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American Medical Forensic Specialists
Provides nationwide medical expert witness referrals.
Association of Scientific Advisers
Referring experts to the legal community in engineering, medicine, construction, science, and the arts.
Consolidated Consultants Co.
Free referrals to medical witnesses and technical expert witnesses. View CVs online.
Defense Research Institute
National membership organization for defense, insurance, and corporate counsel, offering expert referrals.
Diligence Incorporated
Providing referrals to experts for all types of business litigation.
Expert Resources, Inc.
Expert and consultant referral site.
Forensis Group
ForensisGroup is an expert witness services and consulting company, providing expert court witnesses, consultants and litigation support specialists to law firms, private-practice attorneys, and insurance professionals.
Garrett Engineers, Inc.
Serving insurance claims and legal professions with a team of forensic consultants, nationwide.
Expert referral network for defense oriented law firms. Membership required.
IMS ExpertServices
Expert witness and litigation consultant search firm.
Offering referrals to expert witnesses in a wide variety of fields.
Investigative Engineers Association
Independently owned engineering firms committed to providing the insurance claims and legal communities equitable and quality reporting, expert witness testimony and litigation support.
Lexpert Research Services
Offering legal research services and referrals to law, business and economics professors who serve as experts.
Miami Maritime Law
Referrals to lawyers, maritime and marine science experts, investigators, consultants, and policy makers.
Pro/Consul, Inc. -
National expert referral service.
PsyBar, LLC
Locating psychological and psychiatric experts, and offering litigation support services.
Round Table Group
Referral service provides expert witnesses for attorneys, investment research for portfolio managers, speakers bureau and entrepreneur support.
Roundtable of Toxicology Consultants
Providing referrals to toxicologists, who provide support and expert testimony for civil and criminal litigation.
Saponaro, Inc.
Expert Witnesses for Medical, Dental, Personal Injury, Product Liability and Workers' Compensation. Experts Matched to the specifics of your Case.
Silicon Valley Expert Witness Group, Inc.
High technology experts. Expert witnesses available to support high technology litigation.
Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys
Referrals to consultants and experts for litigation support, trial testimony, or alternative dispute resolution.
Teklicon, Inc.
Referrals of technical expert witnesses.
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