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ACS Investigative Services, Inc.
A multi-line investigative company, specializing in fire causation, offering litigation support and courtroom testimony. Headquartered in Festus, Missouri.
Bundy, Gale & Shields
International consulting firm, based in Oregon, specializing in fire investigation and loss prevention services.
C&A Consulting Services
Offering investigation of land and marine fires and explosions, as well as cause and origin determination, failure analysis services, and evaluation of appliances and computer components.
C&O Services, Inc.
Investigation, consultation and expert testimony relating to fire origin and cause. Based in Portland, Oregon.
Chemical Accident Reconstruction Services
Services for chemical-related accidents, injuries, fires and explosions. Located in Arizona.
Combustion Science and Engineering, Inc.
Maryland experts in combustion and fire.
Fire & Risk Engineering - Home Page
Offering services for fire protection engineering, fire safety and building code compliance, forensic analysis, and risk management. Based in New Jersey.
Fire Cause Analysis
California firm, providing fire investigation, protection engineering, forensic engineering and scientific evaluations for the legal and insurance industries.
Fire Logistics, Inc.
Provide fire protection consulting services for the home and workplace. Montana City, Montana.
Fire Reconstruction Consultants, Inc.
Investigations to determine the origin and cause of fires and explosions in structures, vessels and vehicles.
John A Kennedy & Associates, Inc.
Florida firm, specializing in the investigation of fires and explosions, worldwide.
Omega Point Laboratories, Inc.
Washington firm, providing fire research, testing, and litigation support services.
Peter Vallas Associates Inc.
Engineering and investigation services for fires and explosions, and automotive and marine accidents.
Ron Hall & Associates
Fire consulting and investigation firm, located in Ranch Cordova, California.
T.C. Forensic
Expertise in the determination of fire causes and the analysis of fire debris for petroleum accelerants. NSW Australia.
Western Fire Center, Inc.
Fire litigation specialists, based in Washington.
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