This category is for sites about prisoners of war and those missing in action during the Vietnam War.

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Albarb's POW/MIA Pages
A partial listing of the POW/MIA's from the state of Arizona.
All Veterans Memorial
Depicting the All Veterans Memorial located within Memorial Park Davenport, IA.
Bloodstripes POW/MIA Page.
Tribute to the POW/MIA's of the Vietnam War.
Bring Them Home
Poetry dedicated to American POW/MIAs from the Vietnam War.
Buck's Military Site
A state by state listing for all POW/MIA's from the Vietnam War.
Col. Ted Guy's Hanoi Hilton
Former PoW's account. Maps of prison camps, profiles of guards and prisoners, mute code guide, images, and links.
In Memory of Thomas Y. Adachi
In memory of POW/MIA Thomas Y Adachi, USAF MIA 1970.
In Remembrance of Calvin C Glover
A Remembrance site for Calvin C Glover, US Air Force, POW/MIA over Laos in 1968.
In Their Honor - Oregon's POW's & MIA's
This page is dedicated to the 41 men from Oregon that have not yet returned home from their tour of duty in Vietnam.
In Their Honor - Tennessee's POW's & MIA's
This page is dedicated to the 42 men from Tennessee that have not yet returned home from their tour of duty in Vietnam.
Iowa's POW/MIA's and KIA's.
A listing of Iowa's POW/MIA's and KIA's.
James R. Thomas-Missing in Action
A tribute to POW/MIA James R. Thomas.
Library of Congress Federal Research Division
The Library of Congress Vietnam-Era Prisoner-of-War/Missing in Action Database.
Library of Congress POW/MIA Homepage
Vietnam-era Prisoner of War and Missing in Action database.
Medics POW/MIA's
A site devoted to the Army medics still listed as POW/MIA from the Vietnam War.
MIA Opinion
One man's anti-POW/MIA perspective of the issue.
MultiState Vietnam POW/MIAs Pages
A Tribute to the POW/MIA's of multiple states.
National League of POW/MIA Families
An organization for family members of POW/MIA's from the Vietnam War.
Never Forget
Remembrance page to POW/MIA Ronald James Schultz.
New Jersey POW/MIA's
A list of POW/MIA's from New Jersey.
Nikki's POW/MIA Vigil
One young girl's quest to bring the POW/MIA issue to the public.
North Dakota POW/MIA's
A list of POW/MIA's from North Dakota.
Operation Just Cause
A site dedicated to POW/MIA's from the Vietnam War.
The Patriot's Inn - Pennsylvania's POW/MIAs
A dedication to those who remain POW/MIA's.
PFC James R. Maxwell, USMC
Dedicated to the memory of James R. Maxwell, who has been declared killed and missing since 15 May 1975
Searchable database for the POW/MIAs of the Vietnam War.
POW/MIA CW2 Alan Wendell Gunn
The story of POW/MIA CW2 Alan Wendell Gunn.
POW/MIA Floyd Henry Robinson
Remembrance page to POW/MIA Floyd Henry Robinson.
POW/MIA Issue in Minnesota
Missing Minnesota servicemen from the Vietnam War, prominent personalities who have been involved in the issue, and a history of the issue in Minnesota.
POW/MIA James T. Egan, - USMC
A page dedicated to Major James T. Egan, Jr.
POW/MIA Michael Leroy Batt
A remembrance page for POW/MIA Michael Leroy Batt, missing since March 16,1969.
POW/MIA Ronnie Hensley
A memorial page to POW/MIA Ronnie Hensley and his crew.
POWMIA Tribute: Lawrence Jesse Englander
Includes background on Sgt. Englander's Special Forces service, and how he became missing in action in 1968.
Rice Paddy Stew & Saigon Tea
POW/MIA tribute with icons.
Rolling Thunder - New Hampshire Chapter 1
Publicizes POW/MIA issues. Membership information, list of officers, event calendar, newsletter, photo gallery, and contact details.
SP/5 Michael Frederic May
A tribute to POW/MIA Michael Frederic May.
SSgt. Leo Earl Seymour
The story of the Staff Sergeant, a POW/MIA missing in Laos and abandoned by the U.S. government.
Steven H. Adams USAF
Steven H. Adams, USAF, Pararescue listed as MIA in Vietnam.
Tracers POW/MIA Bunker
The story of POW/MIA Billie D. Hill.
Tribute page to POW/MIA Samuel Adams
The story of POW/MIA Samuel Adams.
Tribute to POW/MIA Michael Estocin
The story of POW/MIA Michael Estocin.
A Tribute: Let Us Remember and Be Grateful
Site dedicated to POW-MIAs, veterans and active military. Also, specific pages on POW/MIAs James T. Egan, Jr. and Charles James Ramsay, USMC.
Vietnam POW/MIA: Burt C. Small Jr.
Tribute page to Burt C. Small Jr.
Voices, The Spirit of the American Soldier
The story of POW/MIA USAF Tsgt. Richard M. Cole.
What I can do - I will -
A tribute to Korean and Vietnam War POW/MIA/KIA, but dedicated to all American veterans.
Zippo's Corner
The story of POW/MIA Mark Smith and including some of his commentaries on the POW issue.
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