Memorial web sites for individual soldiers
Alatorre, Fernando C.
Dedicated to a US Marine of the 3rd Division, 21st Regiment who served from 1943 until his death on Iwo Jima on March 5th, 1945. The author seeks information from anyone who might have known his uncle.
Batt, Michael L.
U.S. Army sergeant MIA Vietnam 1969. Details of last mission.
Begin, Joseph L.
A tribute to Joseph Begin and the men who served with him in the 180th Engineer Heavy Ponton Battalion in WORLD WAR II. Includes information about their campaigns and photos.
Bell, Wayne Morris
Friend's tribute to a fellow enlisted man in the U.S. Army who was killed in Vietnam in 1968. Links to searchable Vietnam Memorial names and information on the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association.
Burns, Michael Paul
U.S. Army Special Forces, MIA in Laos 1969. Details of last mission.
Chaney, Allen
Autobiography of a Vietnam combat infantry veteran. Describes career, meaning of service badges and ribbons.
Costelow, Richard D.
Tribute to a Chief Petty Officer who served aboard the USS Cole.
Cowan, James Henry
Story of one man's survival of the Bataan Death March in WW-II.
Felhofer, Wayne W.
Describes his time in the Army 1960-1967. Information, photographs, medals, service ribbons, and badges.
Galik, Stanley
WW-II US Navy Veteran who was assigned to the LCI(L)35. Biography, photographs, letters, timeline navigation, site map, site search.
Gargano, Edward
Tribute to a Marine killed in an ambush as he stepped from a helicopter near the US Embassy in Beirut on 8 Jan 1984.
Glasson, William Albert, Jr.
Lieutenant Commander U.S. Navy, pilot from U.S.S. Kitty Hawk, MIA 1966. Details of last mission.
Glover, Calvin C.
Niece's tribute to her uncle who was in the U.S. Air Force, POW/MIA over Laos in 1968. Biography, information on loss, photographs, poems.
Gusto, Jim
Vietnam vet served in Charlie Company, 1st of the 506th, 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile). Personal recollection of his time in 'Nam, links to buddies' websites, other links of interest.
Harry's WW1 - Trenches and Trees
Harry Williams joined the army to fight in world War 1. Fifty years later he was persuaded to write about his war memories. Story, maps, photographs, links.
Henthorn, Jim
Vietnam veteran served with the 21st Helicopter Squadron. Lists of fallen comrades, maps of Southeast Asia, related links.
Huntleys In The Military
Since 1675, Huntleys have been donning uniforms, taking up arms, and fighting to defend this great land and its inhabitants. This site is dedicated to preserving the memory of their actions.
Kimsey, William Arthur, Jr.
A U.S. Army pilot MIA in Vietnam 1968. Details of last mission, links to related sites.
Lancaster, Kenneth Ray
U.S. Army Sergeant First Class, MIA Vietnam 1968. Photograph, details of last mission.
MacMillan, Donald J.
Retired Gunnery Sergeant of the U.S. Marine Corps. Marine Corps links.
Marlar, Donnie Joe
A memorial to a Vietnam Hero who died while serving his country. Photograph, links to other websites remembering Donnie.
Mullan, Charles Richard
Young man killed in Vietnam 1967. Biographical information, a sister's thoughts, photographs, memories and comments.
Puckett, Resol B. - 75th Division Dad
U.S. Army WWII Veteran of the 75th Infantry Division. Information about him, his units and the Division.
Rattin, Dennis M.
U.S. Army Sergeant MIA in Laos, 1969. Biographical information, details of last mission.
Rowe, Alden Boyington
A great-great-granddaughter's tribute to a Union Private from the Civil War. Biography, photographs, scanned documents.
Ruppert, John K.
U.S. Army veteran of WW-II who served in Company C of the 168th Infantry Regiment in Italy. Biography, buddie's names, letters, photographs.
Scott, George C
George C. "Patton" Scott was a US Marine during the closing days of WWII. This is an account of a fellow Marine who knew Scott well.
Smith, George A.
Dedicated to George Smith who served in the 7th Infantry Division, 49th Field Artillery from 1941 to 1945. Includes articles and photos. 1916 - 1998
Thapar, Vijyant
a tribute to this Karjil Captain who laid down his life for his nation. His last letter, biography, details of his loss, father's pilgrimage.
A Tribute To The Last Two Men Killed In Vietnam
Honoring L/CPL Darwin Judge and CPL Charles McMahon. KIA during the Fall Of Saigon. A Memorial page with a few links.
Watson, LeRoy V.
A son's tribute to his late father's military service in the United States Army Air Force in the China-Burma-India Theater of WW-II. Information, photograph.
Wiebe, Jacob J.
Jake "Skid" Wiebe was a U.S. Marine Corps pilot who died in an aircraft accident near Yuma, Arizona in 2001. Biography, guestbook.
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