Raw/Living Foodists eat their food without cooking. They believe that cooking destroys nutrients and enzymes that give food "life force".

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All Raw Times
Providing space for personal bios, books, recipes, email lists, organizations of the raw food eating community.
Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute
Offers one and two week courses, retreats, and equipment for a living foods lifestyle.
Ann Wigmore Raw Living Foods
Directory of resources about the raw living foods diet and lifestyle.
Beautiful on Raw
Books and resources on how to become healthy and beautiful on a raw food diet.
Cru Silver Lake
Raw Food Cafe in Los Angeles. Beautiful food and raw food classes.
Dr Ritamaria
Chiroprator and nutritionalist Dr Ritamaria Loscaizo provides coaching, teleseminars, e-courses, living foods demonstrations and preparation classes.
Eco Forest Garden Trust
The EcoForest project aims to create communities composed entirely of living food eaters (raw fooders) and fruitarians who are dedicated to ecological sustainability and evolution.
Completely organic, vegan and raw food restaurant, spa, and shop. Hosts vegan and raw exchange special events. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Ekaya Institute's Center for Living Food Education
Sells CD, cassette, and e-book versions of "The Garden Diet-Why to Eat Raw, How to Eat Raw, and What to Eat Raw." Articles and background by the author, who also hosts raw food sailing retreats and raw food chef certifications.
Fresh Network
An international network to exchange information, ideas and personal experiences so that individuals can change diet and life-style with help and support from others.
High Vibe
Distributor of whole-food supplements, and raw food staples.
Hippocrates Health Institute
Committed to fostering a natural lifestyle complemented by enzyme-rich, living-foods vegetarian cuisine and enhanced immunity to disease through positive thinking. Located in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Its up to You
Raw food coaching and classes for individuals and businesses. Located in NSW, Australia.
Raw food meal replacement that helps in weight loss programs and immune system enhancement. Includes articles on raw food diet issues.
Learn Raw Food
Raw food diet classes and personalized training in the Chicago area and nationwide. Includes information about Jennifer Cornbleet, author of Raw Food Made Easy.
Living and Raw Foods
Online community and source of information for the living and raw food vegetarian based diet. Features discussion forum, chat, bookstore, articles and recipes.
Living Foods (UK)
Detoxification, rejuvenation, using Ann Wigmore techniques. Includes shop, and consultations.
Living Foods Institute
Training center in Atlanta, Georgia. Internal body cleansing, living foods, holistic health education, based on the teaching of Dr. Ann Wigmore.
Living Health
Raw and Living food classes, coaching, products and services to support healthy lifestyles using a holistic approach.
Living Light Culinary Arts Institute
Certifing individuals, chefs, and teachers in the art of preparing healthy, gourmet, vegan, raw living foods.
Natural Light Raw Foods
Information about a raw food diet including recipes, testimonials, supplies and news.
Optimum Health Institute
A healing ministry of the Free Sacred Trinity Church, a faith-based organization rooted in Judeo-Christian doctrine that people are created as holistic beings in mind, body and spirit.
Pure Joy Planet
Elaina Love promotes raw living foods. Based in the U.S.A she provides products. classes, recipes, and coaching.
Raw Cacao
Raw Organic Cacao education, events, community and purchasing information.
The Raw Food How-To
Learn about how raw foods can change ones life. Articles, videos, and resources.
The Raw Food Coach
Karen Knowler provides coaching, resources and inspiration to support the raw food lifestyle. Located in England, U.K.
Raw Food Explained
Books, articles and quotes about the raw food lifestyle.
Raw Food Health Watch
A resource for those who are starting or trying to stick to a raw food diet.
Raw Food Life
About health advantages of eating raw food. Includes articles, recipes, live raw food chat, and links to related sites.
Raw Life
Paul Nison website for information on raw and living foods, promotion of his new book "The Raw Life", and live products.
Raw Plus
Information and articles about a raw foods diet.
The Raw Spirit Festival
Annual event in Sedona, Arizona, celebrating raw vegan foods, music, spirituality and the Earth. Lists speakers, workshops, musicians, vendors and volunteer opportunities.
Gourmet raw living cuisine, delivered within Los Angeles and Orange Counties.
Rhio's Raw Energy
A comprehensive raw live food site with health, resource and shopping information.
Running Raw Project
Tim VanOrden explores what happens when you combine a raw vegan diet and athletics.
Selected Myths of Raw Foods
This article offers a critical view on raw foodism and fruitarianism.
Provides resources and recipes to help maintain a healthy, raw food, vegan diet.
The Sunny Raw Kitchen
Weblog about a personal Raw journey, including favorite recipes and tips.

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