Rockefeller is to finance the largest survey in the UK. (May 19, 1999)
BBC News
Mysterious circles keep cropping up. (May 19, 1999)
Anatomical Anomalies In Crop Formation Plants
by Talbott, Nancy (August 11, 1997)

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