Premises "safety" experts testify during litigation after evaluating a property or piece of equipment to determine if a personal injury resulted from a defective structure design, architecture, a poorly maintained public area, a malfunctioning machine, lack of equipment maintenance, or from the carelessness of the injured person. Safety experts conduct tests on the equipment, the structure or the public walkway to determine its safety. Premises "security" experts testify during litigation after conducting a security survey of a property or a review of procedures to determine if a personal injury suffered from violent criminal acts occurred, in part, because of inadequate security such as defects in locks, doors, gates, lighting, visibility, alarms or from the lack of guard service, or from defective policies and procedures. Security experts perform crime foreseeability assessments and adequacy of security analysis.
Alan W. Zajic
Nevada security consultant for the casino, hotel, and resort industry, offering expert testimony.
Avery Safety Consulting
Safety consultation and testimony for the sports, leisure, and entertainment industries, specializing in amusement parks, recreational facilities, and water parks. Firm located in Orlando, Florida.
Chris E. McGoey, CPP, CSP, CAM
Security expert specializing in premises liability cases with crime foreseeability and adequacy of security issues, false arrest, misconduct, and excessive force. Based in San Francisco.
Code Consultants, Inc
Fire protection and life safety experts. Located in St. Louis, MO.
Edwin Zucker, P.E.
Providing litigation support for mechanical, optical, and safety engineering, product defects, and personal injury cases.
Ellis Fall Safety Solutions
Safety, engineering and training professionals who specialize in fall safety protection training, consulting, and legal support. Offices in Delaware.
From the Gym to the Jury
Offering risk management newsletter, manuals and services for sports facilities, and litigation support for sports injury cases.
Gerry W. Pirkl
Expert for golf course design safety, and accidents involving errant balls, cart paths and construction disputes.
JR Roberts Security Strageties
Providing security services ranging from crime risk analysis to expert testimony. Based in Savannah, Georgia.
Leonard H. Kushner, P.E.
Safety and electrical engineer. Environmental assessments and accident prevention. Located in Burbank, California.
Liability Consultants, Inc.
Experts in security management and liability consulting. Based in Sudbury, Massachusetts.
Lifesaving Resources, Inc.
Comprehensive training and consultation services for water rescue and lifeguard training. Based in New Hampshire.
OSHAware, Inc.
Work related injury expert, offering safety and hazard analysis, and accident investigation. Located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
Robert N. Andres, CSP, CPE
Environmental Safety Associates. Machine and facility safety. Located in Baldwinsville, New York.
SACS - Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc.
Consultants for high risk workplace and employment situations.
Safety Play, Inc.
Playground, recreation, and sports facility safety inspector expert. Located in St. Petersburg, FL.
Scientific Advisory Services
Expert consulting for matters involving human factors, safety, and product liability. Based in New York.
Vidal Engineering, Inc.
Offering expertise relating to slip resistance and pedestrian safety, from offices in Missouri.
Witherspoon Security Consulting
Consultant and expert testimony in premises liability cases arising from security and crime issues. Firm located in Cleveland, Ohio.
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