DESCRIPTION - Agencies and organizations, public and private, designed to render support or assistance to veterans. Also includes gateway pages, that link to numerous online veteran benefits resources and information.

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American Legion National Headquarters
Provides detailed information on issues such as female personnel, Agent Orange, Hepatitis and economic concerns. Provides contact information.
Armed Forces Services Corporation
Offers retirement and survivor planning. Also provides document storage, insurance counseling, and VA claim assistance.
Blinded Veterans Association (BVA)
Provides online resources and contact information for blinded personnel. Includes information on counseling, help in receiving rehabilitation and job placement.
Circle of Friends for American Veterans
Organization that seeks to train and counsel homeless former service members, in an effort to return them to society.
Glen's Homepage for Disabled Veterans Benefits
Provides information and links to help former service members make informed decisions on issues which affect their VA benefits. Also includes the webmaster's personal story of struggling to increase his disability rating.
Hepatitis Central
Offers support for personnel who have tested positive, and those with liver diseases such as cirrhosis or liver cancer. Provides links to related resources.
Homes for the Brave
Information about services available to homeless former service members in Connecticut.
HUD Veteran Resource Center (HUDVET)
Provides personnel and their family members with information on HUD's community-based programs and services. Includes a state-indexed directory of agencies, including homeless shelters for former uniformed personnel.
Military Funeral Honors
Provides the general public with information, and provides a restricted access information center for funeral directors who provide services for members.
Military Order of the Purple Heart
Provides local contact information, to help combat wounded personnel obtain their government entitlements. Also provides an online PDF magazine.
Military Record Requests
Provides detailed instructions on how to obtain free copies of service documents, including your DD Form 214, directly from government agencies.
The Mission Continues
Organization that encourages and aids volunteerism by disabled and wounded veterans. Features programs, how to get involved, mission and philosophy, news, and resource center.
National Organization of Veterans' Advocates (NOVA)
Provides legal representation to American veterans and their dependents at the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Overview of the claims process, membership information, legislative updates and court decisions, amicus activity, and description of services.
National Veterans Legal Services Program
Provides information and contacts to aid personnel seeking to deal with their personal disability and the means to improve their situation. Provides information on discharge upgrading and other related issues.
Soldiers And Families Embraced
Offers individual and group counseling services, as well as peer support groups for active duty, veterans and their families..
U.S. Vets
Homepage of an organization that helps to provide transitional housing in several locations of the United States. Provides outcome and demographic reports and information for each of their local offices.
VA Insurance
Provides detailed, current information about SGLI and VGLI. Includes information on coverage amounts, premium rates, beneficiary claims, current forms, contacts and financial counseling services.
Veteran To Veteran
Information available for personnel and their dependents. VA claims help and research. Includes a discussion forum, where others who have been through the process can help you.
Veteran's Enterprise
Provides former service members with information about available educational, vocational and professional opportunities.
Veterans Northeast Outreach Center, Inc.
Provides information, links and contacts for Merrimack Valley, MA personnel and their families.
Veterans’ Outreach
Offers information about the work of the organization and information for donators. Also provides online shopping, links to housing and shelter, job centers, education, pension services, and funeral honors sites.
Wounded Warrior Project
Provides programs and services to severely injured service members during the time between active duty and transition to civilian life.
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