Society Organizations Fraternal Benefit Societies
Fraternal benefit societies provide social, educational and community service opportunities and offer members life, accident and health insurance and/or annuities.

Although all fraternal benefit societies are unique, by law each must:
•Be not for profit
•Have a representative form of government
•Have a system of local lodges
•Provide insurance and other benefits to members

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Alliance of Transylvanian Saxons
Financial benefits and cultural promotion.
Association of the Sons of Poland
Financial benefits and Polish heritage.
Austrian Seamen's Benefit Society of St. George of Fianona
Also known as the St. George Society of Fianona.
Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas - K.J.Z.T.
Katolicka Jednota Zen Texaskych. Fraternal benefit society offering membership to all Catholics. Offers life insurance in Texas.
Catholic Family Life Insurance
Not-for-profit fraternal benefit society providing financial security for Catholics.
Catholic Financial Life
US Fraternal order promoting Catholic goals and mutual support, including life insurance and annuities.
Catholic Union of Texas - KJT
For Texas Catholics, a non-Catholic spouse, or a child of KJT member. Offers life insurance, annuities, and long term care. KJT is Czech for Katolicka Jednota Texaska.
Catholic Workman
Providing financial benefits for members.
Croatian Fraternal Union of America
Fraternal Benefit Society. Also promotes Croatian heritage and sports programs.
CSA Fraternal Life
Fraternal benefit society. Also promotes Czech, Slovak and Moravian culture and heritage.
First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association (FCSLA)
Offers life insurance protection, annuities, scholarships, and social programs to families of Slav descent.
GBU Financial Life
Fraternal order insurance carrier located in Pittsburgh, PA
Greek Catholic Union
Financial benefits to members.
Independent Order of Foresters
Fraternal benefit society providing financial services, products and fraternal benefits to members in Canada and the USA. Also volunteer support and fundraising for communities.
Latvian Relief Fund of America, Inc.
Financial benefit organization.
Luso American Life Insurance Society
Originally the "Portuguese Protective and Benevolent Association", this group provides financial services to Luso (Portuguese) American communities.
Modern Woodmen of America
Fraternal life insurance society. Provides life insurance, annuities and member benefits.
National Catholic Society of Foresters
Fraternal society offering life insurance, annuities, member benefits.
National Mutual Benefit
Operating in 11 states to provide financial benefits to members.
The Order of the Sons of Hermann in the State of Texas
Not for profit fraternal life insurance company operating in Texas only.
Pennsylvania Fraternal Congress
State chapter of this trade association for fraternal benefit societies. Activities, member groups, links, benefits.
Polish Falcons of America
Financial and fraternal benefits for those of Polish descent.
Polish National Alliance
Financial benefits and Polish heritage.
Polish National Union
Financial benefits to members.
Polish Roman Catholic Union of America
Financial benefits to members.
Polish Union of America
Financial benefits and Polish culture.
Royal Neighbors of America
Fraternal group offering life insurance and annuities, as well as community involvement.
Slovak Catholic Sokol
Incorporated under the laws of New Jersey, USA. In addition to offering life insurance and annuities to members in several northeastern and Midwestern states, it sponsors athletic events and provides scholarships.
Slovene National Benefit Society
Fraternal benefit society open to all and promoting Slovene culture.
Sons of Norway
A fraternal benefit society interested in promoting and preserving a lasting appreciation of the heritage and culture of Norway and other Nordic countries. Site describes organization and the benefits available to members.
Slovanská Podporující Jednota Statu Texas. Fraternal benefit society offering life insurance policies in Texas. Includes history, local lodges, policies offered, and programs.
Supreme Council of the Royal Arcanum
North American society based in Boston, MA, founded on the principles of good citizenship. History, benefits, education, and membership and contact information.
Teachers Life Insurance Society
Fraternal benefit society tailored to the needs of teachers in Ontario, Canada.
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
A fraternal benefit society of joined together insurance, investment, educational and volunteer opportunities.
Ukrainian Fraternal Association
Financial benefits for those of Ukrainian descent.
Union of Poles in America
A Catholic fraternal financial benefit society.
United Commercial Travelers of America
US organization which offers members various insurance products and other benefits.
United Transportation Union Insurance Association
Provider of financial services to those employed in the transportation industry.
Western Catholic Union
A fraternal life insurance society headquartered in Illinois. Serves several states in central USA.
William Penn Association
Based in Pittsburgh, PA, and founded in 1886. Offers life insurance and annuities to members.
Woman's Life Insurance Society
Provides insurance protection and fraternal benefits for current and prospective members, made up of women and their families.
WSA Fraternal Life
Providing life insurance and financial security to members. Based in Denver, Colorado.
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