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Hispanic client referral service for Spanish speaking attorneys and law firms.
A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group
They provide business-building programs for law firms, including marketing, branding, public relations and internet strategies.
AGL Associates
Marketing consultants providing law firm consulting, rainmaker training, and individual sales techniques for lawyers and working with companies on how to sell to law firms.
Androvett Legal Media & Marketing, Inc.
Public relations, communications and marketing services for law firms.
The Attorney Marketing Center
Marketing and advertising products and services for lawyers.
Best Real Time PPL Leads
Pre-paid lead generation for lawyers.
Chase & Associates
Offers retreat facilitation, creative marketing planning and sales training programs for lawyers and law firms.
cj Advertising
Direct response lawyer advertising services for personal injury lawyers.
Direct Marketing for Attorneys
Attorneys increase their client base with targeted result-oriented mailings to prospective clients.
Divorce Marketing Group
Marketing services for family lawyers.
Provides marketing services for the legal profession including web site design for law firms, SEO, and traditional print, TV and radio advertising.
Erickson Marketing, Inc.
Marketing consulting and project management services exclusively for law firms.
Expert Communications, Inc.
Offers marketing services for expert witnesses including website creation, marketing plan development, and CV editing.
FindLaw Lawyer Marketing
Information, resources discussion groups, and links related to law practice marketing.
Furia Rubel Communications, Inc.
Provides information about marketing, public relations, advertising, media training and presentation training and support for law firms on the East Coast.
Hulcher & Hays
Provides client development and marketing support for attorneys.
Integrity Marketing Solutions
Marketing and practice development firm.
Kohn Communications
Provides marketing services to attorneys and law firms, assists in developing practice marketing, and provides coaching services to help develop business relationships.
Lake Coghlan
Providing IT, marketing, public relations and business development advice and support to United Kingdom law firms and businesses.
Management and marketing consulting for lawyers and law firms, providing profitability analysis, increasing client base, offering practice development techniques, and assisting in delivering services more effectively.
LawMarketing Portal
Information and products about legal marketing, technology, and jobs.
Lawyer Referral Exchange LLC
Forum for lawyers to exchange legal referrals with other attorneys.
Legal Expert Connections Inc.
Provides business development services for forensic experts and service providers who work with attorneys.
Legal Marketing Canada
A weblog for lawyers and law firm marketers devoted to news, resources and opinion on Canadian law firm branding, marketing and advertising.
Legal Vendor Strategies
Consulting and creative services including market strategy, brand development, PR, advertising, marketing communications and event planning, for legal vendors and law firms. Del Mar, CA.
Legal Voice
Assists businesses in marketing their products and services to legal and judicial markets.
Mark M. Maraia Associates
Denver-based company providing relationship development coaching for attorneys and law firms.
Nader Anise Lawyer Marketing, Inc.
Offers seminars and consultancy services across USA for law firm advertising, marketing, and publicity.
Network Affiliates
Specializing in marketing law practices directly to consumers.
Business development training for lawyers.
RW Lynch Co., Inc.
Lead generation services for personal injury firms.
Samson Consulting Limited
Legal marketing consultancy run by a solicitor with over 14 years of legal marketing experience, offering website design, brochures, logo design and listing referrers to solicitors.
Serving foreign clients
Assists US law firms in marketing and related services to foreign-born clients.
Skunkworks Creative Group
A boutique advertising and marketing agency emphasizing law firm and legal marketing based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and led by a former trial lawyer.
SLS Consulting
Nationwide consulting firm, helping attorneys develop, market and administer their practices.
Marketing services for plaintiffs' attorneys including traditional and new media advertising, training products, on-hold messages, and website design.
Torske & Sterling
Offers research-based strategies to improve marketing efforts with ideas, advertisements and websites that attract clients.
Wingtip Communications, Inc.
Advertising and marketing company serving law firms in North America, the Caribbean and Europe.
ZoZo Group, LLC
Marketing communications group focusing on law firms.
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