This is for other masonic bodies, which will require that adult male members be masons, adult female members be somehow related to a mason, and that may require children to have parents in one of the above groups, or may be sponsored by a masonic group.

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Buchan Shed No. 4
Ye Corporation O'Squaremen Masonic side degree.
The Corporation O’ Squaremen
This Masonic order based in Scotland claims to have descended from an Operative lodge. Brief history and contact information, calendar, and/or links for subordinate sheds.
Daughters of the Nile
A benevolent international organization for women who are related by birth or marriage to a Shriner / Master Mason or Daughter of the Nile.
Grand Court, Ladies of the Circle, PHA, Virginia
Women's auxiliary to the VIrginal PHA Royal and Select Masters.
Hermetic Order of Martinists
An esoteric Christian Order open to Master Masons who are also members of the Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia (SRIA). Organization, history, background and contact information.
International Law Enforcement Officers' Square Club
Official website, ILEOSC, a club for Masons who are Law Enforcement Officers.
The Masonic Order of Athelstan
Appendant Masonic order in England, Wales and provences, set in the time of King Athelstan, around year 926. Background, history, contact information.
National Camping Travellers
Promoting fellowship by organizing motor home (caravan) gatherings of masons and their families in the United States.
New South Wales Masonic Club
Social club and hotel facilities in Sydney, Australia which are owned and operated by Freemasons.
The Operatives
Appendant body requiring applicants to be Master Masons, Mark Master Masons, and Royal Arch Companions.
Philippine Masonic Association of America
The PMAAI is composed of sixteen independently organized chapters from different States of the USA.
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