Welfare groups who work directly with or are composed of public assistance recipients.

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Californians for Justice
A statewide grassroots organization working to empower communities that have been pushed to the margins of the political process in California.
Community Voices Heard
An organization of low-income people, predominantly women on welfare, working together to make improvements in the community, and advance the political, economic and social rights of low-income people on welfare and other low-wage workers.
Direct Action Welfare Group
A grassroots group of current and former public assistance recipients in West Virginia who work on welfare and poverty issues.
Just Harvest
A membership organization which promotes economic justice and works to influence public policy and to educate, empower, and mobilize the citizens of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
Make The Road By Walking
A not-for-profit, membership-led organization based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Their members are primarily low-income Latino and African-American residents of Bushwick and surrounding neighborhoods. They fight for justice and opportunity through community organizing on issues of concern to their multi-generational membership.
Philadelphia Unemployment Project
A membership organization of low-wage workers and the unemployed. PUP has fought for jobs and for economic justice since 1975. They are also an unemployed workers center that helps people win unemployment cases, save their houses, and get access to health care.
Welfare Warriors
Milwaukee group works to create a voice for mothers in poverty through organization and media.
Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW)
Works in Washington, DC and across the US to achieve economic independence and equality of opportunity for women and girls. Supports technical assistance, training, and other programs. Event information, links to affiliated resource sites, publications, and ways to support the organization are provided.
Wisconsin 9 to 5
A national grassroots membership organization that strengthens women's ability to work for economic justice.
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