Scottish Clans are legally defined entities.

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The Court of the Lord Lyon
The official heraldic authority for Scotland, with the power to prosecute anyone who uses unauthorised Arms. Defines a clan, explains appointment of Chiefs and rights to insignia and tartans.
Clan Arthur
Concise history, information, links, and free, downloadable artwork pertaining to clan arthur and its septs (MacArthur, Arthur, and Carter). Also provides information on the societies worldwide.
Clan Arthur
Scottish history of King Arthur and the MacArthur Clan. Includes forum, news and links.
Clan Arthur Association USA
Includes history and membership information.
Clan Blair Society
International society. Activities, genealogy, heraldry, library and newsletter.
Clan Campbell Society: North America
History, games, DNA project, membership information.
Clan Chattan Association
Also known as the Clan of the Cats, it is a grouping of individual clans that flourished from the 13th century. Associated clans, aims, history, territory, badges, plant and motto.
Clan Cleland Society
History of the clan, its origins and worldwide application. Includes Scottish tartan and coat of arms.
Clan Davidson Association
Offers information on the society, membership, objectives, events and the Davidson Trail.
Clan Davidson Society USA
Detailing the origins and history of the clan, offering images, music, information on tartans and coats of arms. Gives membership information and contact details.
Clan Grant Society - USA
Includes clan history, US events and news, membership, bulletin board.
Clan Grant Society of the United Kingdom
History of the clan, and information on the Society. Covers membership news and application, and latest events.
Clan Gregor Society - Castle MacGregor
International society based in Scotland for those descended from or bearing the name of MacGregor. Offers membership information, virtual tour of MacGregor castle, Scottish and clan web links, and news.
Clan Innes: USA
Mission and goals, history, locations, contacts and membership.
Clan Irwin Association
Serving those with connections to the clan Eryvine (Irwin), and giving information on its history. Lists forthcoming events and meetings in the USA and Scotland, also gives contact and membership details.
Clan Kennedy Society of North America
Includes a query on Kennedy being Irish, history, games, scholarships and relevant links.
Clan Laing
Dedicated to the arms, crests, and history of the clan, family, and septs of the Scottish clan Laing.
Clan MacAlpine Society
Organization for descendents seeking to re-establish the clan. History, progress and details of events in Scotland.
Clan MacDougall Society of North America
History, Chiefs, related books and bagpipe tunes, plus membership information.
Clan MacFarlane Society
Story of the clan, details of membership, tartans and merchandise.
Clan MacIntyre Association
Central body to share interests, participate in activities, and foster folk traditions. Membership is open to those related by blood or marriage to a MacIntyre or a Wright, where the latter is of Scottish origin.
Clan MacKay
History, tartan and Septs plus ancestral geography and key dates.
Clan Mackay Society, USA
Official site of the society, with information about membership and activities, as well as history and art of the clan.
Clan Mackenzie Society
Scotland and UK based society with clan history, castles, genealogy, Septs and events.
Clan MacKenzie Society in the Americas
Official web site for the Clan MacKenzie Scottish Society in the Americas (US and Canada)
Clan MacLachlan Society
Background, global branches, spelling variations, origins, symbols and tartans.
Clan MacLaren Society of North America
Describes its purpose, history, structure and projects, including information on how to join.
Clan MacLean.
Includes sections on history, news, names, locations and events.
Clan MacNeil in Canada Official Site
Promotes social, cultural and other activities designed to preserve and strengthen the bonds of the Clan Heritage in Canada.
Clan Macpherson Association
Listing organization details, offices and branches, tartans, museum, publications and links to associated sites.
Clan MacTavish
History, connected names, contact information for Chief Steven MacTavish of Dunardry, and membership application.
Clan Maitland
Clan society with branches in the UK, North America and Australia. History, origins, contacts and merchandise.
Clan McAlister of America
Surname variations, genealogy, journal and newsletter.
Clan Montgomery
United States Society. Membership details, database, shop and guestbook.
Clan Pollock
History, officers, pedigrees, newsletter, merchandise and membership information.
Clan Sinclair
History and heritage of the name and its application including associated links to various pedigrees, photographs, publications and resources.
Clan Sinclair Trust
Offers details of organisation, associations, tartans, history and contacts.
Clan Sutherland
History of Clan Sutherland, Skelbo Castle and Proncy Castle, also includes Sutherland genealogy.
The Clan Sutherland Society of North America, Inc.
Society devoted to promoting the appreciation of the Scottish heritage of the Sutherlands and of associated families including Cheyne, Clyne, Duffus, Federith, Gray, Keith, Mowat, Murray and Oliphant.
Clan Turnbull
Resources and accurate information about the family's heritage. Covers history, insignia and includes photographs. Also provides general information about Scotland.
Elliot Clan Society
International society. Emblems, history, people and information on a gathering in Redheugh, Scotland.
House of Gordon USA
Offers information on clan history, membership, genealogy and insignia. Also has pages on the different divisions and the serving committee members.
Kerr Clan
Scottish border clan. Includes historical background information.
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