Medical experts offer services in the context of accidents, toxic exposure, or alleged medical malpractice, in order to establish liability, the magnitude of a person's injury, and the prognosis for recovery.

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Alexander Mead MD
Board certified internist and cardiologist, reviews medical-legal cases across the entire spectrum of adult medicine, and testifying as an expert in cardiology and internal medicine.
Carolina Pain Associates
Offering psychiatric, neurological, and orthopedic examinations, consultation, and testimony. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina.
David Anaise, MD
Providing testimony for medical malpractice cases involving complications of general surgery and transplantation, and reviewing complications of obstetric, orthopedic, and urological surgery.
David C. Stege, DPM
Consulting and expert testimony for podiatric medicine, including foot and ankle surgery.
David M. Priver, MD, FACOG
Specializing in the field of obstetrics and gynecology for medical malpractice lawsuits or testimony.
Gary L. Lage, Ph.D, DABT
Providing litigation support and expert testimony in the area of toxicology.
Providing information and services in the area of infectious diseases for legal professionals, graduate students, businesses and organizations, including chart review, medical research, and expert testimony. West Hartford, Connecticut.
Jonathan S. Rutchik, MD, MPH
Board certified neurologist, offering litigation support and expert testimony in the fields of neurology, environmental and occupational medicine.
Joseph B. Marzouk, M.D.
Expertise with infectious diseases, infection control, internal medicine, AIDS, and food poisoning, based in California.
Medlegal Consultants
Expert witness services and specialist psychiatric reports for all agencies, courts, solicitors, local authorities, probation and CPS.
Nachman Brautbar, M.D., Inc.
Providing forensic examination, analysis, and expert testimony for environmental toxicology, pharmacology, drug and alcohol abuse, internal medicine, and nephrology.
Perry Hookman, MD, PA
Offering medical consulting services and expert testimony.
Peter Rost M.D.
Pharmaceutical marketing and medical devices.
PICC Excellence, Inc.
Vascular access specialist and nurse educator reviews cases, assists in approach strategies, and provides research and testimony. Orange Park, Florida.
Richard A. Rubenstein, M.D.
Expert testimony and litigation support services from a board certified neurologist.
Richeimer Pain Medical Group
Providing consultation in the area of pain management and medication. Santa Monica, California.
S. Robert Hurwitz, M.D., Newport Harbor Radiology
Providing legal consultation, case evaluation and expert testimony, relating to nuclear medicine and medical imaging studies. Newport Beach, California.
Steven M. Simons M.D.
Providing case evaluation and expert testimony for matters involving medical negligence. Beverly Hills, California.

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