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Chimp Haven
Nonprofit organization for the establishment of a safe haven for chimpanzees no longer needed in laboratories or in entertainment industries, or as pets.
Chimps, Inc.
Non-profit organization dedicated to conservation through education and providing sanctuary to rescued and abandoned animals. News, FAQs, profiles of rescue cases, and volunteer information. Located in Bend, Oregon.
Organization providing sanctuary for and the eventual release of chimpanzees back into the Republic of Congo. Field station reports, organization history, and membership information.
In Defense of Animals - Africa
Non-profit chimpanzee rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary in Cameroon, West Africa. Sponsorship details, volunteering opportunities, event schedules, and profiles of resident animals.
International Primate Protection League
South Carolina sanctuary providing alerts, newsletter archives, membership applications, and profiles of rescued animals.
Jungle Friends
North Florida non-profit organization, dedicated to housing abused and neglected primates. News, event schedules, profiles of resident animals, and an online gift shop.
The Monkey Sanctuary
Cornwall, England facility dedicated to the rescue of woolly monkeys and their eventual return to the Amazon. Provides a history of the organization, volunteer opportunities, and details of virtual adoption.
Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre
British recovery and rehabilitation facility specializing in smuggled animals. Offers information on primate care and past rescues, as well as press releases.
Mostly Monkeys
Sanctuary that provides life-long care for abused and unwanted monkeys. Located in San Diego County, California (United States). Mission statement, profiles of 'residents', and sponsorship details are available.
Orangutan Information Centre
A non-profit organization who is dedicated to the conservation of Critically Endangered Species, Sumatran Orangutans and its unique habitat through public awareness and education.
Oregon Primate Rescue
A non-profit sanctuary dedicated to the rescue and lifetime care of unwanted pets and research or lab primates, provides education on proper care and nutrition for primates. Photographs, information on behavior and infant care, rescue stories, and species gallery.
Pacific Primate Sanctuary
A non-profit refuge providing a safe haven for threatened, endangered and distressed New World monkeys. Located in Maui, Hawaii.
Primarily Primates, Inc.
San Antonio, Texas sanctuary specializing in chimpanzees, orangutans, new world and old world monkeys. Offers a history of the facility, press clippings, details of rescued animals, and a virtual tour.
Primate Rescue Center
Focused on the rescue, recovery and rehabilitation of primates. Includes a photo album, news and details of recent rescues.
Save The Chimps
Florida sanctuary offering lifetime care for animals retired from research laboratories or abandoned by private owners. Newsletters, history, chimp facts, reading lists, and donation information.
Suncoast Primate Sanctuary
A haven for primates, allowing them to live out their lives with peace and dignity. Offers facts, gallery, details of sponsorship and calendar. Located in Palm Harbor, Florida.
Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary
South Wales rare breed and primate sanctuary specializing in chimpanzees. Species facts, rescue details, visitation and adoption details.
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