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21st Century Forensic Animation
Forensic computer animation of motor vehicle accidents, murders, aviation and product liability.
Advanced Intellectual Property Graphics, Inc.
Visual aids for litigation, marketing, and intellectual property.
Barnes & Roberts LLC
Graphics, video, demonstratives, and trial presentations.
Borrowed Ladder Media Services, Inc.
Custom multimedia presentations, trial graphics, and exhibits.
By Design Legal Graphics, Inc.
Providing strategic trial visuals and graphics consulting services. Offoces in San Francisco and Portland, Oregon.
Case Lab
Provides visual consulting and data management and analysis services.
Clear Case Legal
Preparation of legal graphics, courtroom presentations, and demonstrative aids.
Complete Legal
Full service litigation support company that can assist in every phase of your case. Dallas, Texas.
Demonstratives, Inc.
Producing computer-generated animation for litigation.
Drake Exhibits
Providing demonstrative evidence and forensic art services for litigation.
Executive Presentations
Courtroom graphic design, consulting and production for Southern California trial attorneys.
The Focal Point, LLC
Litigation graphic support throughout the U.S. Works with trial attorneys to develop case theory and themes that lead to persuasive graphics and animations. Based in Oakland, California.
Graphic Law
Exhibit services, from mounting of enlargements to incorporation of all aspects of visual media into cohesive presentations. Based in Phoenix, Arizona.
Howell MediGraphics
New Orleans firm specializing in medical illustrations, demonstrative evidence and litigation graphics.
Image Studio
Litigation presentation specialists offering animation, legal graphics and courtroom demonstrative exhibits and web pages for attorneys and experts - Tallahassee, Florida
Infographics, Inc.
Strategic graphics (making difficult concepts easy to understand) and comprehensive trial technology and support.
Juris Productions, Inc.
Legal video company in Pasadena, California specializing in settlement documentaries and day-in-the-life presentations for attorneys.
Keyframe Multimedia, Inc.
Producing demonstrative evidence for the legal industry. Based in Portland, Oregon.
Legal Art Works
Providing demonstrative exhibits and medical illustrations, including surgical procedures and anatomical illustrations.
Legal Arts Multimedia, LLC
Nationwide provider of trial graphics services.
Legal Images
Providing trial graphics, exhibits, and animations.
Legal-Graphics, Inc.
Providing proven graphic strategies for today's litigation including consulting, graphic design and technology. Based in Oklahoma City.
Litigation Services and Technologies
Deposition and exhibit services.
Litigation-Tech LLC
Court presentation and document management services.
Medical Legal Art
Provider of medical demonstrative evidence, including illustrations, animations, and computer presentations.
Naegeli Trial Technologies
Products and services to help create multimedia presentations for the litigation process.
North County Graphics
Legal demonstrative evidence for use by attorneys. Specializes in medical and technical illustrations, photo and document enlargements, and multimedia presentations.
On The Record, Inc.
Specializing in the preparation, setup and execution of fully integrated evidence presentation systems.
Sundblom Design Grou
Assistance with preparation of demonstrative evidence.
Superior Imaging Services
Providing x-ray duplication services for lawyers and law offices. Based in Ventura, California.
Think Twice Inc.
Litigation graphics and courtroom presentation support services.
Trial Exhibits, Inc.
Full service litigation and trial presentation support including: graphics, animations, medical illustrations, deposition videos, settlement videos, mediation presentations, and trial presentations.
Trial FX
Produces medical illustrations, exhibits and animations for attorneys and legal matters.
Trial Image
Forensic and legal graphics and 3D animation for courtroom presentations. Physician owned and operated.
Verdict Visuals
Graphic design, computer animation, and courtroom presentation technology.
Visual Advantage
Dedicated to helping litigators incorporate the newest courtroom technology into their overall trial strategies. Develops customized presentations that will help convey crucial information to the judge and jury.
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