This category is comprised of lineage societies whose membership is based upon descendancy back to a colonial ancestor who arrived in one of the thirteen original American colonies prior to the American Revolution.

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The National Society Sons of Colonial New England
Lineage society open to any male descendant of persons living in the New England States from 1620 - 1776, including Connecticut, New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachuettes. Offers history of society, meetings, application for membership, and resources.
Order of Descendants of Ancient Planters
Lineage society for descendants of settlers who arrived in Virginia before 1616, remained for a period of three years, paid their passage, and survived the massacre of 1622, as well as receiving the first patents of land in the new world as authorized by Sir Thomas Dale in 1618.
The Order of the Founders and Patriots of America
National lineage society for male descendants of an ancestor who settled in any of the colonies now included in the United States of America prior to 1657, and includes a patriotic ancestor in the same line who served to promote the cause of American independence between 1775 and 1784. Offers history of society, state officers, membership, objectives, programs and activities, publications, and links.
The Society of Middletown First Settlers 1650-1700
Open to all descendants of the first settlers of Middletown, Connecticut. Offers newsletter, photo album, and contacts.
Texas Society of the Children of the American Revolution
Membership and contact information for the Texas Society of C.A.R. Promotes interest in lineage organizations for children.
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