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Allan Cooperstein, Ph.D.
Forensic and clinical psychologist offering services for civil and criminal actions, including psychological testing for disability, competency, and malingering, and vocational rehabilitation.
Charlene Sabin, M.D.
Oregon specialist in pediatric psychotherapy.
Dr. Jack Boyle
Chartered psychologist reports to and give evidence in the Court of Session and Scottish Sheriff, for issues such as reparation, educational disputes, sexual abuse, intellectual disabilities, and freeing for adoption.
Eisner Law Offices
Forensic psychologist and attorney specializing in evaluation of mental injury, case review and trial strategy. Located in Encino, California.
Institute for Psychological Therapies
Focusing on allegations of child sexual abuse, and also offering services for matters including accusations of sexual harassment, crimes, or misconduct, criminal responsibility, and medical and psychological malpractice. Based in Northfield, Minnesota.
Jeffrey Kaye, Ph.D., Psychologist
San Francisco clinical psychologist, offering evaluations and expert testimony for INS political asylum applications and hearings.
Jeffrey S. Kline, Ph.D.
Private practice psychologist offering assessment services in both civil and criminal forensic cases. Specializing in disability determinations. Licensed in Missouri.
Joe W. Dixon, Ph.D. JD
Professor of Psychology and Law. Background includes providing testimony in federal and state court on civil and criminal issues ranging from child custody to capital murder. Licensed in Alabama and Florida.
Karen Franklin, Ph.D., Clinical & Forensic Psychologist
Forensic psychological evaluations and psychological treatment, San Francisco Bay Area. Expert on motivations for violence and hate crimes.
Karyl McBride, Ph.D.
Forensic consultation and training with an emphasis on sex crimes.
Martin H. Williams, PhD
Offering testimony and consultation nationwide for ethics and standard of care in psychotherapy, evaluation of claims of sexual abuse in health-related fields, and evaluation of extent and causation of psychological damages.
Neil S. Kaye, MD
Board certified in forensic, general and geriatric psychiatry, offering expert services for matters including head and brain injury, neonaticide and infanticide, and psychopharmacology. Based in Wilmington, Delaware.
Paul Cousins
Specialising in assessment for criminal and child care proceedings, personality disorders and sex offenders, child abuse, neglect and parenting skills. Based in the United Kingdom.
Pogos H. Voskanian, M.D.
Forensic psychiatric evaluations, consultations, and expert testimony in civil and criminal cases.
Stuart Brody, Ph.D.
Professor and consultant in the field of medical psychology. Based in Scotland.
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