Includes companies specializing in long range planning, annual fund drives, grant assistance and/or capital campaigns.

DOES NOT INCLUDE companies who offer goods and services to organizations for re-sale to the public to raise funds. These sites should be placed in Society: Organizations: Fundraising: Wholesale Products.

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Achieve LLC
Background, services, success stories, blog, news, resources and contact information.
Advancement Resources, LLC
A professional services firm providing professional fundraising training and event production throughout North America.
Affinity Resources
Capital campaigns, feasibility studies, online fund raising, email campaigns, technology planning and e-strategy for nonprofits.
Al Czarnecki Communications
Canadian firm providing fundraising and image consulting. Tips and articles for organizations, list of qualifications, brochure, information on services.
Aliya Marketing Group
Specializes in fundraising consulting and direct marketing.
Alyssa Hanada
Background, services, strategy, success stories and contact information.
Servicing non-profit database management and direct response fundraising needs.
American Fundraising Counsel, Inc.
A partnership of capital campaign development professionals providing customized client solutions to funding challenges for non-profit organizations.
AMI Church Consulting
Program options, articles, sample letters and contact information.
Amy Eisenstein, Consultant
Background, services, testimonials, blog and contact information.
Bannon Associates, Inc.
Services, testimonials and contact information.
Barnes & Roche, Inc.
Provides fundraising consulting that can help clients build solid, creative, and effective advancement programs.
Bene-factors Counsel
Specializing in nonprofit organizations that want to raise funds in support of their mission.
Background, model overview, video, testimonials, curriculum, online store and contact information.
Bloom Non Profit Consulting Group
Services, clients, blog and contact information.
Brakeley, John Price Jones Inc.
Charting the course for fundraising strategies and solutions.
The Breton Group
A regional development consulting firm for non-profit organizations.
Brimhall & Associates
Provides counsel, campaign feasibility studies, gift strategies, and specialized searches for not-for-profit organizations.
Bullock Consulting Inc.
Services, background, products, blog and contact information.
Business and Nonprofit Strategies, Inc.
Services and contact information.
Butcher and Briggs
Providing fundraising and development counsel to clients in both New England and the entire United States.
Campbell & Company
Offers hands-on experience in nonprofit fundraising.
Capital Development Services
Fundraising counsel, research, and publications firm specializing in providing full-service capital campaign planning and implementation services to non-profit organizations.
Cargill Associates
National fund-raising firm serving non-profit institutions and churches since 1976.
CG Associates
A resource for fundraisers offering donor and foundation research services and advice on major gift fundraising. [Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region]
Charity Consultants Ltd
Offers consultancy, training, donor research, and implementation.
Chase Solutions
A consulting firm providing donor and prospect research solutions for philanthropic organizations. Offers a list of clients and details of services.
Cheryl A. Clarke Consulting
Grant proposals; annual fund campaigns; capital campaign feasibility studies; board and staff training in fundraising techniques; and case statements, brochures, and appeal letters.
A Circle of Ten, Inc.
Training in collaborative grant writing, nonprofit management, community development and nonprofit networking in Texas.
Colon & Associates, LLC
Background, staff bios, services, references and contact information.
Communication Mark
Fundraising and organizational services. Experience, resources and contact information.
Community Counselling Service
Provides fundraising consulting services including feasibility studies, capital campaigns, prospect research, public relations, case developments, and development audits.
The Compass Group, Inc.
Background, fields of expertise, testimonials and contact information.
Campaign management for nonprofits. Background, history, services, client list and contact information.
Conway Company, LLC
Full spectrum fund-raising counsel to non-profit organizations. Services, staff, client comments and contact information.
Corfield Consulting Services
Specializing in fund raising and major capital development for Christian day schools, churches and non-profit organizations.
Corporate DevelopMint
Strategic planning and fund raising consulting firm with creative marketing approaches to fund-raising and institutional advancement for non-profit organizations.
Creative Edge Consulting
Specializing in new organizational start-ups. Services, testimonials, fees and contact information.
Crowe Strategic Consulting
Services, resources, blog and contact information.
The Cunneen Company
Fundraising organization that designs and implements campaigns for Catholic churches including offertory enhancement, stewardship programs and tithing.
Curtis Group Consultants
Specializes in personalized fundraising consulting for small to mid-size non-profit organizations.
Cygnus Applied Research, Inc.
Background, services, publications, research, seminars and contact information.
Dan Mirgon & Associates
Fundraising and organizational development for Christian ministries. Background, services, client listing, resources, and contact information.
The Daniel P. Butler Company
Consultants in fundraising and development offering feasibility studies, capital and annual campaign management, solicitor and strategic planning.
Daniller and Company
Develops membership, fund raising, and direct mail programs for non-profit organizations.
Dara Silverman, Consultant
Services, client listing and contact information.
David Bury & Associates
Provides fundraising, development, and strategic planning services to arts and cultural organizations.
Deringer Consulting
Services, background and contact information.
Development Associates, Inc.
A direct mail consulting firm specializing in creating and producing fund raising programs for Catholic organizations.
Development Research Systems
Provides donor prospect and snapshot profiles, and prospect research training.
Development Resource Center
On-site and Internet based training. Course descriptions and contact information.
Development Services Group
Capital campaigns for churches, parish centers, renovation projects, and parochial schools.
DeWitt & Associates, Inc.
Fund-raising consulting firm that services all types of non profit organizations.
Do More Mission
Practice areas, philosophy, testimonials and contact information.
The Donnée Group
Services, client listing, portfolio and contact information.
Prospect research. Areas of expertise and contact information.
Donovan Management, Inc.
Services, blog, CEO profile and contact information.
Double the Donation, LLC.
Provides matching gift tools to nonprofit organizations to help them increase fundraising from corporate giving programs.
Dunleavy and Associates
Provides strategic planning, project management and fundraising strategies for nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations.
DVA Navion
International fundraising consultants. Benefit from global experience, while retaining local information and expertise.
Essex & Drake Fund Raising Counsel
Background, staffing, client list, news, links and contact information.
Software management and consulting company. Product descriptions and contact information.
EXCEL Consulting Group
Services and contact information.
The Freelance Prospect Research Network
Directory of prospect researchers, grantwriters and consultants. Services, request form and contact information.
Fund Raising Strategies, Inc.
Postal and electronic direct mail fund raising strategies for charitable, nonprofit fund raising organizations
Funding Matters
A Canadian-owned firm that provides fundraising counsel in all areas.
The Fundraising Authority
Information, articles and resources for nonprofits along with information about services.
The Fundraising Coach
Marc Pitman's background, services, blog, articles, FAQ and contact information.
The Fundraising Resource Group
Services, programs, training, news and contact information.
Gail Perry Associates
Information, articles and resources for nonprofits along with information about services.
Gary Friedmann & Associates
Background, staffing, client listing, and contact information.
Gayle Roberts
Specializes in small to mid-size non-profits. Background, services, projects and contact information.
Global Work-Ethic Fund, Inc.
Consulting and training in fund raising and governance for civil society organizations, especially in developing countries.
Goettler Associates, Inc.
Fund-raising consulting firm serving nonprofit organizations nationwide.
GPB Associates, LLC
Strategic coaching and training. Background, services, workshops and contact information.
Graham-Pelton Consulting, Inc.
Fundraising services for nonprofit institutions including capital campaign and annual fund management, development audits, and feasibility studies.
Grizzard Communications Group, Inc
Background, program description, approach, program studies, services, resources, and contact information.
Grubbs Boatman & Associates
Capital stewardship services. Recommendations, testimonials and contact information.
Guidance In Giving, Inc.
On-site counsel for all types of Catholic development efforts. Campaign plans designed by the firm utilize techniques that were developed over the years and are continuously tested and refined.
Hanson & Company
Independent consulting firm providing fundraising and management services to nonprofit organizations.
Hartsook Companies, Inc.
Nationwide fundraising consulting for nonprofits, capital campaign, planned giving, annual fund. Staffing, client list, news and contact information.
Harvey McKinnon Associates
Background, services, portfolio, resources and contact information.
Havey & Associates, Inc.
Fund-raising counsel for churches and church related organizations. Fund-raising software also available.
The Helen Brown Group
Strategic research training and consultation to organizations in the US, UK and Europe. Specialty is customized prospect identification.
Hobson Media Enterprises
Offers media outreach and consultation, event planning, and fundraising consultation for faith-based non-profit organizations. Includes profiles and FAQ.
Holmes, Radford & Avalon, Inc.
Services, clients and contact information. Focuses on the Midwest.
Hope Associates
Provides fundraising consulting services and nonprofit solutions for many types of charitable organizations, from a single fundraising letter to a full development campaign.
Assists in public solicitations for non-profit capital campaigns.
Institute of School and Parish Development
National development and consulting firm servicing Catholic schools, parishes and dioceses.
Integral Resources, Inc.
Specialists in telephone-based fundraising solutions and database management for non-profit and political organizations.
Jacobson Consulting Applications, Inc.
Provides non-profits with technical and functional assistance in helping select, implement and use fundraising, membership, admissions, visitor services and web-based database systems.
JAE Enterprises, Inc.
Primary focus is the development of multiple, long-term funding strategies for non-profits through grant writing and fundraising assistance.
The James Company
Helping hundreds of congregations mobilize their faith and other resources for tangible works in the service of God.
James D. Klote & Associates
Services, client listing and contact information.
Johnson, Grossnickle & Associates, Inc.
Background, services, clients, resources and contact information.
Kalish & Associates, Inc.
Offers consulting and executive search. Staffing, client listing, resources and contact information.
Kearns & Associates
Fundraising consulting firm for Roman Catholic parishes, educational institutions, health care providers and nonprofit community organizations.
Kelsch Consulting
Serves higher education and the non-profit community with customized services to build philanthropic support.
The Kiawah Group
Background, services and contact information.
Koszyn and Company
Fundraising and development programs. Background, client listing and contact information.
Kristin V. Rehder & Associates
Campaign communications and fundraising communications services.
Laudick/Brown & Associates
Philosophy, services, types of current clients, and contact information.
Lautman & Company
Specializes in member and donor development and fundraising for nonprofit organizations.
Liberty Quest Enterprises Inc.
Services offered and contact information.
Lindauer Consulting
Specializes in annual giving programs. Background, options and contact information.
Logicboard, Inc.
History, services, partners and contact information.
Maberry Consulting and Evaluation Services LLC
Services, qualifications, portfolio, resources and contact information.
End to end marketing solutions for business and nonprofits
Marshall Fundraising Management
Introduction, background, services, client listing, news and contact information.
Master Financial Planning Services
Provides stewardship campaigns and fund raising for churches and para church organizations.
McDonald & Schaefer , LLC
Full service development consulting firm serving the greater Milwaukee area.
McGovern Consulting Group, LLC
Offers software and consulting services. Products, services, case studies and contact information.
The McLynn Group, LLC
Specializes in fund raising, management, board and strategic development.
MCO Development Management LLC
Services offered, collaborators, organizations served and contact information.
Mendicant Group
Background, projects, staff, questions and answers and contact information.
Midas Charity Appeals Service
Provides hands-on fundraising, consultancy and training for voluntary organisations ranging from start-ups to major national charities.
Miller Group Worldwide, LLC
Offering a variety of services to non-profit organizations around the world.
MK Direct Marketing & Communications
Creative fundraising strategies for non-profits, specializing in major gifts and capital campaigns, donor communications, and direct mail campaign planning and management.
ML Wagner Fundraising Group
Fundraising, grant writing and market research. Background, services, client history and contact information.
Moss + Ross
Development and fundraising consulting to nonprofits in North Carolina and the surrounding region. Services, testimonials, client listing and contact information.
National Community Development Services
Provides fundraising campaign management for many types of non-profit organizations, with particular emphasis on chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, and community projects.
Netzel Grigsby Associates, Inc.
Primary services include major fundraising programs, organizational development and executive searches.
Nonprofit Impact
Provides strategic marketing and organizational development services to nonprofit organizations.
NPO Solutions
Services, staff, clients and contact information.
Online Response System
Internet fund raising technology for non-profit organizations. Offering secure online contributions and polling.
Fundraising, marketing and organizational development agency based in Seattle, Washington specializing in non-profit businesses.
Ovation Fundraising Counsel
Services, client listing and contact information.
Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc.
Services, client listing, news, resources, success stories and contact information.
Peacock Creative Services
Background, approach, services, and contact information. Available in the Raleigh, NC metro area.
Personal Telephone Fundraising
Consultancy services for not-for-profit organisations, with focus on outbound telephone fundraising.
Nonprofit development and planned giving officers expand the scope and reach of donor services, while reducing workload and costs.
Philanthrôpia SARL
Management, studies, training, consulting services and even financing assist in fund-raising initiatives.
PITCH Consulting Services
Specializes in prospect research, grant writing, corporate sponsorships, training for staff or board members, and strategic planning for fundraising.
PlannedLegacy Inc.
Offers scalable, multimedia donor recognition and fund raising solutions to increase awareness, interactivity and participation in planned giving programs and capital campaigns.
Pledge Redemption Services
Assists Catholic churches in collecting money that is pledged through parish fund raising campaigns.
Positive Force Consulting
Events, services, blog and contact information.
Prasad Consulting & Research
Services, client list, case studies, publications, news, resources and contact information.
ProFund LLC
Consultants utilizing golf events. Program explnation, client listing and contact information.
Pursuant KMA
Direct marketing provider. Background, client listing, resources and contact information.
Red Letter Ltd.
Methodology, services, staff bios, client listing, and contact information.
Customized prospect research and profiling services for the nonprofit community.
Resource Development Group
Provides experienced fundraising counsel to economic development organizations and Chambers of Commerce.
Richard Male & Associates
Review staff bios, services, and a variety of non-profit resources.
Robert Burdenski Annual Giving
Consultant and author who assists not-for-profit organizations in their annual giving program performance, evaluation and enhancement.
Robert Swaney Consulting, Inc.
Specializing in the performing arts. Background, services, client listing and contact information.
Ruotolo Associates Inc.
Provides fundraising consulting services to nonprofit organizations for capital campaigns, annual funds, endowment, studies and staff development.
Sanky Communications
Provides direct-mail and website fundraising for non-profits.
The Shain Group
Provides services in major gift, capital and planned giving/endowment campaigns and in the development of feasibility/marketing studies and leadership recruitment.
Shepherds Group
Capital campaign consulting for the local church.
The Sheridan Group
Offers a broad range of professional services to nonprofit organizations seeking growth and stability in a competitive philanthropic marketplace.
Provides assistance with marketing and fundraising techniques for profit and non profit organizations.
Fund-raising counsel for the not-for profit sector for 24 years. Member of the American Association of Fund-Raising Counsels.
Steier Group
Fundraising consultants who specialize in assisting non-profit organizations with capital campaigns, public relations and other development needs.
The Stelter Company
Programs, background, partners and contact information.
Stephen Thomas
Providing direct response fundraising solutions to the Canadian not-for-profit sector.
The Suddes Group, Inc.
Provides live training, coaching and consulting solutions to help nonprofits raise money.
Teamwork Fundraising
Raising funds for schools, athletics, band, scholarships, the arts and non-profit organizations with creative fundraising strategies.
Tony Poderis
Offers a review and assessment of organizational fund development plans.
Trek Advancement, LLC
Mission, client services, client feedback and contact information.
UCS Consultants
Provides both consulting and hands on fundraisers to clients throughout the UK and abroad.
VirtualGiving, Inc.
Creates customized planned giving websites.
Walsh & Associates
Helping church groups and nonprofit institutions with fundraising consulting services. Includes feasibility studies, capital campaigns, stewardship, planned giving programs, development office establishment, annual reports and recognition programs.
Whitcomb Associates
Fund raising consultants to non-profit organizations. Services include campaign planning/design, development programs, management support, marketing/communications and staff/board development.
YoungAssociates, LLC
Services, staffing, articles and contact information.
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